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Cheap Fidget Cube ng, but in the end where not read on the exciting, he can not fidget cube golenrod say. What is it Rain home people Mody, in front of others, can not publicly support our, how to install to others to see. Kang God has been excited to listen to any of the admonition. Is it Kang Zhaolong shook his head, since the grandfather said, he can only put doubts on the back. Chapter 0534 do not Tang Yun Chapter o534 Tang Yun not the call Lin Yi big font lying in the hotel room bed, grow a breath. Originally thought that in the rain to see his family, they can calm the face. In fact, Lin Yi also efforts to maintain calm, but quiet down in a person, the mind can not help but emerge out of the beautiful face, and that hidden grievances grievances of the eyes. Small condensate, you better Lin Yi some self deprecating shook his head, the last thing, why still brood At that time the departure is really think that their identity is not good enough for her Or because they can not give her a comfortable and stable life Or the original young and frivolous, do not want to be bound by love and family Or, is simply a small condensate of., to know their own strategy to succeed, and these people look to their own impression Pretty good. Five million, not expensive Song Xiangwen nodded his head. The presence of other family, in addition to Xiao Ben, but also do not care about this five million, they care about the face As long as the auction will be cheaper than the transaction price, cheap fidget cube that is, to give them face, not to mention also cheaper nearly half I expected to prepare a total of twenty bottles, remove the auction before the auction will be two bottles, leaving eighteen bottles, a total of nine families here, each family can be assigned to two bottles Kang God smiles But If some family do not, you can give someone else This good thing, who will not it That is unless it is a fool But there really is a fool there However, the person is really a fool We do not rain home, and you who should, then take it. Yu Haitian so a mindless, so that the atmosphere suddenly cold down the scene. Even the expression of God is a mysterious physician stagnation, do not know what the meaning of this word rain sea fidget cube clicker days Rain sea to see fidget cube red you this e.

explain, in the hands of the special phone rang Lin Yi looked at the above list of calls, do not know, should be a Jianwen a men, right Lin Yi readily press the hang up button, and then handed the phone Song Ling Shan cheap fidget cube Call you to people, this is their special internal mobile phone, should be able to broadcast outside. Song Ling Shan nodded, did not say anything, took the phone dialed a number, and sure enough you can dial the pass Song Ling Shan, I ordered you to immediately bring people surrounded by the No. 1 plant in Taixing South Road Song Ling shan to the time, is to remember the address here, but came in after the fainted. This moment of Song Lingshan, suddenly restored the past capable, which is somewhat surprised to Lin Yi. Song Ling Shan hung up the phone to see the Lin Yi You still do not intend to appear Know also asked you brain damage Lin Yi asked. Yes ah, I am brain disabled little girl, how Song Ling Shan pitiful look at Lin Yi so I can not see you out, you do not want your things to be Someone cheap fidget cube else Lin Yi some silent, when to become my thing But still will Jianwen coa.ens That he these years, is how come Seemingly he does not care about anything, is it not be aware of the sad side Natural maternal nature of the woman to the eldest of Lin Yi also sympathetic up, yes ah, compared with his own, it touches really nothing At least he had seen his mother, but also have a love of his father, but Lin Yi Parents who do not know, it would mean even more pitiful I m sorry ah Miss Daoshi is a mistake can change the people, listening to Lin Yi, then immediately apologized I should not say that you, I really do not know, you are worse than me some Oh I have got used to, nothing. Lin Yi shook his head The next time you do not fooled, out of this kind of thing, to the first to inform your father, I believe he knows you better than you mom. Well Chu Mengyao nodded his head, surprisingly did not refute the words of Lin Yi. All the way to talk, although the atmosphere some desolate, but the eldest of the mood, more or less also restored some, though still not happy, but at least not cry. Lin Yi will be the car parked in the starlight bright ho.the pollution of their own reputation, and Lin Yi has a relationship, and may be pregnant Lin Yi to take her to the hospital for examination Tang Yun think, even if they have the kind of relationship and Lin fidget cube fuchsia Yi, it is impossible to let others know that publicity, right Unless threatened by external factors, eager to announce their relationship and Lin Yi, when they will fight it then, Feng smiled is not the case But for their relationship and Lin Yi, I am afraid she would not say these things come Since she can not face these things say, then on behalf of her and Lin Yi really have these things Tang Yun s mind 1uan1uan, are full of the scene, although the heart does not want to believe Lin Yi will be faithless, but Feng smiled, then hinted that Lin Yi is not faithless, but Feng smiled and her first together, and after their Own together Otherwise, Tang Yun do not believe that just transfer just a few days can fall in love with Lin Feng cheap fidget cube Lin smiled smile, but also, and he gave birth to that relationship The only possibility is that Lin Yi and Feng smiled before the understanding Think of Lin Y.

Cheap Fidget Cube ce it Chen Yushu almost said slip of the tongue, the fun thing to say, then quickly shut up. There is nothing to see, fidget cube black and green do not believe these ads. Chu Mengyao impression of this restaurant is very bad, decided not to come later. Oh I also know a Chen Yu Shu just wanted to speak, was interrupted by Chu Meng Yao. Well, we went to my hotel in the house Chu Mengyao do not want anything wrong, or to their own hotel more at ease. Tang Yun Chu Mengyao hear the words, could not help but the hearts of the jump and the gap between Chu Mengyao really big ah Her family has a business hotel, and their own houses are not even This is Tang cheap fidget cube Yun Lin Yi in front of the only low self esteem, on the appearance of their own better than Chu Mengyao and Chen Yu Shu poor, but to say Lin Yi s best Choice, non Chu Meng Yao or Chen Yu Shu is fidget cube fake vs real none other than and that Chen Yushu seems to be tempted to buy one get one, do small wife Tang Yun some headaches ah Lin Yi did not know Tang Yun would think so much, drove to the Peng Zhan Hotel, Chu Peng exhibition held here bared hua Lin Yi frowned, this guy really do not have to stop ah, dead two master of the yellow order, but also jumping up and down, Lin Yi, but for a few days to secure the life, long put him seconds. You let me shot Lin Yi asked. Well, you are more familiar with Zhong Pinliang and Yaoyao, it is best to find Yaoyao quietly interest free Chu Peng fidget cube price said Things are more complex, you come back, we talk face to face. OK, I ll go back tonight. Lin Yi should be down. Lin Yat hang up the phone, Feng smiled and asked You ready to go back I just listen to you kidnapped, who kidnapped Back to say it, I am not very clear. Lin Yi smiled and smiled on the Feng I go first. You do not wait for my father back He would also like to see nv husband. Feng smiled do not want Lin Yi so early to go, this is a good opportunity, and so back to school, two people s relationship is bound to Health Change, even stronger than before, but not so harmonious as it is now. First disappeared. Lin Yi did not empty again Feng Li smiled, there are down to business. Lin Yi did not protect the obligations of Chu Mengyao, but Ch.

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