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Fidget Cube Launch Date ith her, should also be fun, everything is two aspects. However, this idea was immediately thrown in the back of the Tang Yun And Chen Yushu living together Do you really let her do Lin Yi s little wife Chen Yu Shu continued to eat the shark meat, but ate a bite, he shook his head Wrigley brother to do better than delicious Lin Yi can not accompany you for life You have to learn to adapt to life Chu Meng Yao stared Chen Yu Shu one, said. Chen Yu Shu did not speak, and bulkheads continue to eat shark meat, some of fidget cube test the atmosphere becomes boring. Tang Yun do not know what to say, looking at Chen Yu Shu look pitiful, they can not persuade her, do not let Lin Yi to her life nanny That how to do Although Chu Mengyao strongly want to maintain the atmosphere of the meal, but the more so, the more strange atmosphere, Tang Yun also some uncomfortable, she felt Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu really is the two rivals. After dinner checkout, Chu Mengyao come up with a VIP card, it touches on the box responsible for the waiter was surprised a moment She did not expect Chu Mengyao there will be a diamond card h.shu did not want to promise down, after all, she has not seen my brother for a long time, and there is no reason not to. Chu Mengyao some angry, so Chen Yushu how such a promise She went to the words, they can not follow it This Jianwen in the end is a banquet Chen Yu day, or please yourself I am afraid that only An Jianwen himself to know. Yaoyao, then you fidget cube launch date go along Jianwen Wen asked. Lin Yi, you all right tomorrow, right Chu Meng Yao did not answer the words of An Jianwen, but turned around and asked Lin Yi You stay with us Well. Lin Yi faint should be the one. An Jianwen Although Lin Yi to go with some unhappy, but the thought of Chu Mengyao can go on the good, they can no longer extraneous, and if they do not let Lin Yi, Chu Mengyao anger do not go, it is not Have fun. So laughed Haha, Yaoyao, you do not say, I also want to fidget cube blue invite Lin Yi brother, the two of us private, it is very good What else Chu Mengyao saw An Jianwen one, asked. This An Jianwen Chu Meng Yao is to know that under the guest orders, but his mind some unwilling, would also like to sit for a while too A thought, sai.

ked Then you have no way fidget cube black to heal As long as it is poisoned, then there should be, try it. Lin Yi did not say the full, although his downhill, the old man said that he has learned one third of his ability, enough to Swordsman , But Lin Yi is not arrogant madness, who knows can not solution But for the safety of Chu Mengyao, Lin Yi d not worried, as long as their non stop to her body infuriating input, that is, Jiao Zaizi said the energy, you can indefinitely hanging Chu Mengyao life , Even if their solution can not poison, get her old man there, or can save her. Although the old man all fidget cube launch date day in his own bragging that he fidget cube launch date is the world s first medical doctor, but Lin Yi heart also fidget cube by antsy understand that he has the capital. And their own, but also a poor grade Lin Yi quietly transported from the Regulus Yu tactic internal strength of the Heart, the energy input to the body of Chu Meng Yao, Fortunately, Chu Meng Yao s body is not the same as the original Feng smiled, is a bottomless pit, Lin Yi To dry, and even gave birth to such a tragic thing. Chu Mengyao is a normal person, so the energy needed i.her, she also want to get their wallet back ah, that s the biggest harvest since this month, how can we just be taken away Yu small can not be reconciled. Lin Yi did not think Yu Xiaoke actually followed up, which makes Lin Yi dumbfounding at the same time, and feel that Yu is not suitable for small thieves really do thieves do fidget cube launch date her point, and really lack of eye lack of home, Their own to the police station, she is also followed to go Yu Xiaokei Lin Yi forward with the trailing, Yu Xiaoke for their own dodge or confidence, Swallow door to dodge known, although her skill is not very good, but not slow to run, so in her view, Tracking Lin Yi that is handy She was ready to find a suitable opportunity to start, the size of Lin Yi purse gave the body along. However, in a street corner when the Yu Xiaoke is stunned Because Lin Yi did not Yu Xiaoke some strange looking at the empty streets, here is the backstreet of the hospital, under normal circumstances is very few people through, so there will not be mixed in the crowd can not find the situation Because the street is empty at the moment, which ma.en how, but the police can ah Now that they fidget cube have a kidney, and also do not have access to what Jianwen, and destroyed it to destroy it This ah, I testify, before I poison things, is not it can be counted as the power to redeem ah Zhong Pinliang pretending to hesitate asked. This is a natural, after all, we have to consider the final punishment for you. Liu Wang Li said. Well, then I testify Zhong Pin bright nodded But you want to protect me, ah, I do not want to be cut off the remnants of the kidney group ah This you can rest assured that we will certainly be considered for the safety of witnesses Liu Wang Li nodded. Zhong Pinliang heart of the United States, ah, the next drug, not only all right, as well as police protection, they are simply too Niubi, and if so Lin Yi saw, Lin Yi probably mad, right wakaka Liu Wang Li went, the white bell on the trot into the bell bright ward goods bright, how Not a problem, right All right, that s quite good Zhong Pinliang proudly said The Liu Wang Li seems to be very sympathetic to me, and I said, I belong to be deceived, and now still wea.

Fidget Cube Launch Date to scare the fool And they will take the initiative to send their women for their own fun This time Rego thought so, he wants to take the initiative to serve the three niu their own, with no strong meaning. Oh, I m not going to leave. Lin Yi heard that this person is Li cia flower cousin, do not intend to go This fidget cube real vs fake time Li bile flowers and soldiers jump very Huan real, Lin Yi did not find them afterwards it, they jumped out again and again, Chu Mengyao poisoning and I am afraid, and Li bile can not take off the relationship between flowers Ro Chapter 0708 has not had enough Chapter o7o8 not enough So since the Lee since it is the bribery Li bile cousin, Lin Yi intended to use Lee to test the Li bile to spend around that doctor , that is, the poison of the people. Lin Yi, be careful Tang Yun Lin Yi to see those who went to the black people in the past, quickly uttered Road. Tang Yun, you do not know Wrigley brother Oh, is that they bad guys to be careful Chen Yun Shu said to Tang Yun. Tang Yun bian of the flat mouth, the heart of their own do not understand how Lin Yi He is well aware of his ri.en with the sea to the bookstore, see Guan Xin went to the medical area, so he began to think about how to strike up a conversation. Guan Xin naturally did not perceive someone to track their own, after all, she is not a criminal investigation, and can not now Kang lighting in her not far away. Today, Guan Xin to the bookstore, is to buy fidget cube launch date some books on Chinese and Western medicine assistant physician examination, before school, although she is majoring in nursing, but also read the professional integration of Chinese and Western medicine, was also read this because Grandpa Is an excellent Chinese medicine, Guan Xin could not bear to let his old disappointed, only to choose a and Chinese related professional as a second major. But after graduation, Guan Xin still fidget cube nederland feel that they are not suitable for Chinese medicine, so when a nurse, Guan Xue Min Although disappointed, but did not say anything. After all, Guan Xin is a girl, Guan Xuemin did not place any hope. Chapter 0608 Kang lighting strike up Chapter o6o8 Kang lighting approached And now want to pick up the Commissioner off the professional.

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