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Fidget Cube Darkred ill at home waiting for me, I have to go back early, if she is hungry, I have to give her instant noodles fidget cube saddlebrown Eat it Oh, since Miss Chu is in your house, and you have not eaten, please go to the hotel with me, said Forbes, I prepare Miss Chu every day. Also, then give me. Zhong Pin bright fidget cube darkred point of the nod, heart Road, his dinner this time there is a landing. Went to the Peng Exhibition Hotel will be taken to dinner, Fubo will be Zhong Pinliang Zhong Pinliang sent to the villa downstairs bell house, Forbes carrying lunch boxes wanted to go up and Zhong Pinliang, but was stopped by the product Liang. Mr. Zhong Pinliang, I would like to see Miss Chu, and ask her what is needed, today it was late, I am afraid it can not go back, I went to her to buy some toiletries. Forber faint explanation. Oh, this ah, no Zhong Pinliang how can Fu Bo up Chu Mengyao not see up, what is not revealed the secret Quickly waved his hand and said Forber, Yao Yao at the moment is certainly not dressed, you go up, then inconvenient Oh, then you go ahead, let her wear clothes Forber suggested. This her body inconveni.ouragement really came into effect, I saw Lai fat biting teeth, suddenly stood up, raised the brand 400 million 20 million Kang God s mind a cool, his mother s legs, the auctioneer is too damaged, right However, this is the home auction house rain, even if there is a God of Health is not a good idea to speak out, only to swallow the signal Kang Feng continued Because this time the health of God has decided to treasure in the longevity detoxification Dan above, from the current situation, the longevity of this drug only fear Dan I am afraid, if missed, then there is no, So Kang Shen Yi had teeth go on. Four hundred and thirty fidget cube desk toy for adults million Kang Feng raised the hands of the auction card. 430 million for the first time 430 million second fidget cube deepskyblue 430 million third deal Although the auctioneer also want to Lai fat to continue to bid, but unfortunately, This time Lai fat retreat, apparently there is no money, and decided to give up, honest sitting there motionless At the moment, the most happy than Liu Tianyi, and his heart that refreshing ah Before that two hundred and eighty million to.

le slower it Su Taiwan early car parked on the roadside, leisurely smoking smoke watching the night, was Jianwen so a roar, to shocked. OK, you hurry back Faster An Jianwen said some depressed. Look, Yao Yao sister, I am very powerful, right Chen Yu Shu said some proud. Chu Mengyao feel that their own girlfriend is simply not a bit silly, on the contrary also very smart, but she expresses the way some of the special Bale. Chu Mengyao feel, Soon, the Soviet Union Taiwan has long been back, carry back a bunch of fruit and lunch, Chen Yushu invited An Jianwen while watching TV to eat, Jianwen ashamed to refuse, he really can not stand, and Chu Meng Yao can not speak , That is still here to do You go to call about Lin Yi, let him come to dinner. Such as Jianwen and Su Taiwan to leave early, Chu Meng Yao Su Taiwan early to buy the lunch opened on the coffee table. Su Taiwan early to buy a total of five lunch boxes, grade is not low, it should not be cheap, it is clearly there is also included him and An Jianwen that a child, but they can not eat. Oh Chen Yu Shu looked at the delicious chil.two do not help, this is the most sensible choice. S wife, is always the boss of the nv, it is sister in law Chu Meng Yao just want to subconsciously say, who is sister But immediately thought of himself and Tang Yun war it is still, so it is not soundly pleased by the sister in law of this title. Tang Yun see Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu did not speak, she raised her head, do not speak. Sister, you are not the first anger Boss is now fidget cube antsy labs healing, need to be quiet ah, you are such a quarrel, if the master burned into the devil how to do Lai fat heart xiao said. Ah Tang Yun surprised, Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yu Shu is also surprised Before they fainted, did not think so much, this time to rely on fat a reminder, they react, Lin Yi also lying inside it, this time To fight these meaningless things mean Do not know if it depends on the role of fat, or they do not know what to say to each other, in short, the living room for the time being quiet down. The living room is divided into two groups, a group of Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, two people at the moment has flashed to the side, are muttering what he s.In fact, before a time to let Lin Yat upstairs then the network cable, when Chu Mengyao doubt, suspected of General Yi Lin Yi no deterrent force, or Lin Yi on how the second floor Until a few days ago, Lin Yi with a mighty general, so powerful general to find their own, but also to Chu Mengyao suspected In general, in addition to Forbes generals outside, even the fathers are invariably do not move, Lin Yi is how generals get up the mountain Because Fu Bo did not follow up, only a person came to the cave Lin Yi, and generous general was Lin Yi was fidget cube unboxing frightened to fry, and only to find their own asylum this master, which Chu Mengyao still able to see out of Lin Yi dry laugh, did not answer, fast on the floor to go. To the second floor, not to see chaos, follow me Chu Meng Yao lead the way in front, cited Lin Yi came to the door of a room, and then Chu Meng Yao opened the door, so Lin Yi Chen Shu will hold into. Pink bedroom, fidget cube darkred it is warm, the wall is also close to a lot of nice flowers, the bed there are some plush toys. Lin Yi Chen Yu Shu on the bed, have not had time to appreciate, was Chu Meng.

Fidget Cube Darkred ce it Chen Yushu almost said slip of the tongue, the fun thing to say, then quickly shut up. There is nothing to see, do not believe these ads. Chu Mengyao impression of this restaurant is very bad, decided not to come later. Oh I also know a Chen Yu Shu just wanted to speak, was interrupted by Chu Meng Yao. Well, we went to my hotel in the house Chu Mengyao do not want anything wrong, or to their own hotel more at ease. Tang Yun Chu Mengyao hear the words, could not help but the hearts of the jump and the gap between fidget cube darkred Chu Mengyao really big ah Her family has a business hotel, and their own houses are fidget cube darkred not even This is Tang Yun Lin Yi in front of the only low self esteem, on the appearance of their own better than Chu Mengyao and Chen Yu Shu poor, but to say Lin Yi s best Choice, non Chu Meng Yao or Chen Yu Shu is none other than and that Chen Yushu seems to be tempted to buy one get one, do small wife Tang Yun some headaches ah Lin Yi did not know Tang Yun would think so much, drove to the Peng fidget cubes Zhan Hotel, Chu Peng exhibition held here Lingshan not enough to useless, and how there is a Wrigley brother, robbed his sister in the hearts of the position, how can we not let Chen Yu day fire Chen Yutian anxious to be a slap in the face of this Wrigley brother to shoot fly Chapter 0622 Yaoyao sister and Tang Yun who is beautiful Chapter o622 Yaoyao sister and Tang Yun who is beautiful In fact, Chen Yushu ago, Chen Yutian is indeed proud of, but since fidget cube darkred Chen Yu day open pursuit of Song Ling Shan, Chen Yushu some not happy, especially Song Lingshan also ignore his brother, actually said when to beat her before accepting brother. This is not making things difficult for people Brother is stupid, said Chen Yu Shu silly, Chen Yu Shu to see him is silly To a woman, worth it Special training for a year, life experiences for two years, the results seem to still not Sao Lingshan that show the opponent s fox, otherwise, my brother has long been holding the United States go, and will not be fidget cube buttons so low key Although it is to participate in the dinner, but also more formal dinner, because it is for the brother Jie Feng, but Chen Yushu dress is sti.

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