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Fidget Cube Bisque Darkgray ate of auditory hallucinations While An Jianwen want to confirm that he is not auditory hallucinations of the time to see Lin Yi sat up from the stretcher, is laughing at the look at their own You you how do you wake up An Jianwen this time finally realized that he is not a phantom to listen to, or else the total can not appear with the illusion, right Lin Yi is really awake I did not faint. Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders, said. This is impossible I obviously in the wine inside the obsessed with drugs, how do you not fainted Jianwen edge to speak, leaning toward the other side of the body slowly to the wall, that there is an emergency response button fidget cube skyblue Although Lin Yat woke up, but Jianwen addition to some surprise, there is no tension, because the cut kidney group headquarters, An Jianwen do not believe Lin Yi can pull out what storms As long as they pressed the button, the operation room of the preparation room will be an instant fans were filled with drugs, which is the original cut in order to prevent people who suddenly burst from the design, but has not been used Ba.go to the resort, few people do not mean. Well, I last night and my dad came to the resort to play Zhong fidget cube mediumturquoise Pinliang not without pride, said. Last night he really came, and it is indeed, and he came together, and Lee bared hua treat, and the Golden Bugang and a young man called the soldiers together So that a lot of bell long light of knowledge, but also more bold up To light the background before the bell, really a bit hesitant to start Cave and the plan is already ready, but the bell is not hard to Pinliang is cruel, but also fear in the background of Chu Peng exhibition. However, after yesterday s thing, Zhong Pin liang met Lee bared hua, also met the soldiers less Soldiers but a large background, even Li bared hua are respectful, and his father is also to the soldiers and Lee bared hua work less, after the bell also worry about not up to it Therefore, today Zhong Pinliang can not wait to implement his kidnapping program. Chu Mengyao nodded, no interest for the resort, her mind are looking for the top of her mother Zhong Pin Liang, you quickly take me to find that and I like people I can not.

Peng Building, majestic standing watching the roadside, Zhong Pinliang mood is very good, they will become the Chu Peng s son in law, and Chu Peng exhibition no son, so to say, this big family business Connaught, Later became his own Thought of this, Zhong Pinliang heart is to figure it out, while to see Chu Peng exhibition, in any case have to impress him, so he accepted his son fidget cube bisque darkgray in law Chu Peng exhibition was in the meeting, but heard her daughter out of the matter, there is no mind meeting, hastily concluded the meeting, back to the office. In fact, from the heart, Chu Peng is not convinced that the product of the bell, then the bright daughter, if the bell can be a bright product, I am afraid long fancy, and will not wait until now The Zhong Pinliang so called Chu Mengyao has promised to do his girlfriend, is simply nonsense. But let Chu Peng exhibition wonder is, Forbes how may also accompanied by clock goods bright Then there may be only one reason, that is, her daughter disappeared Fu Bo is to school to pick her daughter from school, buy the fidget cube must be because did not receive a daughter, and wait.n of the night the case of the case, so that he felt a little tired. Just better than before, Lin Yi s drug is still very effective, at least in the past, so the consequences of staying up late is the disease, had to use drugs to suppress But now in addition to some fatigue, there is no discomfort Of course, fatigue is a normal response, healthy people do not rest the night will be discomfort. Lin Yi Think of Lin Yi, Yang Huaijun suddenly thought, Lin Yi there is no way If you want to say now you can find Song Ling Shan, fidget cube bisque darkgray then perhaps only Lin Yi, right Just do not know, he will not help Yang Huaijun wry smile a bit, it seems to trouble Lin Yi ah Hesitated for a while, Yang Huai fidget cube bisque darkgray Jun Lin Yi dialed the phone. Lin Yi, said Lin Yi, Eagle or captain , the name of small Yat, and some are not used to. Army brother, what thing Lin Yixian drove to the hospital took the Tang Yun, just ready to drive, they received a telephone Yang Huaijun. Xiao Song should be cut kidney group of people to catch. Yang Huai Jun did not greet, a direct reason to call. Oh, on her kind of tiger Baji little girl, caught and n.Xin shook his head. Lin Yi nodded Today I saw the grandfather, but some haste, another day and then door to visit. Well, Guan Xin nodded his head, want to give Lin Yi cooking, but Tang Yun also, and not directly say it afraid of her misunderstanding, hesitated, said Tang Yun, you come together I cook for you I do not go this time more busy, home inside the house gone, do not know how to do Tang Yun d embarrassed to go, as if they do not believe Lin Yi, as a bit small Jiazi Qi For Guan Xin s invitation, Tang Yun said It s Xiaofen and my father s things, not less trouble you, I should ask you, so my house is coming and going, I do barbecue fidget cube inen fidget cube lavender you eat Well Guan Xin smiled should be down. Talking, the door was called Guan Xin, Guan Xin on the first to go busy, and Lin Yi and Tang Yun is together into the Tang Jicheng s ward, and Kang Xiaobo and Liu Xinwen Xiaofen also touches a step ahead, they know Don Yun Yi Lin Yi is to find a house to discuss things, they are not good to participate. Tang Shushu, how do you feel Lin Yi Tang can actually see in the crutches with the help of walking on the.

Fidget Cube Bisque Darkgray e , Go to the Joneses building unveiled The guests also raised the hands of the glass, and Zhao Qibing drink with the hands of the wine, but at the moment, suddenly heard a loud noise, the presence of you are shocked With the loud noise is a burst of earthquake shaking Do not know who cried out collapse, the building collapsed outside Zhao Qibing along the shouting looked to the outside, I saw the hotel is a lot of bulldozers and trenchers, with the blasting of a blame, collapsed, and around the building is a lot of bulldozers and trenchers, with the blasting of The facilities around the building down, but also the building near the parking lot, landscape architecture, but also to smash the 1uan mess Blink of an eye, a towering high fidget cube bisque darkgray rise was razed to the ground. Zhao Qibing stared, one saw the appearance of a ghost, but then he responded over, is someone in the demolition of his building Zhao Qibing also gave guests the presence of the three step two steps out of fidget cube bisque darkgray the restaurant, but Zhu Bo but also with the side of Zhao Qibing, an inch. Lin Yi at the moment stood the building and restaurants.ly changed, and some scared up, he remembered things Wu Xiaocan, Chen Yu day Wu Xiaocan s legs are discounted Son, this hatred, we can only bear down White Bell said We are not An Jianwen opponent, he is behind the fire to help the wolf, even less soldiers to the face, we can only eat a Yaba Kui Dad, I understand I will not hard to, but this hatred I write down Zhong Pinliang biting his teeth, eyes across a trace of insidious so fidget cube copper artillery art is the day of return, that he Jianwen bogey Well, small can not bear to mess, we have to forbear Bell white nodded. Yes, Dad, you just said Lin Yitong tipped off Lin Yi, how will know An Jianwen What do he tipped off Zhong Pinliang suddenly think of book fidget cube his father just said Lin Yi things. This kid is Chu Mengyao s bodyguard Zhong Bai said Chu Mengyao thing, he told An Jianwen. What He is Chu Mengyao bodyguard Zhongpin Liang touches stunned, and Lin Yi Chu Meng Yao is how it will be bodyguards Two people do not take sides ah, which in the end is how children ah Yes, he is invited to Chu Peng, specifically secretly protect the Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu Zhong.

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