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Fidget Cube Forestgreen ical development ah Liu Wang Li said I suggest the school is best to organize a charity activities, the collective look at the hospital fidget cube forestgreen Zhongpin Liang students Liu Wangli for Zhong Pinliang can be considered due diligence, and for his psychological no longer produce any distortion, so the school put forward such a proposal to. Ding Binggong is naturally should be down, after all, the student s academic performance is important, but the psychological quality of students can not be ignored As a result, the first high school students collective coma event, can be considered to temporarily come to an end, and the first high school s reputation is now basically restored, waiting for the police to hold the press conference will publish the truth of the matter Tang Yun Lin Yi to call, so Lin Yi to rescue rival, which makes some of Liu Xinwen and Kang Xiaobo helpless, since Tang Yun willing, they can say This afternoon nothing, so fidget cube forestgreen health lighting decided to go to the hospital with Xiaofen referral, schizophrenia Xiaofen after a period of treatment, but obviously a lo.chotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingcn We can learn from the title We heard that your group s school, gave birth to such a bad collective event, ask you as chairman of the Group, is how to treat it is the omission of management, or someone neglected duty, or Some teachers have been suspected of crime This is the famous wolf damage mouth, asked a few words, asked all of some very sharp and mean problem. The reporter friend, I fidget cube dice do not know how you know the news of the so called bad. Chu Peng show a smile, said lightly But doctors have not given the results of things, even me and All the parents do not know why the students are in a coma, fidget cube mintcream how do you know You do not control how we know, of course, is someone to provide clues Residual wolf said Even if you know the reason, you probably will not say that , in the dark, these parents, fidget cube antiquewith the leaders of you.

tive blood, the Lin Yi whole face rosy, simply do not like the injured Look If there is no clothes on the share of blood, Chu Peng Peng Lin will even show that did not even hurt, and only share this blood can prove that before the students had anything. All right, I am a doctor. Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders Thank you, Uncle Chu s concern, so you wait a long time I do not care, as long as you are all right Chu Peng sincerely said What do I do with Lin Lao jiao This time it touches me reckless, and to the uncle of Chu trouble. Lin Yi said embarrassed. However, Lin Yi said so, but there is no guarantee that the next will not be the case, because if things go back to Zhao Qibing before, Lin Yi will still do so. It does not matter, the food is ready, but some cool, and we Yeliang drink two cups, give you pressure Yajing, but also thank you to save Yaoyao and small Shu. A few people into the villa, Lin Yi bath for a casual wear, Forbes has been a good heat food, and Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu is sitting in the restaurant, Lin Chu Chu Peng out to see, but also took the forest Yi fidget cube lightcyan sat In the past. An Jianwen Su Taiwan early said. Well, this game is very simple Su Taiwan early said The truth of the so called big adventure, that is, more than one person to play the game.May use the method of guessing fist, or bottle method decided to ask who is the object. Then, for example, I am asking the questioner, I can ask a question, the person asked to be sure to answer, and must be able to answer the question, and I have to ask a question, fidget cube forestgreen Of course, if the problem is more sensitive, involving the individual , you can not answer, but must choose a big adventure The big and the big If you want to buy a large bottle of wine, Adventure is I put forward one thing, the person asked to do, can not have objections, and what to do And choose a big adventure, you can not go back on, unless the choice before this free wine bottle Oh, then you first play one, I see. Lin Yi think this game, do not participate in worth mentioning, and nothing to much of their relationship. OK, then we first play, you first look Su fidget cube forestgreen Taiwan early nodded, happy agreed to the down. In his view, Lin Yi to participate does.e sadness and Liu Xinwen said that even if Liu Xinwen is her best friend not himself, was abandoned Lin Yi how can she say the nerve to say Liu Xinwen, but advised her to leave a little from Lin Yiyuan, but they just do not listen to, this time Suffer a dumbfounded, right Yun Yun did not want to see that this time is not good b asked Tang Yun s mobile phone parts picked up, stuffed into the hands of Tang Yun. Thank you Phone in the end so good so that there is no break, readily into the pocket. Rhyme, if you suffer any grievances, and I must say, ah, I give you call the shots Liu Xinwen said some concern. You but I really nothing fidget cube forestgreen Tang Yun shook his head said. Liu Xinwen will Tang Yun back to the classroom, this time the bell rings, Liu Xinwen no way to ask, and only sighed back to his seat Lin Yi driving fidget cube darkturquoise back to school on the road to see A car on The dashboard of the time, suddenly think of it, the first class of get out of class time has passed, Tang Yun also find their own, this girl will not worry, right Of course, Lin Yi did not think so much, because the expres.

Fidget Cube Forestgreen r signal disappearance of the place, there is a wasteland, not far from the open road There is an abandoned factory. However, Liu Wang Li, who surrounded the factory, but rushed to empty The factory which has been empty, but the people inside is obviously a hurry to leave, and leave the time will not be too long Because there are more than light bulb above the temperature, that has been lit before. The ground is also free to throw some instant noodles bags and other food waste, there are some broken rope. Obviously, the other is prepared But because of this, Liu Wang force is worried, this shows that the other person should be to see through the identity fidget cube brass of Song Ling Shan, just fled, and Song Ling fidget cube vancouver Shan body of the transmitter, should also be destroyed. Thought of this, Liu Wang Li while anxious, hesitated a moment, or call the competent director Yang Huaijun phone. Yang Bureau, I am a criminal investigation team Liu Wang force, you rest It is already more than 12 o clock at night, Liu Wang Li Yang Huaijun afraid of sleep. Just sleep, what happened Yang Huai Jun Lin Yi since taking the do you seem a bit unhappy When did I give the other boys a drink But these words can not say it, Chu Mengyao can only sulk in there, Lin Yi s shortcomings are listed in the heart inside the curse of Lin Yi, Lin Yi Yi, Lin Yi death, you can not me a good point What I would Even worse than Tang Yun, but Chen Yu Shu it The two of us together, not attractive You just go out and get involved, really hateful At first, Chu Mengyao think so, naturally do not feel that they have any idea of Lin Yi, she felt angry, because Lin Yi and small Shu completely ignored This is as proud of the eldest, it can not tolerate it, why are we both than Tang Yun Are you blind or are we really unattractive Yaoyao, Yat Yat in school, how to learn He is transferred to the past, if the progress can not keep up, you and small Shudo help him. Chu Peng Zhan free chatted homemade. Ah What Chu Meng Yao Lin Yat heart is scolding it, suddenly see his father to see themselves, as if asked a question of her, she did not hear clearly what is asked. Oh, Yaoyao, how do you always absent minded What are you thinking Chu Peng Xiao.

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