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Fidget Cube Insider someone for Lin Yat start scolded him, all of a sudden angry, was about to say anything, but a look is a beautiful girl Xiao Jiao, all of a sudden and scolded, only said Do not follow blind Participation, there is nothing you do Feng Xiao Xiao Pielepiezui Hey, old man, your grandson is so uneducated, you do not care about it Xiao girl fidget cube on sale film, what do you say Wu Gong s face flashed a trace fidget cube insider of resentment, looking at the vividly Feng smiled, the hands of the boxing for the palm He is the home of the iron hand Wu home, there are xiao generation dare to speak to him, if not shot lesson, let him face it Wu face so that what You you have an old man to do Feng smiled, although she will not martial arts, but obviously can feel the body from the Wu Gong scattered out of murderous Master mysterious early stage Lin Yi mind a cold Wu Gonggao and Wu Chen day, is outside the home refining body master, so they do not feel the energy contained in their bodies, only when they shipped from the heart of the home, to feel their strength level. Did not expect this old man so much Lin Yi subconsciously moved.ct, in their own house m n mouth, the car is not locked is not lost. Lai fat leaning back to the villa Lin Yi, Lai fat wife was shocked, just about to ask what, but was a fat to stare back. Lin Yi, lean fat will help into the room, Lin Yi smile a bit and said You keep in the m n mouth, fidget cube kickstarter shopping do not let people bother me. Well, boss Lai fat quickly nodded his head, for the forest off guard m n m n mouth. Lin Yi directly into the netg into the y wear space, and only absorb a lot of pure energy in order fidget cube release day to restore the injury quickly. Fortunately, with such a baby, if for ordinary people in the outside world infuriating thin state, there is no Magic bullet yao die so In fact, Zhu Bo feel that they quickly hang up Lin Yat away, Li bared hua dare to run over, he is aware of the strength of Lin Yi, the two order level experts have become Lin Yi s grievances, although I do not Know what Zhu Bo strength, but can personally With less soldiers around, it is clearly better than the previous two order master but also powerful presence of the order Is it master of the mysterious order Li bared hua can not imagine.

he king is a shore and Zhu Xiao Zhang escorted Kang lighting out of the elevator, could not help but burst of cold gas blowing, so that the three could not help but shivering Then into the nose is a burst of decadent and potions of taste, and the corridor of the light is very dark. I grass, this is what the hell How even individuals do not Kang lighting could not help but cursed. Wang is also very strange, but he looked up, but it was scared, subconsciously back two steps His hand still leaning on the health of lighting it, so a retreat, the health lighting could not help but flash to a reel, health lighting could not help but cursed What are you going to kill me ah Clearly, here Zhu Xiao Zhang is also a rise of the wrong children, and only the stupor of health lighting could not lift the head. There is something to say fast fart fast Kang lighting impatiently said Quickly look, where to inject Clearly, here can not injections ah Zhu Xiao Zhang said. Can not injections Health lighting surprised a moment What does that mean Here is the place to the dead injectio.Lin Yi, an irrepressible humiliation rushed to the brain m n Let him instantly lost his reason, pointing to scold Lin Yi screamed up. Wu Chen day is also this time a family holding too high, and he will be the third generation to train But also think about it, a young man in his early twenties, has actually reached the strength of the early stages of the yellow order, that is how successful In this world are probably unique Of course, it is only Wu think it. So, Wu what benefits and aura are worn in the Wu Chen day adult fidget cube head, but also created his domineering grid, can not eat a little loss, blemishes will be reported So, at the moment to see Lin fidget cube insider Yi, he did not think, insulting, then blurted out. Guan Xuemin s face immediately become y n Shen up, Lin Yi in his eyes, is also the existence of teachers and friends, and then bad, but also a big brother s corner So some people say Lin Yi, he naturally will not be happy, saw Wu Gong a high, a touch of said Wu Lao, all right, we go first Wu Gong is also a face s a lag, he did not think the people will be off for Lin Yat Lin, suddenly some embarrassed Wu G.In fact, Lin Yi even buy it, and in the absence of traumatic drugs based on the case, is of no use. Only added to the trauma drugs inside, will have the effect of healing the old scars. Once again on the way through a pharmacy, Lin Yi to buy the rest of the Chinese herbal medicines, Lai fat did not write down the meaning, but added to Lin Yi calm down. Back to the hotel, the Lin Yi to start preparing hardcover version of trauma drugs, this thing is not difficult for Lin Yi, and quickly put into a good buy before the disposable vials inside. Chapter 0501 left some Xiaowang Pa and Wu Chen days before some love, belong to drink together with wine played nv wine rou friends, but also be familiar, together with Xiao Wang Pa at the moment deliberately flattering, so Wu Chen day but did not exclude He saw Xiao Wang Pa said Do not mention, met a xiao deflated three, and I grab nv people, grandfather did not help me vent, took me out, do not know what that can not xiao son Offend, not that with the close doctor That is, off the gods medical ass, ah, health is really powerful The opening is Xiao Wang.

Fidget Cube Insider r meritorious service, there should be no matter what That s good Zhong Bai nodded Your uncle Jingu Bangjia that relatives have been arranged, the soldiers gave him three million home settlements, his wife died early, there are two Son, Zhengchou money to them to get married, this time all have a sudden, very happy, and that the value of the dead Yes, Dad, I heard that Liu Wang Li said that they will cut the kidneys to the police to destroy the group Zhong Pin Liang said here, could not help but depressed the voice You said I just changed the kidney at noon, the police put them how to destroy They are exterminating the headquarters of An Jianwen Bell is here, the heart is also unable to tell the pleasure, the son of the kidneys cut off, is it also a back to the simple Now his headquarters was wiped out, and he was punished But God Bless our bell, after you are destroyed, you are still very lucky That is ah I now my family is now running, and I not only succeeded in getting the Lin Yi once, and you rely on the soldiers less After we do not think the bell is hard ah Zhong Pinliang happy said.d sighing said, he did not think Lin Yi so ruthless In the past, Li bared flowers feel in Matsuyama City Is still a personal, other people have to face, but since the encounter Lin Yi, Li bile spent to understand their own in the eyes of Lin Yi is nothing, Lin Yi is not seen he Damn Lin Yi in the end fidget cube insider what is backing Dare to interrupt my legs, my father how to say There is no sent to deal with him Zhao Qibing really difficult to swallow this tone He just arrived in Matsuyama City, Ah, not so open the situation, it was Lin Yi to a dismal, the building to tear down the not to say, but also interrupted fidget cube kickstarter his legs, which he also how to foothold in the future Matsuyama City If not to kill fidget cube insider Lin Yi, he also has a face in Matsuyama where mixed go The master of the house has been investigating the fidget cube insider identity of the Lin Yi Li bile flowers smile But listen to Zhu said there, Lin Yi is a mysterious master order, this identity, I am afraid that The boss there, not low Zhao Jiabing suddenly stunned, before he was unconscious in the past, so I do not fidget cube cadetblue know what Bo Bo said, but this time to hear the news, but a.

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