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Fidget Cube For Autism ers look down on. Chu Mengyao said here, but added some pride. From this point, but can be seen, the eldest of the essence is good, although a little pride, but it and those dude different. Some rich second generation is for fear that others do fidget cube antsy lab not know his family rich and powerful, not on the University, fidget cube dimensions the University of money, not only do not be ashamed, anti wing, something all right and others to show fidget cube for autism off their own how much. Yes, Lin Yi how to have him at your side, to chances you are school, life, is fidget cube black and red still satisfied, right Chu Peng asked inadvertently. Ah Lin Yi ah Chu Mengyao mention fidget cube for autism Lin Yi to some teeth Daddy, this person is too hateful How hateful Chu Peng exhibition is surprised a moment. Originally, he is my attendant, should always be at my side, but it was in the school to find a nv friend, nong was fidget cube for autism the city wind and rain Chu Mengyao This kind of person is simply not Right to do with the class, private life mixed 1uan Yes, just now he is to his nv friends revenge, this does not listen to the command of the attendant, simply sin great Chu Peng exhibition to hear, could.tan, Zhong Pinliang in the end is offended what kind of character, was only so Henla treatment. No, but this thing should be Ann Jian Lin Yi will be Zhongpin Liang kidnapping Chu Mengyao things told An Jianwen, and the next fidget cube midnightblue day the clock was bright and the kidneys were cut off, this thing should be An Jian No doubt. Just let Lin Yi did not expect that that Jianwen Why would choose to cut off a bell product of a kidney Think of a few days ago Song Ling Shan brought the organ smuggling group, together with their own personally destroyed the cut kidney group base , Lin Yi in doubt, An Jianwen and the criminal gang is not a relationship An Jianwen Chu Peng Show slightly surprised a moment, it touches nodded his head It is possible. Uncle Chu, the An Jianwen home is what background As some of your family and the origin Lin Yi asked. Anjia is also a powerful family of Matsuyama City, the business has done done great, the two of us have have some business dealings, good relationship with each other.An Jianwen is the youngest son, was a good relationship with Yaoyao Chu Peng Exhibition said be c.

it is also through the black intermediary, and then sell the kidneys and privately negotiated prices, in the formal hospital for kidney transplant surgery, and black mediocre but also take a pen 12,000 Intermediary fees only. This black intermediary Daoshi destroyed several, but they are small fish shrimp, for the progress of the case without any help. Ling Song Ling shan s mobile phone rang at this time, Song Ling shan s mobile phone ringtones, unlike those young men nv set up as a bell, but the most common default ringtones, and her career, , Relatively stable. Song Ling shan pick up the phone, used to say, because the caller ID is a strange number, Song Ling Shan no phone book. Ling Shan There came a call on the rugged male voice I am Chen Yu Tian Oh Chen Yu day Song Ling shan slightly surprised a moment, not easy to notice the frowned, said What is it Listen to Song Lingshan tone of indifference, Chen Yutian could not help but smile a bit Ling Shan, I go back to Matsuyama City tomorrow, there is a task, can not face, with a meal I am busy case, there should be no time. Song Ling Shan Che.rised, but to see Lin Yi, or as before, respect for their own, Tang Jucheng some strange. Tang is also only mother, Tang Jucheng is not much to ask, intend to ask a while later how fidget cube kickstarter video things are going on. Lin Yi Tang Jucheng look at the condition, but the bones are broken, at the moment has been connected, there is nothing wrong. But Lin Yifei quickly wrote a prescription, to the mother in accordance with the prescription drug, sooner or later Decoction, a day a drug, a month can be restored.Only nerve problems, not yet, I ll get it back from home. Good good Don hastened to take care of the recipe, Lin Yi was very grateful. Mom did not hurt before the magic of the mother is the magic of the Tang had seen, so at the moment of Lin Yi is extremely trust Since Lin Yi said to be good, it is certainly no problem. Lin Fai is not afraid of who, he is not. That is, he fidget cube for autism is not a fan fidget cube review of the family. Hidden family, the first get Zhao Qibing say Boss, bulldozers and trenchers have been ready, and I also contacted the blasting team. Lai also guessed the fat want to do. Lin Yi nodded his head What is the changed, and some scared up, he remembered things Wu Xiaocan, Chen Yu day Wu Xiaocan s legs are discounted Son, this hatred, we can only bear down White Bell said We are not An Jianwen opponent, he is behind the fire to help the wolf, even less soldiers to the face, we can only eat a Yaba Kui Dad, I understand I will not hard to, but this hatred I write down Zhong Pinliang biting his teeth, eyes across a trace of insidious so artillery art is the day of return, that he Jianwen bogey Well, small can not bear to mess, we have to forbear Bell white nodded. Yes, Dad, you just said Lin Yitong tipped off Lin Yi, how will know An Jianwen What do he tipped off Zhong Pinliang suddenly think of his father just said Lin Yi things. This kid is Chu Mengyao s bodyguard Zhong Bai said Chu Mengyao thing, he told An Jianwen. What He is Chu Mengyao bodyguard Zhongpin Liang touches stunned, and Lin Yi Chu Meng Yao is how it will be bodyguards Two people do not take sides ah, which in the end is how children ah Yes, he is invited to Chu Peng, specifically secretly protect the Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu Zhong.

Fidget Cube For Autism also supporting the antidote, which for medical people, it is priceless Well, I will do things properly Guan Xue Min solemnly nodded. This is a good opportunity to hype the company, you and Lai fat to talk about and see if he has any good idea Lin Yi thought, you can help antidote things, Guan Shen Pharmaceutical Company for some speculation, but the specific How speculation is not good at Lin Yi, and to rely on fat to operate Caixing. Oh, the Lai fat is good at, and I talk to him Guan Shen nodded his head. Lin Yi did not say anything more, the prescription to write down after Guan Xuemin, and then out of the isolation room, and now Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu has out of the operating room, and Chu Peng said this is the show, it seems Chu dream Yao s spirit is good. Missy to see Lin Yi, is very cold to the eye to the side, there is no Dali him. Chu Mengyao heart, it is a guilty conscience, she really want to say and Lin Yi Thank you , but she can not say Lin Yi was seen before, touched no problem, and finally actually Lin Yi Lin a look of urine, which makes how can Chu Mengyao no matter what.n sped away. If it is not afraid of big trouble, An Jianwen directly wanted to nong dead bell light. Zhong Bai received a phone call from the hospital, I heard that his son was cut off a kidney, suddenly rage, rushed to the hospital, the son has been lying on the sick netg wake up, the clock white is scared and angry Matsuyama City, there are people dare to start with his son, do not order it Zhong Pinliang to see his father came, but also burst into tears, for no reason was cut off a kidney, it is a natural disaster, he is aware of, the kidneys were cut off, the health of the human body will be affected, Can not be a normal man is not good to say, it makes him feel wronged very Most fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety important, do not know who did it Dad, you have to give me revenge wow, I have no reason to no one kidney, which is too unlucky Zhong Pinliang cry crying up. Who do Mom, let me know, I destroy his family Bell is also angry white, Zhong Pinliang is his only son, he can not be angry I do not know, ah, put me directly fidget cube for autism on the operating table, gave me a hemp yao, put my kidneys to cut off Zhong Pinliang crying.

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