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Fidget Cube Dimgray o come to Lin Yi is also a low key person, Manager Liu feel proud to, actually give the group s second largest shareholder to do a card, especially introducer or he Liu people Lee mine eyes looked at Lin Yi, Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu and Tang Yun out of the four restaurants, he regretted some of his own color see the color, looking at a way of life and death of men, is very scared. But he did not forget the words of Lin Yi, and quickly picked up the phone called the cousin s phone Hands and the body is still stuck with so many needles do not know what this silver needle in the end of the strange. But he did not dare to unplug, after all, before Lin Yi and fidget cube desk toy he said, pulled out dead, although he did not believe, but think of Lin Yi Ling Li skill, but also by not he does not believe The reason is very simple, Lee is the leader of these people, Lin Yat even these men gave knocked down on the ground do not know how life and death, how could spare him this leader Hey Ray son ah What is it Li bared flowers are worried about it, poisoning fidget cube dimgray incident failed, do not know how to deal.wn for so long, would not see anything light Feng Xiaoxiao suddenly shame You you turn over Lin Yi Feng smiled for no illusion, but there is no goodwill, so talk is also cynical. You Feng Xiaoxiao suddenly some angry, staring at Lin Yi bitterly, Lin Yi to kill with the eyes Because Feng smiled and very clear, and Lin Yi hands at the moment, not to say is not Lin Yi s opponent, but the is certainly their own At the moment, Lin Yi has turned away, so Feng Xiao smile eyes are almost stare out, did not play any role in deterrence Lin Yi. Feng smiled to mad, but the eyes of a turn, suddenly thought of a bold idea Feng smiled and grinned, picked up the phone on the fidget cube copper netg before, transferred into the camera mode. And then the next jump from the netg down from behind hugged Lin Yi, raised his cell fidget cube for anxiety phone in front took a photo. Feng smiled the action, the Lin Yi to nong stunned. Lin Yi turned to wait for Feng Xiaoxiao to wear clothes, naturally not against her, not to mention Lin Yi s own strength is also lost almost, but also so close to Feng smiled, only to find her. What are you doing Feng smiled for.

Feng smiled, and appears not Too natural. This is not natural, to see in the Long according to the health, but also to Kang Shuang Long refreshing, it is clear that fat Lai Ren insincere People say that swollen face charge, do not know this depends on fat face swollen, and there will be more fat it Chapter 0530 in the end who pit who Chapter o53o who in the end who pit Kang Zhaolong like, but even if you are fat, and today I will let you fat circle Let your face to play more swollen And I play I play dead you Thus, Kang Zhaolong nodded, smiled and said That s embarrassed, and just I misunderstood Mr. Lai, it fidget cube sienna seems Lai and I do not want to grab this millennium snow lotus ah, but want to buy that nice box I have a misunderstanding that Mr. Lai is not a benevolent heart of the doctors fidget cube news Ashamed ashamed Nonsense, I want to do what the Millennium snow lotus, not tasty, not fun Feng smiled grunted, said Since you know, you do not give us Hei hei, Kang Zhaolong heart sigh, heart Road, even if you do not say, I also want to give you However, give you not the Millennium snow lotus, but the box Do not yo.o response. At the moment, Lin Yi Feng Xiaoxiao has been completely determined what is the problem, because the current situation to Feng Xiaoxiao point of view, it is impossible to take pictures of what or threaten their own what. To determine the Feng Xiao laugh is really a problem, Lin Yi quickly sub sub, the eyes did not see what chaos, hand grabbed Feng smiled wrist, could not help but fell into the pondered. Feng smiled the body, fidget cube dimgray there is no abnormal place All the physical functions are normal, but the lack of a trace of life This makes some fidget cube lavenderblush surprised Lin Yi This thing is very strange. If in accordance with modern medicine to check, then there is no vitality of this said, as long as the body s internal organs without any problems, then on behalf of this person is no problem. But Lin Yi was able to feel the vitality of each person. No cultivation of the people s life, than the vitality of people who practice a weak Such as the order of the Yellow order master of life stronger than the average person. Hyun order master but also stronger than the yellow order master some And this vitality.ext time. Tang Yun Lin Yi could not help but said She was next to, I feel strange, eat not eat. You think I want her to follow Lin Yi smile. Tang Yun some unpleasant toot Duzui, but there is no way, want to say anything, afraid of Lin Yi Tang angry some of their own little angry, how to become more and more trouble to get up and down Where did the previous courage go Before, you can recklessly satire Lin Yi even to step on his feet, but now, before doing things always have to think about it, do you really afraid of Feng Xiaoxiao will come and grab their own Lin Yi What am I thinking Tang Yun some shy, dark spit their own one, do not want these messy things. There are a few months on the college entrance examination, but because of things at home and Lin Yi things, Tang Yun just review the sophomore courses, as well as the third year of the course to study, otherwise the time is too late. Hurried back to the classroom, Tang Yun took out the third fidget cube antiquewith year of textbooks looked up, but also before the idea of those messed up on the side. Feng smiled back to the classroom, gave Lin Yi bought a bottle.

Fidget Cube Dimgray small kun, eventually gave up shot to kill his intention, in different places, Lin Yi do not want to lead to too much trouble. Since the front of this person, do not see too much hostility to their own, Lin Yi is only a warning to him about it, as long as he is no longer follow their own just fine. Looked at the back of Lin Yi left, Xiaokun was frowned, he was a bit puzzled, in front of this looks very ordinary young people are how their own. However, now keep up with the words, obviously a bit inappropriate, and small kun can only dial the Uncle s phone Uncle, the other is me Oh Middle aged man slightly surprised a moment Now you have each other a master bodyguard It is not clear, I do not know how they are, but I let the young man to stop, and asked me if I was not tracking him Xiao Kun is also very depressed, really should be the sentence, and often Where to go in the river does not wet shoes, they actually capsize capsize, that is a very simple task of tracking, but was to see through. Middle aged man pondered a moment, said You are this while, on the next their company, I look fo.Yi Lin Yi ignore themselves as a reason to threaten themselves, so Lai fat really is not Know how To do it He did not matter, do not forget the boss himself is a miracle working doctor, he is healing Ah Lin Yi injured Tang Yun surprised Where are you now In my house, rest assured, sister, Lin Yi wake up for a while, I told him to call you back Lai fat explained. No, I am now in the past, where is your home Tang Yun anxious, Lin Yi injured, it should also injured because of their own things, how could fidget cube dimgray not Tang fidget cube dimgray Yun Lin Yi to see it This Well. Lai fat no way to refuse, can only be down I let my wife pick you up, so late, I do not worry. That in trouble. Tang Yun this time and not fat and polite, after all, is related to the safety fidget cube dimgray of Lin Yi, Tang Yun did not argue that much. Car number is loose a1234a, red Porsche. Lai fat will be the wife of the car number told Tang Yun, Tang Yun to avoid the wrong car, then more trouble. To hang up the phone, Lai fat will be called over to his wife, so she went to drive Tang Yun, Lai suspect his wife although the suspect huo, not much to ask, t.

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