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Fidget Cube Creator s and a few odds of the Han, only two dozen individuals, which dozens of police cars, it touches some of the battle is too large. However, this is always a province which are linked to the number of major cases, more attention to some of the normal. All charge back to the police station, separate assault trial Song Ling Shan a wave, the opponent ordered the road. Song Ling shan at the moment, and before that spoiled in front of Lin Yi Ling Shan Shan spoiled completely different, she was able to resume the past. Report, no victims at the scene, the dungeon door has been forcibly destroyed, which is empty fidget cube mediumblue Finally, after the end of the men responsible for the report, Song Ling shan, said The only one dead, should be criminal gangs One of the members, the surgeon s doctor Well, the four squadrons left behind in charge of all the other team Song Lingshan naturally know that there is no victim, to say the victim before her a man in the dungeon inside, she came out, there is no fidget cube yellow and black People. Sitting inside the police car, listening to the words of praise and admiration, Song Ling shan has a feeling of exp.lso how to revenge fidget cube for press release him Thought of this, Feng Xiaoxiao bites his teeth, reluctant to set the child fidget cube on youtube could fidget cube creator not wolf, could not bear the body satyr satyr Thus, Feng smiled just shut the toilet door, but did not lock. If Lin Yi broke in, he gave him a little advantage, let his eyes take advantage of, to see the point to see the parts, as long as not really give him a cheap enough Enen, the book was written, this hazy sense, but also to a man heart. Put down the mind, Feng Xiaoxiao also assured the rush of the shower, have to say, satiate, and washed a hot bath, really enjoy it Feng smiled to the body coated with bath, side hum a ditty Lola la la la la la la, I love the bath turtles fall Feng smiled and was proud of it, suddenly burst of chill spread to the body, the beginning, Feng smiled and did not pay attention, but also because the cold weather reason, the bath did not wear clothes, but then, she felt and It s not like that So sad Feng Xiaoxiao just feel a little dizzy, almost on the stand instability, and quickly turn off the hot water shower, so that the heat spread, you can brea.

If the other time, Chu Mengyao also told Chen Yushu to call, but the father in the side, she also personally called. Chu Meng Yao listen to the tone of fat, suddenly startled, this big sister who is xiao Dare and Lin Yi so speak Moreover, her father who is How to let Lin Yi to eat Is it Lin Yi s leadership This tone Daoshi Lai fat some ignorant, do not know who is also a big sister xiao. Uh, I m sorry, I m not Lin Yi Lai fat heart xiao said. Ah You are not Lin Yi Lin Yi Chu Meng Yao heard the phone is not Lin Yi, some strange asked. That I ask you Lai fat to determine the identity of the big sister, and then consider is not telling the truth. I am Lin Yi s Well, I was I am his boss Chu dream Yao for a long time, do not know what Lin Yi in the end and what is the relationship, So nong out of the boss such a word and who are you Lai Yi is the boss of a fat, suddenly shocked, Lin Yi s boss, not that their boss s boss Lai fat quickly said The boss, hello What is the old boss Chu Meng Yao hear inexplicable. Lin Yi is my boss, then you are the boss of my boss, of course, is the old.n we sell one hundred ninety nine He is a profiteer, but Lin Yi spoke, Lai fat is not good to adhere to, because in his view, 288 is certainly able to sell very good, and even there will be a shortage situation. One hundred ninety nine In fact Lin Yi still feel a little expensive, but do not know how much money the company needs to see fat so fat like the way, also nodded his head Yes. Lai fat so relieved that he was afraid of Lin Yi once again cut down to one hundred, into ninety nine, so a lot of profit will be less Then I do a plan, the next auction of our products, it will be published in the market retail price Lai fat nodded The price of analgesics, the boss you should see how much more appropriate That the amount of time to the cost of about five cents, of course, will reduce the number of production, Lin Yi said. Well, then a box of five doses, but also sell one hundred and ninety nine, right Lai asked the fat test. Ninety nine bar. Lin Yi thought said. Line, listen to the boss In fact, in order to fear Lin Yi Lin fat bargain, indeed a number of high, to Lin Yi bargaining room. To det.ked fidget cube violetred Then you have no way to fidget cube mediumorchid heal As long as it is poisoned, then there should be, try it. Lin Yi did not say the full, although his downhill, the old man said that he has learned one third of his ability, enough to Swordsman , But Lin Yi is not arrogant madness, who knows can not solution But for the safety of Chu Mengyao, Lin Yi d not worried, as long as their non stop to her body infuriating input, that is, Jiao Zaizi said the energy, you can indefinitely hanging Chu Mengyao life , Even if their solution can not poison, get her old man there, or can save her. Although the old fidget cube creator man all day in his own bragging that he is the world s first medical doctor, but Lin Yi heart also understand fidget cube creator that he has the capital. And their own, but also a poor grade Lin Yi quietly transported from the Regulus Yu tactic internal strength of the Heart, the energy input to the body of Chu Meng Yao, Fortunately, Chu Meng Yao s body is not the same as the original Feng smiled, is a bottomless pit, Lin Yi To dry, fidget cube creator and even gave birth to such a tragic thing. Chu Mengyao is a normal person, so the energy needed i.

Fidget Cube Creator did not say anything, hung up the phone. Chu Mengyao really anxious, in addition to their parents, girlfriend Chen Yu Shu, she has never been so nervous over a person, I heard Lai fat said Lin Yi was injured, but also Vomiting blood, and Chu Mengyao heart suddenly On it Even if the usual Lin Yi some complaints and opinions, but at this moment all become worried. Dad, Lin Yi injured, I m going to see. Chu Meng Chu Yaoyu on behalf of the phrase, to pull Chen Shu Shu ran out. Lin Peng had heard of Lin Yi was injured, but also want to see, but to see nv children hurry expression, hesitated a moment, or sit back The road ia some of the car. Chu Peng exhibition for nv children and Lin Yi relationship, or very satisfied, evidently nv children Lin Yi, has not only the kind of care for fidget cube tomato the attendant. Chen Yushu is eating Roberta sweet potatoes, which is a hot, not hot to eat, cold is not good. Although Lin Yi has not come, but Chen Yushu is the cell, the first move will not be what people say chopsticks. Oh, oh Yao Yao sister, you pull me to do Chen Yu Shu just stuffed his mouth a sweet potato, C.rried about the safety, which have gone a few xiao, Lin Yi did not come back, do not make a phone call, she Can not worry about it Two people just ice misunderstanding, it is hard to break down like a glue like moment, Tang Yun Lin Yi can think of hurry back, to press her side. This Lai fat hesitated, said Boss all right, a little tired, sleep for a while. Sleep for a while Tang Yun surprised a moment, the hearts of vaguely feel something wrong children Lai fat, you say, Lin Yi in the end how, you call him up to answer the phone Sister, the boss really tired, just want to rest for a while Lai fat do not want to cheat Tang Yun, but Lin Yi jiao on behalf of, do not tell Tang Yun, Lai fat is t ng embarrassed, do not know how to stall Tang Yun, After all, the relationship between Tang Yun and Lin Yi is not general, the general reason is certainly not work. Lai fat, if you do fidget cube creator not tell the truth, then I will not let you ignore Lin Yi Tang Yun anxious, threatening Road. Ga Lai fat suddenly exclaimed, and some distress, although Lin Yi told him not to tell Tang Yun out of his thing, but Tang.

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