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Fidget Cube Dice Stress uch. After a child, Dr. Wang came with fidget cube dice stress an old man, to Lee looked at the landlord, the old man did not see what is, did not think what strange needle, which if the needle on the toxic, then the Lee mine as early as Died, unplug the needles are not affected If buy fidget cube online there is no poison, then unplug it can not die, this needle is inserted in the skin is very shallow place, did not hurt the internal organs, pull down how could die However, this old man is not stupid, since the Lee mine to know the situation, not to say I personally think all right, you can pull out, but pulled out if there is anything really, our hospital may not be responsible. This Lee landlord suddenly some guilty, I thought a few small needles, pulled out in the hospital there is no problem, but the old experts say the hospital did not grasp, he dare pull it No way, Lee can only call the land once again Li Bia spent phone. Cousin ah, I was in the hospital But the hospital said, pulled out of the needle, what is wrong, they are not responsible for ah Lee, some flustered mine said Brother, you help me think of ways to do ah Li.e of Xu Shihan. Uh Lai fat surprised a moment, then smile The boss, you fidget cube set like Xu Shihan Do not like. Lin Yi shook his head I have a friend like, if there is an auction, buy them meet to see also. Lin Yi know Missy and small Shu are Xu Shihan fans, so if this auction really have this opportunity, Lin Yi d do not mind to help two people to bid once, after all, Missy and small Shu on their own is still very good. So ah I thought boss you like her Lai fat finished and shook his head and said Also, the boss if you her fans, you do not know Know fidget cube europe what Lin Yi asked. Xu Shihan background ah Debut, there is no scandal, but who do not know her background But those who have attempted to her, many have disappeared Lai fat whispered said. Lin Yi frowned, evidently Xu Hui Han Shi Daoshi really have a very strong background, and being the case, Lin Yi also do not bother to provoke her, their trouble has been enough, and then come up with such a sturdy Of the chick to kill themselves, they do not have to do anything else. Yeah, it s gone, maybe it s a threat, but maybe it s gone directly from t.

ive dishes, Chen day brother feel inexpensive You really too strong Feng Xiao smile eyeful of stars watching Wu Chen days, but also some embarrassment You are not my boyfriend, I do not The nerve to let you fidget cube dice stress spend ah, or else we aa system how Chapter 0506 Feng Xiaoxiao a la carte A what a Wu Chen day swing of the years This is not what I do This xiao matter what money, like the original, I and my grandfather here m n point a few special signs feature dishes, no hua how much money That s it Feng smiled and said, Then I ll order Well, you point it Wu Chen Tianxin Road, it seems, nv students are like boys loaded ah Sun Jingyi Ran their pursuit of the strategy that is some problems, the original, always pay attention to their demeanor, pretending to be in front of Sun Jingyi Siwen. But today to see Feng Xiaoxiao reaction, Wu Chen day feel, or loaded b a little better Their such a loaded b , which Feng smiled with a boyfriend, and all of their own with admiration Wu Chen day awakened like a wake top, the more the feeling of today s meal is really not white please ah, not only to achieve the purpose.epiezui, the hearts of a hard, ignore Feng smiled. Tang Yun see Lin Yi say, is not good to say anything, but Fortunately, Feng smiled just quietly wiping tears, and did not cry too much sound, and no one here, otherwise, others do not necessarily how misunderstanding Chapter 0457 fidget cube tan is a waste of effort Feng Xiaoxiao wiped away tears, do not cry, but it did not go, holding the chin with his hand, staring at Lin Yi, his eyes full of obsession and tenderness. Feng smiled eyes let Lin Yi some uncomfortable, Tang Yun is feel some awkward, what is called Yeah, Lin Yi is his boyfriend, but now more than an admirer sat next to so staring Lin Yi They can eat the corpuscles of the Mody Yun smiled, you do not eat Tang Yun finally could not help but ask one, not to catch her away, but it can not let her look at Lin Yat endless, right Do not eat, I looked at Lin Yi to eat, but also happy to eat than their own Feng smiled murmured. Yun was laughing choked Feng speechless Finally survive the canteen in this period of embarrassment, Lin Yi Tang Yun pulled out of the canteen. You can not let her come again n.elf did not antidote, let alone those ordinary hospital How he did not expect the Chinese medicine companies can be prepared to close out the seven herbs Zengming San antidote He really do not believe, but the truth is not by him not believe, after all, the other party really found out the reasons for the coma of students, but also pointed out that the name of the poison of the seven grass must die, that is, the other for this poison is a certain understanding , And the antidote, the natural is true, or no company will take their own future joke, which poison the puzzled and Guan medical companies have nothing to do, if they can not solve, why take this job It appears that the other how to order fidget cube side of the medicine is not weak ah Guan Xueman Previously, the drug king did not Guanmu people in the eyes, although this is the four family of five small family known as the doctor, but hidden in those families which are the Queen of doctors, drug king Zhao is one of the Queen s doctors However, the drug king had to face off from the people, it seems, he really has some skill Guan Xuemin, I remember you.

Fidget Cube Dice Stress ass to the police, that is, the police People will soon start an investigation, to the time if found in the canteen meals, it is easy to suspect that their own and the bell liang s head Gao Xiaofu erupted some really anxious, and he quickly picked up the phone, dialed the number of goods Zhongliang Liang, he must discuss the measures and Zhongpin Liang Caixing, the total can not wait for the police to come to you Zhongpin Liang just finished the kidney, is flattered lying in the hospital feeling the sun out of the window, he felt that life can be really good, ah, there is a kidney is good, fidget cube dice stress he felt that they fidget cube dice stress have restored the man s self confidence A phone ringing sounded, Zhong Pinliang picked up the phone, is now a high Xiaofu call Chapter 0681 poisoning things brought to light Chapter o681 poisoning things brought to light Zhong Pinliang pick up the phone Little Fu ah, tell you a good news, I was successful kidney transplant, and soon to restore the confidence of a man Uh bright brother, bad, to tell you a bad news, we under the drug, what a medical company to check out the call to let him come, while An Jianwen sent a car to come, do not delay the positive thing That is it Bell is also such a reason, said I ll drive to pick up goods However, fidget cube philippines before the white bell and so go out, Li bared the phone rang again, Li bared to take out a look, or tattoo men call. So the white clock made a gesture, indicating that he waited a moment longer. Hey Tattoo brother, what else Li Bia spent picking up the phone. Oh, just touches almost forgotten, there is a good news to tell Bia brother ah Tattoo man said with a smile. Oh There are good news What news Li bile asked. I told the soldiers on the text of the little brother, this time to change the kidneys for the Zhong fidget cube dice stress Pinliang, from Lin Yi s body off Tattoo men faint said. What Lin Yi Li bared flowers first startled, but then ecstasy up I said tattoo brother, really fake ah Lin Yi was you to catch You cut his kidney Haha, Wen Ge and his hatred, and do not want his kidneys and bells just bright match Tattoo man laughed I heard he and the fidget cube clicker soldiers less, bared flowers brother you have enemies More than just avenge Is simply a ha.

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