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Fidget Cube Azure an not afford to eat here too. Tang Yun tell the truth, this is not a good shame, their home what the situation, the fidget cube azure eldest certainly know. You can also go to Peng exhibition shopping malls, there is a discount. Chu Mengyao explained. I generally go to the night market to buy Tang Yun or fidget cube beige refused, because this thing is of no use to her, and want to come this card is very valuable, she did not want to owe the Chu Mengyao s favor. Then do it to Lin Yi. Chu Mengyao has already said out, naturally not good to say no, do the same to Lin Yi. Liu Yi Lin Yi feel a little familiar with the name, as if heard of where However, in front of the eldest face is not a lot of asked, and quickly to do a diamond card Lin Yi, Missy and other go, the Manager Liu picked up the phone and Fobo reported this matter. A mention of Lin Yi, Forb s answer allows the Manager Liu was fidget cube azure shocked Lin Yi is actually exposed inside the group s second largest shareholder It is said that Chu Peng s son in law This person also need membership card However, think of the eldest is very low key, and want t.elepiezui. Uh Chen Yushu think of the aircraft on the bell products, pull the pants pocket of the scene, to feel disgusting, if the bell really bright goods to their own shark meat, I am afraid he did not dare eat Gao Xiaofu see the class inside most of the students are into the water, so tied on the back shark fin, quietly sneaked into the water. Just wandering in the water a few laps, and now no attention to their students, suddenly a bit anxious. He was not too close to the other students, because the shallow water of the water is very clear, to go over the inevitable will not be their own this shark is disguised. However, he can not shout I am a fidget cube case shark, sharks come , right Zhong Pinliang is also a little anxious, he wants to act as a brave shark, so this shark can not be his first now, it is best to others first present, and then the other students are scared to shore, and then the goods to show their talent to shark Kill Just when they are very anxious time, Chen Yushu suddenly jumped excitedly Yao Yao sister, is the shark Oh Shark come Chapter 0462 Small Shakespeare Shark Chen Yushu such.

ical development ah Liu Wang Li said I suggest the school is best to organize a charity activities, the collective look at the hospital Zhongpin Liang students Liu Wangli for Zhong Pinliang can be considered due diligence, and for his psychological no longer produce any distortion, so the school put forward such a fidget cube royalblue proposal to. Ding Binggong is naturally should be cheap fidget cube down, after all, the student s academic performance is important, but the psychological quality of students can not be ignored As a result, the first high school students collective coma event, can be considered to temporarily come to an end, and the first high school s reputation is now basically restored, waiting for the police to hold the press conference will publish the truth of the matter Tang Yun Lin Yi to call, so Lin Yi to rescue rival, which makes some of Liu fidget cube azure Xinwen and Kang Xiaobo helpless, since Tang Yun willing, they can say This afternoon nothing, so health lighting decided to go to the hospital with Xiaofen referral, schizophrenia Xiaofen after a period of treatment, but obviously a lo.lace. Yes ah The mother said here, some embarrassed But borrow your money, may not be so fast also. These days d earn some money, plus the remaining old Tang Surgery, Should be enough to deliver the store section of the. Tang mother know, these words to Tang Yun to say, Tang Yun certainly embarrassed to speak, it would be better to say, even if Lin Yi refused, there is nothing, anyway lose face is their own. Oh, do not have that money also. Lin Yi smiled not enough, then, and I said. Lao Tang, you see I said there will be no problem Xiaoyi here , Lao Tang, you see I said there will be no problem Xiaoyi here That s good Tang Jucheng also relieved to hear, before he really worried about coming. Although Lin Yi and Tang Yun at a friend, but also the relationship between men and women friends, and no engagement or marriage, So owed Lin Yi so much money, Tang Jucheng is not practical. Tang Yun some unhappy, although now for Lin Yi to take their own money to have no resistance to the original, but the total feel of the forest Yi s The money, the parents over there, and finally to fall o.ht brother, shark plan is ready, you can always implement it Well, do good Zhong Pinliang patted the shoulder of Gao Xiaofu I believe this time, Chu Mengyao fidget cube azure impressed me will be greatly improved To the force inside the cloud bar, Li Bia spent interviews with two people in the Matsuyama City fidget cube green has a great impact, Zou Tiandi and Zhongbai. Although Li Bifu is also the underworld to go, and is known as the Matsuyama City, a brother, but Li bared men are all elite men, and there is no street bully that inflow of men there. Li Bia spent to do a big deal, do not need those inflow of small fry to collect what protection fidget cube marketing fees and the like, he has been committed to high end gangsters, such as smuggling, drug trafficking, and this time with An Jianwen sale of human organs. These can be big business, than those who received protection fees like to make too much money. This also resulted in Songshan City, in addition to Li bile flowers such a figure, there are two ruthless people there, one is Zou Tiandi, the other is the bell white. Two people one is operating the entertainment industry, one is operating.

Fidget Cube Azure ndeed injured that night, and still rely on fat home treatment of the injury Although Forbes did not know the scene, did not see how many injuries Lin Yi, but also from the guess can also be judged not too light Because of this, Forbes Lin Yi s medical skills are also very clever. Chu Peng exhibition to see Guan Min and Lin Yi came together, suddenly some joy, after all, off the people known as Guan Shen doctors, if you can come to his daughter to see, then, perhaps there is hope But Chu Peng exhibition soon, off the school seems to Lin Yi based, followed by the pace of Lin Yi has always been behind half a step, the surface expression is very respectful, it touches some doubts Chu Peng. Chapter 0665 is possible Chapters o665 are possible But this detail has been Chu Peng show, but Lin Yi for him is always the younger generation, the relationship is also familiar with, so he will be off the people on the front of the school. I followed Xiaoyi to see, he has no way Guan Xuemin is a scholar, never care about what the face is not face, Lin fidget cube azure Yi worse than him, that is powerful, he would ne.de, for Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu still very vigilant. They were picking up. Lin Yi shrugged. Oh, then you have to do when it Tang Yun asked. I do not know, this depends on the meaning of my old man. Lin Yi shook his head You seem hostile to them I did not Tang Yun does not recognize. Comes to the school, Lin Yi and Tang Yun in the high nine class classroom door parting, the school inside knew Lin fidget cube comparison Tang two relations, Tang Yun also did not deliberately evade the necessity. Moreover, with Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu these two people suddenly joined, so Tang Yun become vigilant. A woman s intuition told Tang Yun, Lin Yi said things are not so simple, although Lin Yi said they are just his employer, but that night, their attitude is not a bodyguard or an employee should have the attitude Ro Chapter 0639 Tang Yun s sense of crisis Chapter o639 Tang Yun s sense of crisis If Chu Mengyao does not like Lin Yi, how could she foul their reputation Her good and bad is also ladylike, how could anything do not care There is only one possible, that is, she really likes Lin Yi, will say those words Especial.

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