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Fidget Cube Kickstarter Package Photo asily 1uan said This is a trade secret Lai fat shy smile But the boss, you say we at the third auction, but also ready to auction it What is also prepared Lin Yi Daoshi not prepared for anything, but now prepared, then, is too late. I heard that the health of God in tomorrow s auction, will auction some of the gold record yao, wound healing effect is said to be faster than the average. Lai fat, said or we also auctioned some of the equipment Anyway, just now I have to offend him to death, and our yao goods listed, is also a competitor, so now do not care and they fidget cube honeydew jiao evil Well Lin Yi has heard that the health of God has also participated in the auction, it touches to some interest I think, ong out of something to see if we can not his That will afford good, is indeed the boss Lai fat nodded again That is also, if the same as them, no meaning, as if we imitate him like Behind the auction, are some common things, of course, this is only relative terms. Because even these things, to get the ordinary auction, it is also a Need Just here, we are all seen the world s people, for these things are injured, so here and the surgeon is very familiar with. Wang brother, help, ah, help me look at the body of the needle Lee mine saw an acquaintance, is the surgery of Dr. Wang, and Lee is also familiar with landmines. Dr. Wang just nothing to see the mines come in, obviously is surprised a moment Can not help but wonder some asked Lee boss, how are you this You go to acupuncture Lee mine some silent, think of Lin Yat angry teeth itch The man and I said, let me pull down, that pull down to die, it does not matter, I ll hurry up to the hospital. Doctor Wang, are you knowledgeable and helpful Dr. Wang for the first time I heard this thing, this body inserted a few silver needles, inserted when nothing, pull down to be able to die Alarmist, right Dr. Wang is not convinced, but listen to the Lee said that there are land mine eye, but also not neglect I have not seen, or else, I ll give you to find our department director to show you That too, trouble Wang brother. Lee mine feel a little shame this thing, do not want to let too many people know, but related to life, but can not care so m.

faint meaningless pleasure to Their hearts really have problems How like a little tendency to abuse ah Song team, you may be promoted to this, right Liu Wang Li and Song Ling Shan more familiar with, Song Ling Shan arrived at the police station when a captain of the squadron, but also directly under the power of Liu Wang superior. Just rose the captain, how will rise Song Ling shan said so, but my heart was faint but some look forward to, even if not promoted, the level should also be mentioned, right That is, but this is big ah, Song team you are in danger, at least is a second class, right Liu Wang said with a smile. Ro Chapter 0655 Yao Yao was the gas dizzy Chapter o655 Yaoyao was gas dizzy Or other trial results out, say these too late, these people do not know is not all criminals, there is no slip through the net Song Ling Shan think this case is broken too fast, and criminals actually a little bit Did not resist the surrender, so Songling Shan feel a little weird Although they are not in the hands of the hostages, and the face of the following police force, but also can not have the op.n said This simple That time, bright brother, we prepare a dead shark fidget cube kickstarter package photo in the water beforehand, and then I put on a shark fin shark in the sea, You pretend to fight with me, and then I play dead sank into the sea, you can be prepared in advance to the shore of the dead shark to go Yes ah Zhong Pinliang a high Xiaofu s idea, suddenly shines, he thumbs up It s brilliant idea ah Wonderful, Chu Mengyao not just like a strong and valiant men Shark fight, you can show my manhood, and that time is not afraid of Chu Mengyao not fidget cube on twitter attracted to Yes ah, so that this is not a difficult thing, and now is the study charter thing Gao Xiaofu other not, a loss or fidget cube kickstarter package photo very powerful. This easy to handle, I go back and my dad to discuss it Zhong Pinliang s troubles were resolved at once, the whole person immediately relaxed a lot, and humble with the high Xiaofu Xiaoqu out of fidget cube chartreuse the school. And Chu Mengyao at the moment, it is some helpless look at Chen Yushu Little Shu, you can not go to fiddle with the bell light Who told him fidget cube kickstarter package photo silly. Chen Yushu not agree Yao fidget cube in amazon Yao Jie, immediately we graduate, if not a good trick about thi.Lin Yi Feng smiled a smile, then you just know that slip a mouth This Feng smiled here, it touches on some of the way things really, and rely on the flow of fat are not good jiao flow. You do not say out. Lin Yi saw Feng smiled, said light. Then you let me do your nv friends, so do not worry about my leak Feng smiled grinning, seized the handle of Lin Yi, could not help some pride. Lin Yat does not matter shrugged, although the medical yao things do not participate in Lin Yi, but there are a lot of people know that Lin Yi is the master of the behind the scenes, so do not be afraid of Feng smiled and know. You Feng smiled angry not Do not say do not say, then you tell me, you know medicine Understand some. Lin Yi did not have to hide. Yesterday that longevity detoxification Dan, can give me a Feng smiled and looked at some of Lin Yi look forward to. Although Feng smiled for their own condition has been desperate, but who is willing to die Yesterday, listen to the auctioneer that longevity detoxification Dan said marvelous, but also wash fidget cube kickstarter package photo pulp bones, it is simply a panacea, do not know can not i.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter Package Photo rom the arms of Lin Yi out, and real fidget cube some did not dare look up to see the mother, and my heart is not anger, they do not fall down late do not fall, and so happens in the mother came in the door When the fall Really big embarrassing, and my mother would not think that their own to Lin Yi gestures, right Mother, the daughter of the big, it seems that they have to pay attention to some of the past, are not considered these before, and now came to realize that her daughter should have a private space. Of course, this is built on the mother loves Lin Yi under the circumstances, or change a person, the mother may not be so good to speak, and engage in destruction are too late Mom, what you fidget cube how much does it cost say it Tang Yun some tweaking not according to Road My forehead injury good, I was almost happy to fall, Lin Yi just help me look Tang Yun was her mother s eyes to see some guilty conscience, so that out of the case is also not straight not strong. I understand Tang mother to see her daughter s face, but also a look I understand, Tang Yun know, a deeper misunderstanding. Aunt Lin Yi is not th.Chen Yu day question. Chen Yu day thought, to ask his sister what. The question is also asked, my sister has no boyfriend, it should be false or open room, or before the silly character. Yes, when you were young, and Yaoyao buried in the yard with an iron box, which in the end what is the secret Chen Yu day was curious to ask his sister, but her sister refused to answer blushing. And Chu Mengyao is also deliberately avoided answering this question, fidget cube kickstarter package photo and after a period of time, Chen Yu day has been very curious, that box in the end what kind of secret, but has not been the answer, and later went to participate in the special training battalion, gradually Also grew up, and turned into a frontier soldiers. That box ah, in fact, nothing, that is, I and Yaoyao sister of a pledge Chen Yu Shu now do not feel any embarrassment, and Chen Yushu s character has also been formed, has been such a silly Dazhiruoyu, deceive the dead Not life. What oath Chen Yu day asked. And Anwen Wen is also open eyes waiting for Chen Yushu answer, he was not very interested in other people s things, but Chen Yushu said, w.

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