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Fidget Cube Darkturquoise nate you Chen Yu Shu said Chu Mengyao some silent When did I assassinate you Two hand in hand out of the canteen, after the table that Tang Yun, Missy raised a proud head, did not see the same as Tang Yun. Liu Xinwen is Pieliaopiezui What air Yeah, eat endless, right Waste fidget cube darkturquoise of food Chu Mengyao heart angry, but did not care for her, this kind of thing a reason together, certainly not a moment and a half can be a winner, and now more people in the cafeteria, Chu Mengyao do not want others to see a joke. Back to the classroom, Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu took out the m4, watching the cartoon, free at noon every day, two people will see for a while. Yaoyao sister Zhong Pin liang these days do not bother you, ah Chen Yu Shu touches a bit not used to, before the clock every day to pursue Chumeng Yao Pin liang, Chen Yu Shu always able to get some benefit in him. How do you want him to come Chu Meng Yao feel no trouble with their own products, their lives corpuscles a lot. Oh, he does not come to bother you, you do not need a shield, the Wrigley brother is not going to laid off Chen Y.s of grasping the Wu family lived relations, and Kang family to upgrade the family thing has basically become a clincher This is how to make the Dragon is not happy The only regret is that some are reluctant to Wang Xin Yan, but no way, the Wang Xin Yan is not just a play, and play the Do not, it will definitely bring trouble to the health home Xiao Although the abjection, and can be thin dead camel than the Ma, Kang does not want to get into the health of Long trouble. Well, such a flower, do not know which will be cheaper after Wang J eight calves Kang Zhaolong shook his head, and Wu Chen day to chic, and Wang Yan things directly thrown behind. But this way Wang Xin Yan d quiet, there is no harassment Kangzhao Long, life has returned to normal. Kang God doctor did not take long, rain Haitian and two uncle to discuss fidget cube darkturquoise Kang things, their confidants also called the electricity J words. Rain Haitian frowned, how so many things today But still pick up the power of words. What is it I am busy. Yu Haitian first to tell fidget cube aliceblue their own situation, the meaning is obvious, if you do not have big things, wait.

n day brother, you see this corridor is magnificent, we really want to go in Xiao Wang Pa fidget cube video heart which is also drums, when Wu Chen day money to pay the bill can not let themselves pay ah Where are so many nonsense Come all come Wu Chen day frowned, although the heart to fight fear, but the lips refused to show weakness said my treat, how do you so many things Is not look down on me Wu Chen day what No Xiao Wang suddenly some embarrassment. Robinson days brother, the Bastard is not look down on you, he is for you, for fear you have no money Feng smiled but suddenly cha mouth He is kind Wu Chen day suddenly some annoying, how to speak this Feng smiled it What is afraid of their money A turn, but to see Feng smiled innocent look at himself, his face did not mean contempt and ridicule, suddenly some of the m paste, do not actually laughed Feng laughed at their own, but is to explain what Xiao Wang Pa meaning I know he is kind, but I Wu Chen day Wu is the first heir to the throne, how could there be no money Really a joke Wu Chen day can only be depressed to explain a little temper did notcan not do The kind of play underworld, Chu Peng is not want to have anything to do with it, he is a serious businessman, not Li bile flower opponents. Just let Chu Peng exhibition is strange, Zhong Pinliang s father Zhong Bai actually followed the soldiers less work, and soldiers less valued bell white which point Looked at the expression of Chu Peng became cloudy, Zhong Pinliang know Chu Peng has been afraid of the show, the hearts of big music, you know you are afraid So continue to add firewood and fire Chu uncle, you want to good Tell me up to let me sit a few years prison, but prison inside, are bared flowers brother, I went after someone to take care of A few years, you have offended the bile flowers brother, the most important thing is to delay the soldiers less major event, the consequences do not I said, you know Dare to hurt my daughter, I do not care who he is, I have to let him pay the price it should I would rather the company not to it Chu Peng gallant staring at the clock, he has scruples, but in order to Daughter, he can ignore anything. That is why My son in law is not asha.546 Traces of Yaoyao Chapter o546 traces of Yaoyao However, the secret room which are placed inside a number of gold and silver and cash, property cards and other items, Forber is also not interested in moving these things. To determine the Chu Mengyao not in the villa, the Forbes quietly left the villa. Forber has been identified at the moment, not to mention possession of two people here, even if a person is not possible. Because the goods Zhongliang bright home area is fidget cube floralwhite very large, so the furniture is very easy to put, there is no Tibetan people, one can see clearly. Out of the bell goods bright villa, Forber Chu Peng exhibition gave an electric call. Chupeng show tonight is destined to be sleepless nights, has been waiting for the news of Forbes, at the moment received a telephone call, a heart finally put down half, he knew Fowler s search results, regardless of the daughter in Not in the bell goods bright villa, is a good news. Hey, Li Fu, how about it Chu Peng asked whispered. Chu Xiaojie sister is not in the villa inside, Zhong Pinliang home, there is no movement, eat rice to sleep. Fo.

Fidget Cube Darkturquoise the unknown is the most terrible Why people afraid of ghosts, because the ghost is an unknown thing, no one can see. What is the most frightening thing You do not know what the world is the most terrible Zhong Pinliang some contemptuous, said The same, even if the hospital found the students to eat poisoned food is poisoned, it will give Chu Peng show how much impact He is also a victim of the disease, he is also a victim, , Is to fidget cube darkturquoise be poisoned, and if the time to pay a little money, perhaps outside the public opinion, said he is a good man, but also the victims, but if the food is not toxic, what will happen Yes ah Gao Xiaofu suddenly clear There is no food poisoning, but fidget cube kickstarter youtube the students are poisoning, and this more horrible ah So, this puzzle is not untied before, which parents dare to send their children to the school come In case of poisoning again how to do All the parents together to make trouble, all transfer away, Chu Peng, but The students did not find the cause of poisoning, then Chu Peng has an unshirkable responsibility to show, because the students are poisoned in the school, the pare.d Zhu Xiaozhang two people, though afraid, but after seeing that in the back of the morgue, it touches a sigh of relief A small old man in the morgue behind the push the morgue came to the elevator side, before the lights dim, coupled with the old man short stature, but also after the out of the natural people will mistakenly believe that the morgue itself Move fidget cube darkturquoise it The old man also saw the king of the foreshore and Zhu Xiao Zhang, but to see the ground of the health lighting, suddenly asked You have died one How do you send the doctor Is not fidget cube reddit not dead, not dead, fidget cube darkturquoise we go wrong it Wang is afraid of fidget cube sides this old man will be directly exposed to cold lighting, go quickly explained. Ro Chapter 0690 renamed good Chapter o69o Chapter renamed good The wrong This can go wrong The old man shook his head, ignore the three of them, and continue to wait for the elevator. Health lighting is actually a little better, directly fainted, do not know what is afraid, but Zhu Xiaozhang and the king of the foreshore fidget cube set is scared, and a corpse stood together, how are a bit creepy Beautiful nurse cru.

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