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Fidget Cube Black ication Dan to sell a better price, so did not stop, with him to bid. Placards, buy it. Yu Haitian middle aged man suddenly opened around the sea Haitian told the road. Rain a slight sea day stunned, then nodded his head Yes, two uncle. Two hundred and eighty million Rain Haitian raised the hands of the auction card. Rain home although the auction will be the organizers, but also eligible to participate in the auction, but things can be into the Rain House, something too little. Rain for the sudden sky to participate in the auction, the presence of people are a bit surprised, the rain home auction in recent years, almost no brand, because we are very clear, once the brand raised the rain home, and no one would dare With the competition This is not only a strong fear of the rain at home financial resources, the key is not want to fight against the rain home Rain home value things, how much money will be in the must, so the rain home as long as the placards, others will give up The rain home also understand this, it will not easily placards, this is equal to smashed his own auction of signs, un.furiating skill is passed in a special way to another person This is too many people in one of the injured too heavy fidget cube black under the circumstances, another person to rescue, can only pass his body to him the infuriating. Of course, the transmission is limited, the power fidget cube demonstration of the person and the person must be in the practice of the same kind of Gong under the circumstances, if the exercises are different, the body s infuriating naturally not the same, Not only can not save people, and even the power of the people may also be anti bite Lin Yi is how to do it Moreover, the Chu Meng Yao if the martial arts of the people no problem, internal strength, although not the same, but also some similar, the key question is Chu Mengyao is fidget cube review and unboxing an ordinary person, Lin Yi is how the transmission Forber is too shocked, of course, he also understands that this kind of thing may be involved in the secrets of martial art, martial arts of the people most taboo others inquire about his door, Fu Bo naturally will not speak to ask, Even curious, can only be placed in the heart. I am very good, but I feel all the good and powerf.

ot have their brains. After dinner, a few people returned to the shanty town square, but the addition of a podium, is the two lazy. Shantytown residents are some baffling, these big bosses how to the left, gone back Which is the singing out See the two lazy podium is also on the podium, shantytowns residents on some annoying This Lee two lazy is definitely going through the fidget cube black enemy, the shantytown residents here to tell the views of the business Because Lee is also a squatter lazy two members, so when we met to discuss the meeting did not carry him, so he knows more, it now appears that really is a mistake ah This kid really is a bad species, actually when the spy. You discuss a good no No discussion is good, then I ll talk about our real estate demolition compensation Ordinance. Zhong Baiqing cleared his throat, watching the presence of people said per square meter of demolition and resettlement fee is 800 yuan, After the house is covered, such as moving back to the family, then you can give some concessions, back to the purchase of houses to enjoy 20 discount, but stores and garages except Ei.e my boyfriend, so he wanted fidget cube darkslateblue to see you Feng smiled and said some shy. Lin Lin Yi almost did not throw out the phone, this meal can eat 1uan, then how can we say And Feng Tianlong said he was Feng smiled boyfriend Lin Yi suddenly, no wonder Feng Tianlong to find their own meet it, someone I heard nv children jiao boyfriend, and certainly have to look at, especially their own, before and Feng Tianlong also know, Feng Tianlong is also estimated that wondering, How their children and their nv to go together Lin Yi you are fidget cube lightcyan in which hotel, I find you Feng smiled softly on the Lin Yi said. Well Well, where fidget cube black are you I go to you Lin Yi a bit silent, and this thing really have to go and Feng Tianlong explained clearly, or may be a bit of netbsp hee hee, I Songjiang International Hotel, I m n mouth in the hotel waiting for you Feng smiled and did not think Lin Yi actually immediately agreed down, it appears that with their own dad s head or fidget cube black bad it Where she knew, Lin Yi is simply misunderstanding, which there are other hidden secrets Well Lin Yi smile a bit, hang up the phone. Th.he white nodded his head and stood up, and Li Er lazy together out of the square. Mother of some helpless look at her daughter, she was such a get, it is tantamount to talk about stiff, and want to go back on it is impossible, this store, not worth mentioning So he took his daughter wanted to go back. Let you go it Jingu Bang cold cry. Zhong Bai and Li fidget cube lightyellow Er lazy are gone, so here is his turn to speak. We do not demolish, can not go Tang Yun staring gold ancient state. Let them go, for a while to go back on the. Zhao Qibing said faint, but the words are full of assured. Because he had heard the sound of bulldozers and trenchers roar. Tang Yun mother and daughter some baffling, while how can go back But since they can go back, they do not want to stay here, Tang took Tang Yun went home to go, she would like to go back and take a good measure of Tang Yun, can not just forget it Do not store, and how to do later Open barbecue shop dream, also dashed. They had just arrived near the home to see a trenching machine suddenly out of the fidget cube dimgray arm, to their own house to drop to And behind the bulldozer, but al.

Fidget Cube Black iness Money Li bared not bother him, this brother is really arrogant to no edge But the younger brother out of the matter, can not either The other side in your hand and body inserted a needle You will not go to the hospital Call me what s the use Li Lei surprised a moment, ah, so how obedient it Should now do is to go to the hospital, rather than to call the cousin Cousin is not a doctor, can not cure their body s needles This needle in the end there is no problem, not to the hospital at a glance Ro Chapter 0714 Nothing Chapter o714 nothing Thought of this, Lee landed the phone hung up, got a not lying on the floor of the younger brother, accompanied her rushed to the First People s Hospital. Under the eyes of everyone surprised, Lee mine that is ashamed The hospital people are like watching monsters, like watching him, after all, he was covered with silver needles, and hedgehogs, do not know the truth of the people, but also how he thought it Lee did not dare to stay in land mines, came directly to the surgical clinic, he is on the road mixed, men are often no lack of conflict and others is very strong, after all, less soldiers around people, how will not be more than before Zhao Guangyin to their two yellow order master to Be weak, right But at the moment to hear Zhao Guangyin personally say Zhu Bo is the master of the early mysterious order, Lee bared hua or once again shocked Lin Yi beat up play a serious injury, about to sustain it Lin Yi is what that exists Is it even worse than the early mysterious order Call me, my family and the Lord said Zhu Bo Yun played his own internal strength of the Heart, conditioning a bit fidget cube seagreen of interest, a little to restore some of the physical, on Li bared hua Road. Lee bared hua hurried to the phone to Zhu Bo, and only wish Bo, Zhao Guangyin will believe it In fact, Lee bared hua now do not believe Lin Yi, a nineteen year old boy, actually able to beat Zhu Bo This world is crazy, or master of the mysterious order of such a worthless Mr. Zhu Mody, I was Zhao Guangyin, how are you Zhao Guangyin still do not believe that Zhu Bo will be injured, because this fidget cube black thing is too bizarre This went to the Matsuyama City, the tiny place a few days, Zhao Q.

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