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Fidget Cube Images ee him, but rather like a tutelary, the Chu Mengyao Audi s5 opened over, waiting for Chu Mengyao and Chen Yu Shu on the train. Chen Yu day no way, and Chen Yushu waved, said some care, then left. Originally he would like to remind Lin Yi, to be careful about An Jianwen, because the text is not a generous people, things today, let him down the face, he will certainly retaliate. Just think of Lin Yi s strength and skill, his reminder seems to be redundant, Chen Yatian shook his head and left. Lin Yi Chu Mengmao and Chen Yu Shu to the direction of driving towards the villa. Chapter 0635 Song Ling Shan was arrested Chapter o635 Song Ling Shan was arrested Little Shu, you today is not drinking too much Some say too much Chu Mengyao Chen Yu Shu said Although I have some hate Ann Jianwen, but after all, your brother is also the last Scattered, so some bad Oh, I did not drink much. Chen Yushu shook his head I want to, Yaoyao sister today, some unhappy, is to make you happy some of the Chu Mengyao slightly surprised a moment, how she did not think, Chen Yushu today Funny, but it is fun to make.y on behalf of the family outside the auction house. fidget cube images Lai fat said. Lin Yi took a deep breath, silently nodded his head, smiled and said There should be no intersection. Yes ah, people are very mysterious rain, do not know what they are doing in the end, but many have fidget cube sandybrown to intervene in the business, but sent to take care of the people are not the core of the rain home. Fat man smiled and shook his head We continue to see the auction, our longevity detox Dan, actually arranged in today s auction, these people have eyes without a good thing Think of longevity detox Dan reserve price is set at one million, Lai fat on some unhappy, such a good thing, how worth a million friends fidget cube honeydew This is not pit father it Oh, nothing. Lin Yi shook his head to pricing a million, has been beyond my expectations, after all, has not been recognized, fidget cube images the results have tried to know. That is also. Lai fat to listen to Lin Yi said such a shake is not tangled Yes. Boss, what you want to fancy things, and I said, I help you win Lin Yi also bluntly, this auction, not really really can meet their favorite things, at least one thi.

r family children s eyes, are not what Wu Chen days to practice equipment B, he is now the level of their own equipment to improve the B, and boasted not blink My heart suddenly not move, but the surface but still maintained a calm Wang Pa, you say is not it Yes ah What these seafood, in the eyes of our family children, that are ordinary goods Too flat, and we eat, then generally eat Zhu Juan like , Xiao Xiaojia worse than the one Grade it, how could often eat such a high end stuff Is Xiaojia Father alive, may not have eaten several times But Xiao Wang Pa in order to meet the Wu Chen day, is also a natural mouth to fidget cube images run the train. Oh What is the crested ibis There are I also want to eat Feng Xiaoxiao surprised and asked. This Xiao Wang Pa suddenly stunned, he just casually talk about genuine fidget cube the crested ibis did not even a few of the world, he did not even see seen, let alone eat Feng smiled to eat this crested ibis, where he went to nong Even to nong, but also not be fidget cube limegreen shot ah That is the protection of animals, ah Chapter 0508 Should you sponsor me Keke, crested ibis that is the top.od h n fidget cube images upside down Xin Yan, just another nv child, would have been afraid you will be embarrassed, This time, somebody s with you Xin Xin Yan did not speak, but quietly looked at Linyi one, my heart a little bit lost, do not know because he saw Feng and smiled together, or because of the exclusion of such occasions Chapter 0505 This meal is not white please welcome Several people through the VIP dedicated channel, came to the top floor of the elevator, where each floor of the elevator channel is independent, but also to show the distinguished. State into the m n, there is a man a nv two waiter respectful bow to them, male nv are Langcai nv appearance, like a pair of golden boy y Dian nv, is not weaker than those film stars , Which is to Wu Chen day heart suddenly surprised The m n is already the case, that it is not more upscale Do not know enough to bring their own money, but want to come should be about it Wu Chen day bank card which has more than 100,000, although he is a young leader of the Wu family, in fact, Wu is not wealthy, so he is naturally to control pocket money. Che.Peng Building, majestic standing watching the roadside, Zhong Pinliang mood is very good, they will become the Chu Peng s son in law, and Chu Peng exhibition no son, so to say, this big family business Connaught, Later became his own Thought of this, Zhong Pinliang heart is to figure it out, while to see Chu Peng exhibition, in any case have to impress him, so he accepted his son in law Chu Peng exhibition was in the meeting, but heard her daughter out of the matter, there is no mind meeting, hastily concluded the meeting, back to the office. In fact, from the heart, Chu Peng is not convinced that the product of the bell, then the bright daughter, if the bell can be a bright product, I am afraid long fancy, and will not wait until now The Zhong Pinliang so called Chu Mengyao has promised to do his girlfriend, is simply nonsense. But let Chu Peng exhibition wonder is, Forbes how may also accompanied by clock goods bright Then there may be only one reason, that is, her daughter disappeared Fu Bo is to school to pick her daughter from school, must be because did not receive a daughter, and wait.

Fidget Cube Images een a great meet the heart Lin Yi and his own is far worse, do not know how Sun Jingyi fancy Lin Yi Look at Feng smiled like this, I am afraid Lin Yat with no meal please her Well, go, it must not be installed B, originally thought Sun Jingyi was also born in the House of the rich that is certainly nothing missing and have seen anything, but now it may not be so ah, as long as they often in the future Do not Jingyi installed in front of B is not afraid she does not like their own Then I blunt it Feng smiled and got the fish in front of his own, pick up the fork to eat and regardless of others, after eating two, praise This fish can be really delicious ah, I Or the first time to eat such a big fish This is what ah Wu Chen day waved, proudly said This cannon fish, in my home on the table, which is usually just eat, fidget cube papayawhip eat Chinese New Year than most of this, this is the single headed gun , My family is half eaten Feng laughed and said That being the case, put your child that also give me it Anyway, you can always be able to do it Eat, I m the first time to eat ah OK, no problem Wu Chen day heart of.what is the point But the plane. Zhong Pinliang suddenly came to inspiration Little Shu, then you say how to pack a plane Can not afford to buy airplanes, charter or to wrap, it is said that a small private fidget cube a vinyl desk toy plane charter is not much money, if replaced by a helicopter, then it is cheaper. Oh, that s OK, you pack a seaplane it I want to be in the sea with 6 Chen Yu Shu, then let Zhong Pinliang almost did not faint again. Waterplane Zhong Pinliang some dizzy This package to what Yes, you will not ask ah Chen Yu shu did not open letter I heard that the colorful city of the bathing beach to provide private seaplane service. This ah, then I go to ask it, Zhong Pinliang can only smile with a nod, before the heart of their own do not ask how clear it Now in trouble However, in order to get Chu Mengyao s heart, Zhong Pinliang also recognized That Yao Yao want to eat something I am ready to prepare in advance Oh, we want to eat barbecue shark meat, it is best to catch up in the sea is a fresh shark Chen Yushu said. Shark Zhong Pinliang Yi stunned, fidget cube price then fidget cube images look more bitter Shark is caught Shark who dare to.

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