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Fidget Cube Brown Yi asked. You re all right, goodbye. Mo Kong Wen is waved, turned and ran, and instantly turned into a blur, disappeared in the line of sight of Lin Yi. Lin Yi expressed admiration for this degree, want to recover, but also catch up. Although the identity of the ink empty text fidget cube red and black some surprise, but Lin Yi did not have any way. Fortunately, however, the ink empty text seems to have no hostility to their own, but really want to help themselves After all, yesterday or yellow order before the late stage strength, the breakthrough is only a night time And the owner of the ink empty Kongwen so understand their own, which makes Lin Yi in the speculation that the master in the end is where the holy However, these things are not being answered for the time being, because the ink empty fidget cube where to buy at stores text has no fidget cube brown shadow, and Lin Yi would like to have no use, only these magical things thrown in the back, back to the school, the school Direction. Morning class when the first class, Lin Yi to go to high school class to find Tang Yun Yun, but the surprise is that Tang Yun did not actually come to school today Lin fidget cube green Yi Tang Shen Yi is livid face, before speculation is one thing, to determine is the same thing, his face naturally Will not be good Bragging who will, the key is to have the effect Kang Feng Feng Lengheng a cry. Grandpa, our family formula, Kang their home there Kang Zhaolong at the moment but thought of another thing, that is, the formula is not leaked Should not be you suspect, they have recipes Kang God soon understand the meaning of the word inside the Longhua. Well, Kang and their relationship is very good, I am afraid the formula is Kang leaked out Kang Zhaolong frowned, said Otherwise, why did not they start to set up the company of God Medical yao Kang began after the establishment of the company, but also out of such a nong out of the same yao Boss should not read the formula Kang God doctor is shook his head, although he fell out and brother, but it is also because of this formula was falling out, and had to use the recipe for their own Financial, but Big Brother has insisted This formula can not move, can not look at one, so it caused a brother of the two contradictions Should t.

only self defense but also courageous, but Lin Yi afraid of trouble, so Song Ling Shan get their own words should be a lot Easier, but also give this xiao Niu a credit. Latest Chapter Back on the road, because there is no urgent matter, Lin Yi s car put down, Feng smiled but some unhappy Lin Yi, how do you open so slow You have to feel slow for you to open. Lin Yi faint said. That or you open it Feng smiled and some angry, would like fidget cube brown to see Lin Yi performing speed, but it is impossible Tang Yun back inside the classroom, thinking back to the things of this morning, would have thought it was false, but more and more disturbed, more and more to worry about, Feng Xiaolin laugh and really have a relationship Think of Feng smiled suddenly transferred to the first high school, is sitting next to Lin Yi, Tang Yun feel a bit upset. If Feng Xiaoyan and Lin Yi does not matter, she did not have to do every day wrapped around Lin Yi And she says that Lin Yi s nv friend is himself, actually dare in front of himself and Lin Yi said that do she said in the morning are true Otherwise, an nv child, why since.under the refusal of Song Lingshan, forced to embark on this road Had to think really hard, but came to the present, their choice is correct Only their own doing now, it can be called a man of indomitable spirit, before the Matsuyama four small, although it up to prestige, but what is the use Those who are nothing of the fame of their own, even if it is infamy It seems that the gap between themselves and fidget cube brown Song Ling Shan farther and farther ah Chen Yutian wry smile, his heart is also very clear, Song Ling Shan s character, the average man is down could not live, single skill is not a rival Even if forced by family pressure, reluctantly and their own together, Chen Yutian believe that they can not suppress Song Ling Shan, or even as Songling Shan said, will not work The phone rang, Chen Yutian looked at, is An Jianwen called, he had refused his banquet yesterday, did not think he was so perseverance. Of course, what an idea of Chen Jianwen Chen Yu day clear He set dinner to eat their own, that he must take his sister Chen Yushu, and her sister went, Chu Mengyao nature will go, as the pursuit of.he did not know in the end haunt the human life. Zhao Qibing fidget cube red to Zhu Bo kill people have a lot, so my heart a sense of guilt at all did not, laughing and Lee two lazy, white and gold back to the ancient capital of the Jones Building Jones Building is a while ago, Kim Bum and Li Bia spent together to build the Jones estate office headquarters, today officially completed And Zhao Qibing, it is held tonight, a Jones Building completion ceremony, fidget cube turquoise feast of the Matsuyama City, some of the Celebrities children, location in front of Jones Building, the banquet hall. The banquet hall will be completed in the Jones Building, the restaurant fidget cube royalblue as a business, but also the staff of the Jones Church building cafeteria. Tang Yun and Tang Jucheng was taken to the hospital, to the hospital, Tang Yun has been awake, Tang mother was relieved, but after medical staff examination, Tang Yun is the forehead broken, but added no other problems fidget cube brown But the wound on the Forehead need to stitch, can not help but leave scars, as beautiful as before is not possible, and go out not scare others already very good And Tang Jucheng.

Fidget Cube Brown as directly to the Ignored out. Out of the room, go far, Chen Yushu finally could not help but laugh Ha ha ha, so happy Oh Song Ling Shan that Sao Fox, Wrigley fidget cube brown brother was tightly pressed to see if she pretended not to pretend, Ha ha ha ha Chen Yushu really happy, must be happy dead, from an early age, she hated Song Ling Shan, Song Lingshan feel that is robbed his brother However, with age, Chen Yu Shu understand that his brother is the pursuit of Song Ling Shan, Song Ling Shan despise his brother Chen Yushu in the young mind, she felt her brother is the best of the best boys, Song Ling Shan despise his brother, really eyeball So, she is very vicious thought, after his pay a boyfriend, have the opportunity to Songling Shan received to be a big room, that time, he can make a good call her Although his wife is a small, but it is also the right But also a wife, but the little wife are generally very painful to the force, but the girl is not the same Ro Chapter o7o1 chapter will miss a. Chapter 0702 Missy s inner world Chapter o7o2 Missy s inner world Chu Meng Yao faint bad thing is not the same as her dry. What a joke Four bottles Su Taiwan early some lucky, Chen Yushu is to let him drink two bottles, if the drink four bottles, then, not all of a sudden drink to death him The line, and quickly drink, and then we continue An Jianwen the whole mind in a moment of confession above, so for the Soviet Union and Taiwan is not early to drink, do not care, just want the game to continue quickly. Since An Jianwen said so, the Soviet Union as early as Taiwan no way, can only bite the bullet and poured into two bottles of red wine, and then said Well, we continue, my turn to the question of Ang brother, I want to ask you Yes, do you have a heart An Jianwen heard the Soviet Union and Taiwan have finally asked the focus of the early, so began to enraptured fidget cube lightsteelblue began to speak up My sweetheart is my childhood Yao Yao When I was small, I Silently crush on her, hoping to grow up, she can be my girlfriend, and then married and her children Oh, that you want and Yaoyao sister Chen Yushu suddenly interrupted asked. An Jianwen want to blurted out, but finished, I felt so.

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