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Fidget Cube Lavenderblush impatience, and then quickly continued to ask Ange, this turn my question, I want to ask you, What does your ideal girlfriend look like The ideal girlfriend ah An Jianwen look to the time he played again, this time can not be on the Chen Yu Shu when, for those of her Yin people, they can not casually answer He wanted to express the end in one breath Caixing My ideal girlfriend, ah, she should have a beautiful long, tall and should be about one meter six or five, tall, slightly thinner, pure and beautiful, grace, Yaoyao the same Well, Jianwen brother, you ask my brother I am ready to ask new questions Yao Yao sister, and you a little faster Oh An Jianwen not speak, it was Chen Yushu to interrupted. And so on, I have not finished it An Jianwen some urgent, but also Chen Yushu, how she so annoying You finished, ah, Taiwan early brother asked your ideal girlfriend look like, you have answered, and Yaoyao sister the same Chen Yushu said You see, you have answered finished. I did not finish it, the back did not explain it An Jianwen angry not. Also used to explain ah You qu.ating, but they can not provoke ah. I think so set it, since you are two hundred and eighty flat, then two hundred and eighty, I give you two million eight hundred thousand Zhang eight heart price is four million, but before Trustee to ask Kangfu, four million he Does not sell Well, since you do not sell, then I can only think of ways to let you sell Now Zhang eight naturally can not give Kangfu four million price, because he had to Zou Tiandi five hundred thousand to get this matter, and fidget cube lavenderblush Zou Tiandi also promised to three million within him to win the restaurant. Zhang, do business, but also pay attention to fairness I have this restaurant, a while ago, there are four million to me Kang is not how to talk business, all of A sudden out of the cards Otherwise, you give me four million, I ll sell Chapter 0562 my boss is Lin Yi Chapter o562 my boss is Lin Yi Zhang eight heart sneer, do you go early Now you do not want to sell four million, but now it wants to sell I will be able to out to the highest 2,800,000, and if you do not sell, then I have no alternative, you sell four million peop.

ho to play. Little Shu, your task is to learn, not play people. Chu Mengyao Chen Yu Shu said. Well, I do not play, I listen to Yao Yao sister. Chen Yu Shu nodded, and then Lin Yi said Wrigley brother, you have to learn Oh, or we can not be admitted to a university The. Tang Yun some silent, test a university Do you have never let Lin Yi a lifetime Let him do your lifetime attendant Examination of a university do Look at him Dandy Chu fidget cube lavenderblush Meng Yao frowned, said the subconscious. But finished, I feel some wrong, Tang fidget cube burlywood Yun also sitting opposite, so their own, does not mean Lin Yi and Tang Yun But the good news did not wait for Tang Yun to speak, Chen Yushu first spoke Oh, Tang Yun students, you really like Wrigley brother you want to spend all his life with it Chapter 0712 can not accompany you for life Chapter o712 can not accompany you for life I of course so Tang Yun nodded, she has been so decided, since this step has been taken, it fidget cube whitesmoke would have been going down, Lin Yi, if not their own death to fidget cube lavenderblush see him Oh, then you can accept the Wrangler brother yo Chen Yu Shu continued to ask Or, you can.ame Scared he quickly lost in the hands of the wood, wow wow called up burned dead, burned dead Everyone is subject to the benefits of Zhong Pinliang, so at the moment really make fun of him, but Chen Yushu does not matter, to see Zhong Pinliang funny look, suddenly laughed, Kang followed laughed. Zhong Pinliang only feel very shameful, anxious to planted into the sea Was about to turn around and find a head to leave, but see the sea fidget cube oldlace there is a shark fin to swim in the swim Zhong Pinliang a look at the sudden rejoicing, this high small blessing really mean, to the really time And actually installed a shark, and this time in the deep water area, it is estimated that Chen Yu Shu is also powerful and can not throw the stone so far, even if the Olympic shot put championship is not possible. There are sharks coming Zhong Pinliang shouted, suddenly the attention of the students are transferred out We wait for me, I put this shark solve the back Zhong Pinliang this time has been like a good rhetoric, and so will shark kill, he is not ready to drag the shark back to shore, because it can not.e beauty, it must be disfigured I do not have the heart to look at you so beautiful Destroyed once, so I have to say a Oh Guan Xin frowned, for Kang lighting chatter is very impatient No, I do not want to beauty. What is it You are so beautiful, if you do not know how to maintain it, the beauty is short ah Kang lighting is said You think, now you are so beautiful, because youth invincible, and so a few years, People old bead, how to do that Guan Xin stare a health lighting, heart Road, how such a person to speak What old bead Neuropathy, right But the kind of not easy to fire the temper, although dissatisfaction with the health lighting, but did not say anything, continue to bow their heads to read, thinking he ignored him, he also walked away. But who wants to, health lighting and did not leave, but continue to chatter, said We Kang medicine home for the beauty of Chinese medicine is still very research, as these books are written in common herbs, in fact, are useless, For example, that Ganoderma lucidum ah, snow fidget cube maroon lotus, ah, deer horn, tiger whip ah Kang lighting do no.

Fidget Cube Lavenderblush ouragement really came into effect, I saw Lai fat biting teeth, suddenly stood up, raised the brand 400 million 20 million Kang God s mind a cool, fidget cube lavenderblush his mother s legs, the auctioneer is too damaged, right However, this is the home auction house rain, even if there is a God of Health is not a good idea to speak out, only to swallow the signal Kang Feng continued Because this time the fidget cube on sale health of God has decided to treasure in the longevity detoxification Dan above, from the current situation, the longevity of this drug only fear Dan I am afraid, if missed, then there is no, So Kang Shen Yi had teeth go on. Four hundred and thirty million Kang Feng raised the hands of the auction card. 430 million for the first time 430 million second 430 million third deal Although the auctioneer also want to Lai fat to continue to bid, but unfortunately, This time Lai fat retreat, apparently there is no money, and decided to give up, honest sitting there motionless At the moment, the most happy than Liu Tianyi, and his heart that refreshing ah Before that two hundred and eighty million to.ok at our love, only cheap to sell to you. Kang said the dragon faint, but his mind, and sure enough, Feng smiled Want to go back However, according to Kang Zhaolong how easy to go back on her Chapter 0531 sit to repay the money Chapter o531 sit to pay back the money That you then a little cheaper Feng Xiao laugh can not see the Long Kang, some lack of interest, fidget cube copper said. Oh, I lost half of the sale to you, not cheap it Kang Zhaolong smiled and said I spent more than 100 million but to buy it You do not buy that what Xuelian it This is just an accessory Feng smiled and grunted Ten million, then I let him buy No not, anyway, I was xiaonv Health , How to go back Feng smiled, then, and some almost rogue, but she also named after the words, and she is nv children, and age xiao, is playing rogue, you can not be as good as Long Kang how Kang Zhaolong heard a sudden down after the suction air Feng Xiao laughed himself or saw, before he eat Lai fat in fidget cube palegodenrod front of everyone to face will not go back, but did not think Feng fidget cube lavenderblush Xiao laugh will go back And Feng smiled back, and others really can not tell wha.

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