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Fidget Cube Kickstarter is thing, really have to see and Feng Tianlong see clearly Caixing. And Guan Xuemin, Lai fat called, this is a good three nights to go to the hotel s cafeteria to eat supper, but Lin Yi obviously could not eat. In the hotel m n mouth, stopped a taxi, Lin Feng reported the name of the hotel smiled smile. Songjiang International Hotel is not far from Lin Yi s hotel, but it is on the other side of the auction house. The car stopped at the hotel m n mouth, Lin Yi paid the fare to see Feng Xiao Qiao Shengsheng Sheng standing in the hotel m n mouth to their beckons, Lin Yi slightly frowned, this time Feng Xiaoxiao also such a performance Enthusiasm, not waiting for Feng Tianlong misunderstanding Lin Yi, here Feng smiled fidget cube kickstarter and saw Lin Yi, exclaimed excitement, xiao hand waving back and forth. Your fidget cube for press release father Lin Yi went to smile in front of Feng, did not care about her enthusiasm. Oh my dad ah Feng smiled long been a good strategy My father received a temporary phone, go to a meeting, let me entertain you, he will come back If for another person, certainly will not believe the words of Fen.u like that box You do not want to go when the makeup case Well, I will fulfill you So you and I loaded, I Kangzhao Long is what people Dare to play with me this set, I do not see you play the remnants of Oh, of course you can Kang Zhaolong laughed Since it is a misunderstanding, then easy to handle Smile sister is not like this box Well so be it, so I photographed the Millennium snow lotus, this box 5000 I will not let you fidget cube bronze spend more, let s one and a half, how to take what they need Kang Zhaolong finished, on the y n measurements look at fat and Feng smiled, to see how they end Kang has been identified inside the heart of the heart smile to say what to buy a box when the makeup box is purely a pack of lies, buy the story of the Pearl also heard it Who would do such a thing Therefore, Kang Zhaolong on the use of Feng smiled a pack of lies, they will be an army As a result, let them fall into a dilemma of the situation If you want to save face, it must fight swollen fidget cube kickstarter face full of fat, knocked teeth to the stomach pharynx, come up with 50 million to buy this box back If you do not face, and that.

immediately finished Do you think it is clear ah I did not expect that Kang Shen Yao suddenly heard laughing up Haha, I had also entangled in this matter, but listen to you say this, I suddenly Want to open Yes ah, so the marriage and the customs is not possible, but before the dead did not die, let the lighting to engage in his granddaughter to do, get some internal news over the health of our family is greatly beneficial, maybe even secret recipe Can get it Kang said the dragon. Oh This is also OK Kang Shen doctor stared, all along, he thought he was very wily, but he is his own grandchildren, but also a loss How can not Illumination has always been a master of the field, what kind of woman could not work This thing to him to do, quasi line Kang Zhaolong said Later, even if I do the owner, family property will be half of him He made this great merit Kang God doctor nodded, he is also the first time, know their big grandson s intention and intention, since he can so stand, Kang Shenji also assured Although the health home is booming, but Kang is the most afraid of God is the health of the enough bad luck, went to Rego site to arrogance, this is not a sheep into the tiger s mouth it I m sorry, Reggie Said Mabillin quickly, deliberately humbling himself to highlight the tall image of Reggie. Three beauties, quickly Come in Bilin, not ready to prepare a box Rego made a wink to him. No, we are not here to eat. Chu Mengyao looked Lei Geyi fascinated eyes some uncomfortable, so Chen Yushu pull up the hand, ready to leave. Tang Yun has not spoken, Lin Yi here, do not speak to her, she knew Lin Yi will not let people bully her. Oh, since here, right here, before more than a slightest, while I personally give you a toast apologize how Reggie looked at Chu Mengyao smiling If there are a few gas, that today s consumption Are considered me, all free Rego is to Chu Mengyao, Chen Yu Shu and Tang Yun stay here, as Lin Yi, he has not looked down on He does not think Lin Yi and the three have what deep relationship The fidget cube dimensions three girls obviously also are, so Lei Gui guess Lin Yi may be an ordinary friend or the same as their three little girls have attempted satyr Oh, that being the case, Yao Ya.on behalf of the rescue continues, after all, more than 20 students , Not a moment and a half will be able to solve the problem. Suddenly, came a burst of rapid footsteps and noise, a few reporters look like carrying a camera and microphone to catch up A few of them are bought back by Lee bared flowers, there are a few people are recruited to find friends, they came here to receive the news clues, the hospital admitted to the 28 coma Of students, this is a big news, so even if not to be bought back to the people who are willing to come together to look at the. Hello, I am xx Daily News reporter residual wolf, I heard that the first high school students with a very poor student collective coma, are you the parents of students This guy is Li bile flowers to buy back One of the reporters, but also the leader of this interview. He was mixed with a black back, but once out loaded back to be fidget cube kickstarter a special forces to beat the meal, in the Black Road mixed does not go on, so the relationship between care in a street tabloid when an interviewer. Have to say, the remnant wolf quite damaged, one up on the s.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter t it is also a matter of fact, To achieve the purpose Yeah Li bile spent listening to the words of the ancient Kubang, could not help but light up his eyes, there is nothing wrong, if the Chu Peng s school something out of something, then how can parents let go of the students To the time really is a headache But, what can make a school problem Continued, how should we do Zhao Qibing is also very much appreciate the nod, it seems that the hands of the ancient Kupang did not learn in vain. Let the school problems, nature is to let the students inside the problem Jinguang said For example, the house collapsed several students killed, the forces of dark to the campus, cut a few students, or animal teachers, beaten or even Obscene students, etc., which can make a school quickly fidget cube gold ruin But, you say these are not realistic ah Zhao Qibing frowned The house collapsed You dare like Lin Yi like, directly to push the house Black forces, do not let our people go As for what beast teacher, do not even think about it, it is basically impossible, how much money you give people, people will not risk their live.yao to expel the room. Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders, and some regret, but the fidget cube sienna eldest of the boudoir, I am afraid not a few people can come in They can be considered ugly trusty eldest. Since Chu Mengyao not let him look at, Lin Yi naturally will not take the initiative to peeping what, out of the Chu Mengyao fidget cube kickstarter room after the downstairs to the sand edge of Chen Yu Shu spit a lot of clean up the dirt , Back to his room. Lin Yat first to the old fidget cube kickstarter man called Lin, told him a bit about their own movement in Matsuyama City, but of course there is a good news, that is their upgrade, and has been promoted to the early mysterious order. The old man is still a pair of not salty not short attitude, nor congratulations, did not say anything, just let him continue to stay in the Chu family, but at the end of the, but it is meaningful Lin Yi said Have the opportunity to go, and Chu s father to touch it. Chu s father Uncle Chu Chu uncle or fidget cube yellow the father Lin Yi fidget cube kickstart slightly stunned asked. His father. Lin Lin Daoyi Da and Lin Yi is not playing the riddle have the opportunity to contact with, no chance, and do not delib.

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