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Buy Fidget Cube t they have not said, why grasp xiao Fen Lin Yi said, while kicked open the room between a m n, and sure enough to see a basement entrance. Lin Yi smile a bit, before they want to be too complicated, but also that the basement how secret, did not expect in front. But think about one eyed dragon and other skill, Lin Yi relieved. Are some of the weakest xiaoh nh n, what can be too clever means To be continued Chapter 0472 The dens of criminal gangs No but before they seem to say what fidget cube darkred the initiative to send the kidneys, and said what should I and xiao Fen organs are cut off, let us through thick and thin Kang Xiao bo shook his head and recalled. Latest Chapter Oh Lin Yi slightly Yie, kidney Organ Could it be that organ trafficking group dens Not so coincidence, right Think of Song Lingshan before and said to himself, that group of professionals to find beggars, flow 1ang Han and the disabled start, Lin Yi suddenly react, xiao Fen is not disabled it But also in the shantytowns area is not what the rich, By organ trafficking gang eye is possible. Lin Yi foot to the basement of the m n to kick open.actually be so beautiful, just too fidget cube noise unexpected. Moreover, it does not look older, should not have married. Hooked fidget cube blanchedalmond nose man smacked a smack, some envious, fidget cube coral but hesitated a moment, or dialed a number. Tattoo buy fidget cube brother, caught a fat sheep. Hooked nose man whispered, for fear of awakening Song Ling Shan, but he did not know, Song Ling Shan has been awake. Oh, very good, for a while I sent to pick up. The phone is An Jianwen s confidant tattoo male The degree is also good, put forward praise, make persistent efforts, let them continue to grasp fat sheep Chapter 0636 you caught her Chapter o636 you caught her Of course, the tattoo brother, I have sent them to find a new target Hooks nose man carefully said, in fact, the hooked nose man is very clear that the two guys took the money to drink wine after the , One night to find a target on the good, where to go fidget cube mediumspringgreen back to find a second So he quickly flatter, said Yes, tattoo brother, fat sheep is a little girl, looks very spirited, maybe a child or a place You can enjoy the first Oh Is it I know. Tattoo male to listen to, did not show anything, just.

not participate in, fidget cube grey and black and he did not have any impact, as long as the Chu Mengyao to participate in the like Then start from me first, I began to ask Angus Well, you ask it An Jianwen is also a good time to nod, in his view, Su Taiwan could not ask his tricky question, and this first round, it can not directly let him Chu dream Yao confession, so too abrupt, and at least play a circle after the confession Caixing. So I got up, do not ask the first question so tricky, and so the next round of hum Su Tai as early as deliberately said My question is, you have done the most courageous thing is what The most brave ah Jianwen thought, to say the most brave to do, than to cut someone else s kidney, of course, can not say this He would also like to maintain a positive image in front of Chu Meng Yao, also can not say that those fights of the past, like a long time, their own bad things and children do bad things, to force a lot, but to say positive , May not Thought of this, An Jianwen could not help but have some annoying Su Taiwan early question, your fuckin asked what this shit But they can n.not chase, but did not talk about love, all the knowledge completely from the network and books, so now do not know how to deal with, can only sulk. All right, I sleep for a while. Lin Yi saw Feng smiled and said I am a little sleepy. That I am a bit sleepy I sleep. Feng smiled fidget cube comparison and grinned, direct body Zizi one sided, lying on the shoulder of Lin Yi Good night Lin Yi frowned, you want to side off the body, but Feng smiled his head like a long magnet in general, where to move their own side, where she moved to move along, Lin Yi can not directly lay the body of the students off it Do not make trouble Lin Yi drink exclusion of buy fidget cube the sentence. Call call Feng Xiaofei Lin Yi Yi Linbuyi. To see Feng laughed so shameless, Lin Yi evil from the bile edge of Health, you are not and I trouble it Then trouble in the end, to see who suffer Lin Yi directly arm stretched out the smiled Xiang Hong Feng shoulder, hands are not honest to Feng smiled to touch the chest. Ah Feng smiled and whispered cry, face Teng suddenly red up She did not think Lin Yi actually so bold, dare to attack her.ngs inside, there is this taste medicine Kang God pointed to the hands of the directory said. Oh Kang Zhaolong slightly surprised a moment, quickly took over from the grandfather of the auction list, looked at the one opened the night, suddenly surprised Millennium Snow Lotus Really have this kind of thing This is really natural herbs, certainly after identification, will be auctioned in this auction, otherwise, a fake, for The rain is going to affect the family s face, Kang doctor said This millennium snow lotus, we are bound to win However, grandfather, even if we configured out of this gold medicament, and family name and contention for what relationship Kang Zhilong slightly surprised a moment, some can not figure out the inevitable connection between these two things. Scar removal of drugs, natural and longevity detoxification Dan can not be compared, but it is also a magic drug Kang God doctor laughed As long as the good use of our family is also greatly beneficial Oh Grandpa What do you mean, with this gold record drug, public relations Kang Zhaolong naturally understand the meaning of.

Buy Fidget Cube In buy fidget cube fact, Lin Yi even buy it, and in the absence of traumatic drugs based on the case, is of no use. Only added to the trauma drugs inside, will have the effect of healing the old scars. Once again on the way through a pharmacy, Lin Yi to buy the rest of the Chinese herbal medicines, Lai fat did not write down the meaning, but added to Lin Yi calm down. Back to the hotel, the Lin Yi to start preparing hardcover version of trauma drugs, this thing is not difficult for Lin Yi, and quickly put into a good buy before the disposable vials inside. Chapter 0501 left some Xiaowang Pa and Wu Chen days before some love, belong to drink together with wine played nv wine rou friends, but also be familiar, together with Xiao Wang Pa at the moment deliberately flattering, so Wu Chen day but did not exclude He saw Xiao Wang Pa said Do not mention, met a xiao deflated three, and I grab nv people, grandfather did not help me vent, took me out, do not know what that can not xiao son Offend, not that with the close doctor That is, off the gods medical ass, ah, health is really powerful The opening is Xiao Wang.n of the night the case of the case, so that he felt a little tired. Just better than before, Lin Yi s drug is still very effective, at least in the past, so the consequences of staying up late is the disease, had to use buy fidget cube drugs to suppress But now in addition to some fatigue, there is no discomfort Of course, fatigue is a normal response, healthy people do buy fidget cube not rest the night will be discomfort. Lin Yi Think of Lin Yi, Yang Huaijun suddenly thought, Lin Yi there is no way If you want to say now you can find Song Ling Shan, then perhaps only Lin Yi, right Just do not know, he will not help Yang Huaijun wry smile a bit, it seems to trouble Lin Yi ah Hesitated for a while, Yang Huai Jun Lin Yi dialed the phone. Lin Yi, said Lin Yi, Eagle or captain , the name of small Yat, and some are not used to. Army brother, what thing Lin Yixian drove to the hospital took the Tang Yun, just ready to drive, they received a telephone Yang Huaijun. Xiao Song should be cut kidney group of people to catch. Yang Huai Jun did not greet, a direct reason to call. Oh, on her kind of tiger Baji little girl, caught and n.

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