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Fidget Cube China it Lin Yi said. Ah Thanks Tang Yun immediately understand that Chu Mengyao is to thank Lin Yat before calling him, let him go to Chu Mengyao healing things, but Tang Yun for the eldest, fidget cube homemade or there are so hostile, So she did not want to go I fidget cube china will not go, right You do not want to come Then forget it Lin Yi also guess Tang Yun s mind, she and Missy between, there will certainly be grudges. Chu Mengyao would like to take over the phone, and Tang Yun said in person, but also no less than the face, so Chen Yushu made a wink, want her to say for themselves. Yaoyao sister, you see, Tang Yun dare not come Chen Yu Shu blinked his eyes, leaned in front of the cell phone Lin Yi said one. Chu Meng Yao immediately to anger straight shaking The Chen Yushu, really mad themselves Let her invite her on behalf of Tang Yun, she is to say such a thing This is not to continue and Tang Yun enemy Tang Yun Chen Yushu also heard the words over there, suddenly a bit anxious Who says I can not come I am now in the past Have to say, Chen Yushu s shock method is still useful, anyway, Tang Yun is to make a decisionkissed the mouth, is indirect Oh do not say this. Chu Mengyao do not want to mention this matter, but then the feeling of nausea, unconsciously did not, think of their original reaction so strong, Chu Mengyao feel some sweet feeling What s the bad news Feng smiled, as if the new girlfriend Wrigley brother Oh Chen Yu Shu said. How do you know Where did you get the news How do I not know Chu Meng Yao some strange. Do not forget, I was spy Shu oo7 Oh Chen Yushu proudly said I asked to know. Chu Mengyao could not help but smile also spy Shu, is cheap Shu it Look at your face spring, is not like Lin Yi How can I like Obviously Yao Yajie like, I as a little wife, can only exercise their favorite. Chen Yu Shu said read the book. Chu Meng Yao saw Chen Yu Shu one, eyes on the review of information in front of the above, but not a half day turn a page It touches on Chen Yushu, come up with a workbook, the degree began to look up, when the pen in the above writing and writing Chu Meng Yao frowned, his own girlfriend, mentality really is not an ordinary person can understand. Lin Yi.

t know what medicine is a good medicine, but anyway, Xin Guan do not understand, he usually heard of some valuable medicinal materials out. Guan Xin hear the tiger whip , could fidget cube lightblue not help looking red, and my heart is some irritation, this person is wrong, right How to say anything But Kang lighting is no self knowledge, to see Guan Xin blush, thought it was her own knowledge to impress it, so more proud, continued fidget cube china My family still half root whip, I last eat Half root, it is very useful, if you need, I can show you Kang lighting did not realize there is anything wrong with Tiger Whip, he just eager to please Guan Xin, so these kinds of elixir, the family has what he said Although there are snow lotus, but that is used to configure the skin to raise gold skin care medicine, he has not stupid enough to give fidget cube palegodenrod out the point of giving as gifts. Guan Xin really can not stand in front of this person, close the book wanted to leave the hands, but looked up to see the Lin Yizheng not far away, suddenly a hi heart Lin Yi waved Lin Yi Good coincidence, ah, you have to bookstores Kang lighting is prou.moment, some puzzled look at his brother. Fifteen thousand is to give him, but he said, 150,000 is a decade ago, and now the price turned over so many times, 150,000 have to turn interest Here, Xiaowei looked very Is angry He said fidget cube rose that even with the benefit of his five hundred thousand, or will continue to stay in the small Dan inside the company to work, or give money Tang Yun stared how they so a big opening of the lion Suddenly turned into fifteen fifteen He has a contract or else we go to court to prosecute him The only contract is that we signed the employment contract, Xiao Dan to work for him, if Xiaodan breach of contract, it is necessary to compensate for the loss of the contract, if there is a contract Xiaowei wry smile If there is a contract, then it will not trouble like this All his losses, the loss of all that did not say how much he can Xibaekaihe Say, if it really can be a lawsuit, we can not afford to consume ah Uncle Tang did not solve the problem Tang Yun sighed, Xiaowei said it is not wrong, their own this is the vulnerable groups, where is the big boss of.t Chen Yu Shu on the car after the grinning asked. Oh Lin Yi is not a good answer, if the answer is wrong, the eldest and soared, this difficult question, not the average person can answer Ro Chapter 0623 Misunderstanding caused by Oolong Chapter o623 misunderstanding caused by oolong But in fact the eldest and Tang Yun are very beautiful, if you have to say who is beautiful, can only say that each has its advantages, and today s eldest, naturally fidget cube china better than the makeup of the Tang Yun to be beautiful, this is undoubtedly, so Lin Yi said Makeup than the Tang Yun beautiful some. Lin Yi said, it touches no one offended, although the Ming Chu Kwai Meng Yao, but also said, you just win the makeup, makeup is about the same. But Miss Chu automatically ignored the makeup after the word, the hearts of some pride, glanced Lin Yi one, heart Road, fairly you have vision, hum Oh, that I do Chen Yu Shu Chu Xian Meng Chu pioneer, asked to be fidget cube japan out after himself. You and Yaoyao almost. Lin Yi is not good to answer, can only say so. Oh, I really have such a beautiful it Great, and finally met an eye is.

Fidget Cube China installed later ah Wu Chen days to fidget cube china fidget cube china see Lin Yi and Feng Xiao Xiao Xiao brothers, they have come over Kangzhao Long, rou fidget cube kickstarter purchase can only put away the pain of expression, deliberately exclaimed Let s eat a few people are not many ah, eat These things, it took fifteen million, this store can really cheap ah really cheap Xiao brothers suddenly surprised a moment, the heart of this Wu and their home really is not the same, ah, people eat a meal to spend 15 million, still too few, it really is extraordinary Oh, Chen day brother, you can really rich ah Feng smiled and listened to suddenly exclaimed There are a lot of people earn less than fifteen million lifetime, you spent a meal of fifteen million Still feel much, can be really handsome This is ah The money, in the eyes of our family children, simply not what Wu Chen day has now formed a habit, all the time not installed, so this is easy to say out. I would like to have a braised shark fin packaged good I was like to point to, but afraid to spend more than did not dare to Feng smiled and looked at the fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety for children and adults poor Wu Chen Chen Tian said I really want to.should not be selling fakes, after all, he sold the price of genuine goods is not cheap, is the normal channel of a double. Yaoyao sister, we drink a bottle of it, the rest of the bottle back to drink well Chen Yu Shu feel, here to drink, might as well take home, let Eagle brother fried two dishes, three people eat together Candlelight dinner, that more romantic ah What you are. Chu Meng Yao drink what is the same, she is to vent, you want to drink Chouchou, so sad with the tips of the dissipated away. An Jianwen heard Chen Yu Shu, then almost did not jump from the chair, you have to take back How do you not say early Why still in the hotel to buy tomorrow to the store to buy a bottle, but also cheaper 150,000, half a kidney ah But these words Jianwen can not say, because that more lose face, so only endured the. Think of today s main task is to let everyone get drunk, and then took the opportunity to declare, An Jianwen can only be other thoughts on the side, if today really declare success, then this is not hundreds of thousands of white flowers So An Jianwen kept urging the wine at the sam.

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