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Does The Fidget Cube Make Noise lth doctor, and then sat next to the sand above him. Event What event Kang God doctor asked. Today, I succeeded and the iron hand Wu original fidget cube family Wu Chen day pull on the relationship Kang Zhaolong said, will be today s thing to the health of God to listen, including encountered Lin Yi and Feng smiled , And help Wu Chen day pictures of things, also did not fall. Kang God listened to the health of the dragon, then suddenly into a meditation, long time before nodded his head, said According to the dragon, you do a good 15 million, compared to the value of the flowers , You d be able to use this and he established a good relationship Yes ah, Grandpa, with Wu s arm, our family can not study the matter of upgrading the family Kang Zhaolong asked carefully. Upgrade the family Kang Shenji took a deep breath, some accidentally looked at his grandson, did not think the grandson of ambition than their own big, here has just made the Wu family, ready to move the mind to upgrade the family. Wu family in these families, the status is very special, Wu Gonggao if we support the opening, I fidget cube purchase am afraid no one.he Earth, Lai said, It s no secret in high society. Well, I have no interest in her. Lin Yi finished, continue to turn to look at the auction list. Lai Yi Lin Yi is really no interest, no longer say anything, or he must have asked a few, although the boss is Niubi, but that Xu fidget cube lavender Han is also a good provoke. Suddenly, Lin Yi s eyes to stay in the directory of a page, that is, before the Millennium by the snow lotus. However, Lin Yi attention, but not that strain of millennium snow lotus, but that the box filled with the Millennium snow lotus See Lin Yi s eyes stay in the Millennium snow lotus, Lai fat that Lin Yi is still some interest in this, then introduced This is from a cave inside now, has been some years, is also said to be present, and also There are some Chinese herbal medicine and some medical books, but this strain of snow millennium is one of the most precious Reserve price of five million Lin Yi looked at the list asked What will be the price Yes, the reserve price is fidget cube antsy five million, but the price is difficult to estimate Lai fat shook his head This kind of thing, are more special item.

ly income. However, the so called special Jinchao yao, in fact, not through the dilution of the ordinary Jinchuang yao, most of which some of the ingredients of the yao wood is used for a long time, the effect is also better. In this way, the nature fidget cube tomato of the gold on the market and have a difference yao, and this good thing, of course, is the pursuit of money into the object, Kang Shen Yi Daoshi to enhance a lot of fame. To be continued Chapter 0478 Kang family mention the pro on does the fidget cube make noise No, that I am waiting for you Feng team some wonder, how her daughter today How so weird it However, since Feng smiled to take the initiative to come, then do not need him again. So happy to agree down, but also because Lin Yi something not in the school, and his left again, you can imagine Tang Yun s mood will be how depressed ah Hum, and their own against That smitten is a tragic drop And smiled fist, turned down the stairs to go out the gate, to see the school entrance that Audi Audi a6L, Feng smiled did not say much, open the door directly on the car. Smile, this time you see a doctor who Is my father s colleagues.out, once out, this does not meet commercial purposes. Lai fat said. That is the hardcover version of trauma drugs it Lin Yi nodded his head, my heart has been care about Our trauma drug hardcover edition, and their God is not the same as God, I add a few traces of medicinal herbs inside, The aging of the old scars have a significant effect, you can quickly go rot myogenic Ga Lai fat stared, incredible look at Lin Yi Boss, really have such a magical effect This is not what magic, that is, on the basis of traumatic drugs, add a few flavors of other herbal fills, but the cost will be much higher on the. Lin Yi shrugged, it is plainly said. That the cost of a little high, but also all right, because it is the auction of fine, ordinary version will not be added. Lai fat, said According to Kang Shen Yi Jin Jing hardcover edition of the transaction price, More than 500,000 Oh That is quite high, the cost is certainly enough Lin Yat some surprise, a box of gold can also sell 500,000 drug What is this, half a million for those rich, it is nothing, people are hundreds of thousands of people and Lin Yi has broken up, and would have expected her sister to borrow money, but now Sister, that my things how to do ah Xiaowei some depressed hung his head, the side of the small Dan is also the face of despair. Tang Wei Although snobbish, but not the kind of cold and ruthless people, the family is still very generous for the family Aunt even if the difficulties, even if it is difficult to do, You can not wronged you and Xiaodan, so that you will first send money to others Mom That money you want to move I said to give back to Lin Yi Tang Yun an anxious, and today, and Feng smiled and said, to pay back the money to Lin Yi, how can move that T money Breakup fee is naturally yours Do you want to see your brother on the road to ruin Tang Yun Tang Yun stare a No matter what he wants a sum of money on the good, but also returned to him I Tang Yun language plug, ah, the money should also, but things can not Xiaowei regardless. That how does the fidget cube make noise to do But if he really took it peace of mind of the fidget cube midnightblue money, then Lin Yi will see how their own He will certainly look at their own flat.

Does The Fidget Cube Make Noise suddenly relieved. fidget cube midnight However, did not last long, Lin Yizheng and other red light it, a head upside down from the windshield glass stretched down, along with a hand, knocked the car windshield glass. I rely on Lin Yi underground passage thanks to their psychological quality is better, for individuals, but also not to be scared to death this old guy ah This guy how to run their own does the fidget cube make noise roof up Is the moment in his own increase, he went up Lin Yi does the fidget cube make noise see themselves is not immune, and no way, the car stopped at the roadside, got out of the car, and sure enough to see that Pinseng Mo empty text sitting on the roof, leisurely leisurely, and his hand still holding a half Only does the fidget cube make noise j claws. The old man, in the end you want to do I know you Lin Yi feel really unlucky, how come across such a person Do not know, but the owner asked me to come to see you. Ink empty text jumped from the roof down You too much hostility in the body, so that the impact of infuriating the body simply, if not promptly removed, there will be Xueguangzhizhi. Lin Yi frowned, if it is usually heard an old man say so, Lin Yi probably will dire.first name to be back before the 150,000, the daughter how not to it Right, right, that 150,000, I immediately returned Immediately That day where Di would like to think so much It touches Tang Yun worry, not to mention Tang Yun said, Zou Tiandi will not doubt from the more Because this is Lin Yi s character, almost a small thing, he did not work to find fault, as long as he does not touch the bottom line, the general is all right. But although Tang Yun said, Lin Yi do not have that 150,000, but the mother has opened the mouth, and to help days Di really can not In case this Lin Yi s mother in law unhappy, and go home a crooked mouth, saying a few bad words, Lin Yi may not be demolished to their own ah Zou Tiandi heart, if because this little thing killed, it can be really innocent So no matter Tang Yun should not, this money directly to the Tangmu like, and blocked her mouth, the best let her give her a few words of good words, so that Lin Yi completely abandoned to find their own troubles to do Thought of this, Zou Tiandi even rolling up the stairs to go. Tang Yun snappily stare at the moth.

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