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Fidget Cube Goldenrod s very rare, and Lin Yi is just a drop in the bucket, which also let Lin Yisheng breath If Chu Meng Yao really like Feng Xiaoxiao all of a sudden as the energy of their body are dry, and that they want to continue life for her is not realistic, and he always have to recover the time, right Entered the body of Chu Meng Yao s body, Chu Meng Yao s physiological function began to recover quickly, the whole person s body is also full of life, not long after, Chu Mengyao eyelashes on the move, while the unperturbed tension Staring at the Chu Mengyao Chen Yu Shu, Chu Mengyao suddenly the transaction, and some pleasantly surprised Yao Yao Jie, you fidget cube goldenrod have to wake up Ro Chapter 0666 was cured Chapter o666 chapter on the cure Chu Mengyao opened his eyes, some doubts looked at Chen Yu Shu, she felt like a sleep feeling, but now feel full of upper and lower body full of energy, can not say the comfortable I was asleep, where was it, not the classroom Chen Yao Shu did not answer Chu Mengyao words, took Chu Mengyao hand, happy cheering Oh Oh Yao Yao sister you finally awake Great, I have to worry about death.ed miracle working doctor, anyway, the hospital under the dying notice, in this case can be people to wake up What is not a miracle working doctor Lin Yi saw a look at these parents, but also looked at Chu Peng exhibition, and instantly understand why he would let themselves go to those students to save buy the fidget cube If these students really what the three long and short, Chu Peng exhibition of schools and companies will be implicated Lin Yi and Chu Peng Zhan do not know is that the reporter after the remnants of the wolf, and the newspaper hit the report, asked to print a version of the newspaper, the school poisoning into the event, and in the newspaper online version, and immediately updated This is an explosive news This is the third rate tabloid private business, is not very famous, that editor of Zhengchou how to open the newspaper s popularity it, suddenly see such an explosion of news, fidget cube youtube he certainly will not miss this opportunity to hype So immediately, the follow up by the remnant wolf this matter, in the online media and newspapers simultaneously reported the progress of the investigation of this.

de, for Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu still very vigilant. They were picking up. Lin Yi shrugged. Oh, then you have to do when it Tang Yun asked. I do not know, this depends on the meaning of my old man. Lin Yi shook his head You seem hostile to fidget cube japan them I did not Tang Yun does not recognize. Comes to the school, Lin Yi and Tang Yun in the high nine class classroom door parting, the school inside knew Lin Tang two relations, Tang Yun also did not deliberately evade the necessity. Moreover, with Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu these two people suddenly joined, so Tang Yun become vigilant. A woman s intuition told Tang Yun, Lin Yi said things fidget cube goldenrod are not so simple, although Lin Yi said they are just his employer, but that night, their attitude is not a bodyguard or an employee should have the attitude Ro Chapter 0639 Tang Yun s sense of crisis Chapter o639 Tang Yun s sense of crisis If Chu Mengyao does not like Lin Yi, how could she foul their reputation Her good and bad is also ladylike, how could anything do not care There is only one possible, that is, she really likes Lin Yi, will say those words Especial.Could it be that Lin Yi to save those poisoned students Lin Yi is also the first thought of high school students, but also employed by Chu Peng exhibition, to save people, then it makes sense But these are not responsible for the scope of Song Ling Shan, Song Ling Shan also did not ask. Suddenly, Song Ling Shan Lin Yat just thought of their call is not brain remnant of the little girl, but called his name, Song Ling Shan s heart no reason to jump Lin Yi is anxious, there is no time to ridicule their own, or their attitude has changed who cares Control how he thought, as long as he and his good relationship on the line Song Ling Shan do not want to think about these messy relationship, also thrown behind the head. Ro Chapter 0664 in the end what strength Chapter o664 in the end what strength Lin Yi has opened a street, near the police car sound disappeared, apparently received a notice. Lin Yi fidget cube cornsilk master of the driver is admired until the car parked Lin Yi downstairs to the hospital, the driver was the master master slowly, this is simply the car God ah He looked at the time, nineteen minutes Is s.character, you do not know Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders, asked. Lin Yi is not recognized, it is somewhat annoying Brother, I am not unreasonable people, if you do not want fidget cube dice to tell you, And Chu Meng Yao really have what, as long as Chu Mengyao willing, then I wish you Then thank you, at least for the time being there is nothing, after there is no, I do not know. Lin Yi fidget cube goldenrod Jianwen no need to cheat. Oh, well, we drink An Jianwen again raised his glass. Lin Yi is also a bit after he touched the cup, once again drained. Estimated fidget cube navyblue time is almost, drugged should be made quickly, Lin Yi covered his forehead Ange, this wine some of the top ah How a bit dizzy Can not ah, this is not what 6 sided fidget cube with case we drink yesterday, Rafi Mody, how would head Jian Wen fidget cube goldenrod Yi Lin Yi look like to know the role played by drugged, and my heart suddenly very happy, but the surface is loaded For some strange look said. Although An Jianwen at the moment want to point to Lin Yi, readily clamor, so that you guards from the Pirates, so you and I grab Chu Mengyao, I want to cut off your kidney, and see how you and I grab But An Jianwen not, he k.

Fidget Cube Goldenrod hereditary disease experts Feng team smiled and smiled on the bus, the kind looked at her said. Feng team called Feng Tianlong, is a secret agent. Because the reasons for the work, simply can not every day In Feng smiled around, although some regret, but he does not regret it Since the choice of this road, we must go all the way. Oh, is an expert ah. Feng smiled indifferent should be a cry, from small to Large do not know seen a good expert, but every time hope is gone and disappointed, Feng smiled almost numb. There is time to delay the doctor, as enjoy the squandered youth, squandered life, at least even if if dead, it will not regret Feng Tianlong shook his head and saw his daughter s attitude, but also in the expected, did not go on, in fact, he is a bit no confidence, but as long as there is a glimmer of hope, he wanted her daughter alive , Healthy alive aircraft slowly landed in Yanjing City, Lin Yi, Guan Xuemin and Lai fat three under the plane, was admitted to the Lai fat before the hotel has been booked. Boss, this time we auction three Lonelyvity detox Dan, is not a little l.are and you like a family However, Song Ling Shan not say, Lin Yi said Oh, well. Having left the past, standing behind the Chen Yu Shu and Chu Mengyao This all of a sudden, so that some embarrassing up Song Lingshan, Lin Yi are gone, they are still according to Zhao Zhao I do not have a camera Song Ling Shan feel like a gas bag, really dead. Ling Shan sister, you have a cell phone Oh, fidget cube goldenrod pixel high, the last to me according to the beach castle is very beautiful Chen Yushu is not miss Song Ling Shan, Song Ling Shan in front of her big brother lost face Let his brother take a look, he likes arrogant chicks, in front of Wrigley brother, but is a bullied girl Song Ling Shan gas, if not the last Lin Yi, how can they bored to shoot what the beach bunkers Their brain damage it Oh like Lin Yi feel brain damage No obligation Song Ling Shan said coldly. Well, Song Ling Shan, and quickly take a picture. Lin Yi frowned, this Song Ling Shan is also, so many people are standing, and she is also pushing three resistance four, even if some contradictions between Chen Yushu, but he still standing Here to.

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