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Fidget Cube Cadetblue nurses are busy spraying disinfectant in the vicinity, to see Chen Yu Shu suddenly rushed in a moment You you want to do You can not come in Here is the infectious disease intensive care isolation room, get out The nurse was shocked, and quickly stop Chen Yushu rushing. But where Chen Yushu listen Her mind is now only one idea, that is, can not make Yao Yao sister something, even if Yao Yao sister something, they have to accompany her As for the infection is not contagious, she did fidget cube cadetblue not care That the doctor standing in the fidget cube seashell doorway is Chen Yu Shu s move to get stunned, until he reacts, quickly opened the front door facing the inside shouted Come out, do not go in, dangerous Chen Yu Shu did not listen, do not know where the effort, the two nurses did not stop her, Chen Yushu has run into the emergency room corridor of the most inside, see a row of isolation room, the door of each isolation room has a large glass Chen Yushu soon find the isolation room where Chu Mengyao, regardless of those doctors and nurses shouting, pushed the door into it. Yaoyao sister, Yao Yao sister, how do you Yo.back of the second Hui Hui Hospital , Which is also the first doctor back to the hospital in the past, medical treatment facilities is also the latest purchase, so many young people have begun to recognize the second Hui people hospital. The first one Hui people hospital fidget cube cadetblue also sent seven or eight ambulances, so by the second Hui people to the hospital to take these coma students. Well, I know. Chu Pengchang hang up the electricity back to Fu Bo said to the second Hui Hui Hospital Yao Yao fainted, the school a total of 28 students because of unknown Of the reasons fainted, and we immediately rush past Well, Chu Forber heard Chu Mengyao also fainted, and quickly moved the car, all the way to the second person running back to the hospital rush Five minutes later, the ambulance in turn stopped at the door of the second people Hui Hospital, has long been waiting for medical staff at the door, the coma of the students one by one into the emergency room Chen Yushu will Chu Meng Yao sent to the emergency room door, until the doctor told her that the patient s family can only wait in the emergency roo.

is thing, really have to see and Feng Tianlong see clearly Caixing. And Guan Xuemin, Lai fat called, this is a good three nights to go to the hotel s cafeteria to eat supper, but Lin Yi obviously could not eat. In the hotel m n mouth, stopped a taxi, Lin Feng reported the name of the hotel smiled smile. Songjiang International Hotel is not far from Lin Yi s hotel, but it is on the other side of the auction house. The car stopped at the hotel m n mouth, Lin Yi paid the fare to see Feng Xiao Qiao Shengsheng Sheng standing in the hotel m n mouth to their beckons, Lin Yi slightly frowned, fidget cube for adhd this time Feng Xiaoxiao also such a performance Enthusiasm, not waiting for Feng Tianlong misunderstanding Lin Yi, here Feng smiled and saw Lin Yi, exclaimed excitement, xiao hand waving back and forth. Your father Lin Yi went to smile in front of Feng, did not care about her enthusiasm. Oh my dad ah Feng smiled long been a good strategy My father received a temporary phone, go to a meeting, let me entertain you, he will come back If for another person, certainly will not believe the words of Fen.l He does not worry about Chu Mengyao things over there In fact, Zhong Pinliang is worried, but also know that worry fidget cube homemade useless, Chu Peng s attitude is not finalized, he can not carry out the next action, so he can only dragged. Fu Bo is not good to follow up their own school, but Chu Peng is the first high school shareholders, Forber casually find a few people, let them help staring at a little bell light, these people are rushing to do this thing. Of course, there is a master of any Wang Zhifeng, he is a good at camping people, Zhengchou not the right opportunity and the upper do a good job, Forber came to a task. So patting the breasts to ensure that the propriety, as certainly good supervision of the trend. Wang Zhifeng this time do not do anything, and how to get fidget cube no matter how others see, a folder directly folder, came to class three to five classes. It is quite normal for the academician to inspect the work, but it is still the first time that a check is made. But Wang fidget cube cadetblue Zhifeng no matter what others want, sitting in the last row of high three five classes, do not go And no coincidence is also reported a higher price. 30 million Kang Feng immediately said. Fifty million Lai fat, said the whole leisure time. Kang Feng Feng to gas bombing, which two people in the auction, so you raise all of a sudden twenty million, what does that mean Money too much no place to spend, or scare people Fifty five million Kang Guifeng looked at his father, he nodded, before continuing to bid. 80 million. Lai fat remember Lin Yi s bottom line, so do not want to and Kang Fung Fung ink, and directly to the high called, if you can accept, then continue Chapter 0528 I have a way The presence of most people, at the moment have seen the signs, which depends on fidget cube cadetblue the fat does not seem to want to buy fidget cube retail this millennium snow lotus, but here called the price of cried, deliberately pit Kang home people Otherwise, he so offer it Even if the money is not so play it, right Kang Guifeng heard a burst of blood on the Bay, just to report the high price of 85 million, but was Kangzhao Long stopped Kang Zhaolong had to accompany the task is to accompany Wang Xin Yan, but now Kang family to upgrade the family thing has been.

Fidget Cube Cadetblue Lin Yifeng looked strange smile smiled, and some funny, did not expect this Feng Xiaoxiao pretend to sell silly really have a set. Yes ah, Chen day brother how can money it Is I have not seen the world, take my own world to see the minister day brother Xiao Wang Pa know that he kindly do bad things, and quickly explained I am a frog in the bottom Wu Chen day to see Xiao Wang Pa said, my heart is very popular, waved generously said You have not been to the top, is normal In fact, I will follow the grandfather To the top floor once, though expensive, but the cost of the rationale Chen days brother, you know can be really much ah Hey, fidget cube beige I just have a boyfriend, or else, I have to like you Feng smiled and listened to Wu Chen day, then worship said. Yat almost did not laugh spray, but fidget cube 3d model fortunately, he is relatively strong self control, just face a bit strange, it returned to normal. The Wu Chen day listening to Feng smiled, then some of the fluttering Fengran forget it This Feng smiled though can not touch, but was her praise, Wu Chen day is also very happy to get a recognition of the United States.e of Lin Yi, which also how to live their own Lin Yi turned around and walked past, but saw Song Ling shan has not put on pants, corset did not buckle back, so lying on the ground, there is a kind of trampled look, so Lin Yi some action. Lin Yi is not natural to look away, so that they do not think about these things. But have to admit, Song Ling Shan s body is really good, very popular The big place, the place Alice Alice, martial arts woman, it really is not the same. Song Ling Shan Lin Yi came to see, hurriedly think of wearing good clothes, but there is no effort, like a whole body up and down like a shelf, moving also can not move, the people are extremely lazy But have fidget cube cadetblue to say, that moment feeling really good, especially the name of Lin Yi called the moment, so Songling Shan feel the people have to fly up, the body s infuriating and at the same time the solution out, let Song Ling Shan feel floating, and can not tell the easy. Lin Yi has been thought of before seen, but also in front of Lin Yi s face so shame to do things, Song Ling Shan suddenly want to open, how can it Which woman was.

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