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Fidget Cube Khaki romoted to the operating room. Zhong Pinliang looked at a distance not far from their own surgical stretcher, there is also a stretcher, lying on top of a person, but wearing sick clothes, the head also with a one time surgical cap, under the lights in the surgery, Can not see who, but want to come, it should be Lin Yi no doubt Chung, you do not enter the operating room, and surgery powerhouse, I can not go in, if brought into the bacteria, infected Lin Yi d nothing, but will make Lang infected not good Tattoo fidget cube azure men stopped Bell into the operating room. Well, I ll wait here Zhong Bai nodded his head This really thank you less security, and product quality can be so fast to find a suitable kidney ah It is nothing but coincides with its will it Tattooed man waved said. Zhong Pinliang was on the anesthetic, and over there, Lin Yi is An Jianwen, is also injected with anesthetic. As for why An Jianwen coma, the surgery did not want to know Dr. Wang, he has to do is to this person s kidney to Zhongpin Liang transplanted in the past. Dr. Wang since joining the organization after Jianwen, and kidney to.o the garage of the car on the sail to the hospital , In her view, Lai fat people are so valued, must be great background. However, the fat side here Tang Yun s phone just hang up, Lin Yi s cell phone rang again. Lai fat pick up the phone to see the above caller ID is surprised a moment Because it was written above that is big sister xiao Big sister who is xiao Lai fat some inexplicable, but Lin Yi is called a big sister xiao, a certain identity is not simple, Lai fat quickly pick up the phone. Lin Yi, where are you going How come so late do not come back My father came Chu Mengyao Under normal circumstances, Lin Yi will not ask whereabouts, but Lin Yi did not greet and slip on their own today Out, Chu Mengyao natural some unhappy Moreover, his father came, and Lin Yi to prepare a meal together, can be considered Lin Yi saved his thanks Chu Peng exhibition of things is very busy, so until tonight was poured out empty, called Fu Bo from the hotel to prepare some food, and Lin Yi intend to fidget cube shark tank drink two glasses. But wait a long time, did not wait until Lin Yat back , So let Chu Mengyao call to ask

every day to the hospital The final result, not yet out Maybe there is a way Said this, Feng Tianlong himself did not have the clout, in fact, he had expected this result should be and each time Almost, but not the final conclusion, he still did not give up. Really boring Feng smiled and fell to the bed, continue to Lin Yat SMS went. Lin Yi Feng smiled back to a few text messages, to the class time, it closed the phone on the desk, and Feng smiled text message is a rock Feng smiled angry not, good you Lin Yi, and even my text messages are too lazy Yaoyao sister, according to my observation, Wrigley brother is today and Tang Yun together Oh Chen Yushu has wielded her spy ability. Meng Yao faint should be a cry That and we have anything to do Do not control him. But you do not want to pursue Wrigley brother Have to Tang Yun down the gauntlet, and we do not have to act, Tang Yun thought we were afraid, and died down Chen Yushu pick fidget cube lightgodenrod pick Road. She casually how to think. Chu Meng Yao was not fooled, she would have known Chen Yushu those tricks, and only Zhongpin Liang and An Jianwen and o.93 I will challenge you I certainly have to give, I go to give him money Yu can be finished, ignore Lin Yi, turned and ran to the beggar, and then back to Lin Yi, took out a purse, from the inside Took out a hundred dollars and handed it to the beggar. The beggar suddenly eyes light up, hastened to thank, and Yu is a small step quickly left the hospital gates. I make money you make money, I do not know how to spend, I left to buy a Nokia, right hand to buy a Motorola Yu Xiao can be happy singing, counting the cash inside the wallet But also to open a Beatles it, more than three thousand dollars, not as met at noon that the three goat do But Yu Xiao Ke is still very happy, blink of an eye to earn three thousand, in particular, learned a bit fidget cube wiki about that rich son of the brother Bang Yu Xiao suddenly hit a man, scared her hop Blame themselves too into, and walk still count the money, do fidget cube khaki not look at the road Yu small subconsciously I m sorry Ha, I did not see the road Do not know how to spend, I ll help you spend it. Yu Xiao Ke can block the way people are Lin Yi. Yu Xiaole surprise.und, but also a little surprised to see Feng smiled, and some do not understand, why here to see fidget cube khaki Feng smiled To say that Feng smiled to fidget cube khaki follow him, Lin Yi do not believe, because when boarding did not see the shadow of Feng smiled Then only one may be a coincidence, could not help but smile How do you here Yes ah, how do you here Feng smiled and asked at the same time opening. My friend and I just have a look. Lin Yi smiled and said I have things, go first. Lin Yi subconsciously do not want to go and Feng Xiao laugh too close, the idea of the nv child, some strange, so that Lin Yi Jing and far away. That tomorrow you come Let s sit together Feng smiled but it is the hearts of dark indignation, Lin Yi how so cool to her attitude But the surface is looking forward to looking at Lin Yi, pitiful asked. Tomorrow to say it. Lin Yi do not want to struggle with her, perfunctory Road. That line, tomorrow I come to you ah Feng smiled and thought there is still waiting for his father, not too good and Lin Yi said too much. But here to see Lin Yi, Feng smiled smile in the hearts of a sense of excitement.

Fidget Cube Khaki diers, you do not happy too early the boss said that although he is not the other hidden family of people, but we should not arbitrarily move him, at least to touch his bottom line Caixing Li bile Said For example, he is not a person, is not there with other m n brothers and the like, to avoid killing Lin Yi, the cause of some unnoticed Zhao Qibing s computer to visit the eyes flashed a trace of impatience, indeed, for who is beaten to do so, will not let go, want to fight their own people to pieces Zhao Qibing is no exception, this time an injury, so he Lost the previous fidget cube khaki calm, the whole person who is full of violent atmosphere Then you do not hurry to investigate Run and I also said good news Fart A Tentative Study of Li Bia hua s Flower Yes, the soldiers less, I ll go to Chu Peng show where to find out about Lin Yi s life experience. where can i buy fidget cube Li bared flowers quickly said. Quickly, if Chu Peng show disobedient, then beat beat him, we must as soon as possible Lin Ming Lin Yi fidget cube khaki s life experience, I can not wait to want him to death Zhao Qibing urge Road. Rest fidget cube peru assured, less soldiers, I kn.lready know the mighty force of their own no deterrent force, but why also let the mighty generals squatting on the stairs every day Lin Yi shook his head. In fact, Chu Mengyao so generous squatting on the stairs, in order to prevent thieves rather than to prevent Lin Yi, although the first anti Lin Yi, but now no longer had. Chu Meng Yao Lin Yi has been seen through this person, so he did not go upstairs, and even Chu Mengyao also hope he can sneak up to sneak up, so at least you can prove that the charm of a large fidget cube floralwhite and small Shu However, Lin Yi has chosen not to go up Although this mind a bit problematic, but the eldest is so paranoid up, on what basis, but Tang Yun Missy pride of self esteem has been a serious blow Lin Yi is not the first time holding Chen Yushu, and my heart does not have any burden directly to carry up the Chen Yu Shu go upstairs, after the mighty generals, the mighty general did not even called on the dodge to the side, Head and even did not dare look at Lin Yi. Chu Meng Yao grunted, stared Lin Yi one. But she can not figure out, Lin Yi, how not afraid of mighty generals.

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