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Fidget Cube Lawngreen spect the money, listen to her mother in the bank at the moment, it is no doubt that there is no doubt. Therefore, Tang Yun Lin Yi did not ask the mother is not to the money, but asked to how much money, so that she already knows this thing, so her mother not to hide. Amp amp Amp amp amp amp quot O quot She did not expect nv children will be in fraud her, hesitated a moment said What 500,000 Tang Yun surprised, covered with up and down like a general collapse, as if the entire effort into the Was a word to the mother chou empty, phone pop sound fell to the ground, the back cover and Battery are separated out, Tang Yun as if unaware of the body shook, but fidget cube navajowhite for the corridor wall, Almost fainted in the eyes of the tears disappointed to fall down Sure enough, he gave His mother a lot of money Five hundred thousand, that s five hundred thousand ah Enough to buy their own home a set of m n City Housing, Lin Yi for no reason, why to their own half a million it The last father to surgery, he added to the money xiao Wei, but also took out a total of two hundred thousand, but this time it took o.d, the tone of the morning there is no enthusiasm. But God did not care God, he thought the rain Haitian so deliberately to other people to see it After all, the rain family as the annual meeting of the family organizers, can not openly stand behind the other one, as the chain reaction caused by too much It does not matter, Mr. Rain Affairs busy, do not participate. Hear the rain sea days Such an interpretation, Kang Shen Yi Haitian thought it was rain to his face it, the hearts of fidget cube australia more happy up. Old Kang, you told us to come, what is it Talking, is the home of the Song family Song Xiangwen, where he is the Song, is one of the four world, ancient martial arts family, the family is also out of a mysterious Order master, is the owner of the Song to the text of the younger brother, but because of early breakthrough hopelessness, and out of the experience to find opportunities, has not returned, dead or alive. Otherwise, Song of the limelight is worse than Wu But even so, Song Xiangwen is still very hard to speak, which fidget cube lawngreen is also the peak of his own late stage strength of the yellow order. Well, I.

not have relatives ah I do not know, there is the impression, but do not know where to see, even if the knowledge should not be acquaintances So ah Jianwen hesitated a moment You open the dungeon monitoring, I personally see. Tattoo men nodded, it will monitor the video inside the dungeon opened, in Jianwen s room is a monitor, for the dungeon scene where you can see the crystal clear. Song Ling Shan to the dungeon, but also did not wake up, still pretending to look like a coma. In fact, she secretly has seen, there are several surveillance dungeons fidget cube wheat inside the camera, want to come here to do what she can be seen outside So in order to confuse the enemy, Song Ling Shan or pretending to look like a coma. Here, should cut the kidney group headquarters, right Do not know the outside of the Liu Wang force they received no signal fidget cube lawngreen Well, Song team who tracker lost the signal Liu Wang force some nervous staring at the police monitor screen, exclaimed. Song Lingshan before leaving, in the body with a signal transmitter, that is, Song Ling Shan in what position, the police tracker can be seen on, it is.cold outside the heat of people, even if the character of some aloof, but also in this family has long been formed, it is not a big problem, her nature Still very good. So I heard Tang Yun care about themselves, the eldest on some guilt, for their own is Tang Yun, Lin Yi to save her own Will it I no longer know In fact, if the change is to do Chu Mengyao, but also let Lin Yi to rescue, it is like the first time in the playground and An Jianwen reunion, although Chu Mengyao for An Jianwen pursuit is offensive, but look He was sick, but it will fidget cube lawngreen not see death does not save. From this point of view, Tang Yun and Missy, or between the common ground, that is good for others. Thank you for her Missy want to hang up the phone before Lin Yi and Tang Yun say thank you, but can not say, so Lin Yi hung up the phone said before opening. Oh ugly nodded.Elder Miss after a few for the Tang Yun, Lin Yi is naturally happy to see. Lin Yi to answer the phone, those parents are not free to disturb, because they have learned from the Kwan and Chu Peng s mouth that Chu Mengmao to save, that is, in front.rovocation ah Lin Yi naturally will not pay any attention to her, he would go to the hospital, how can the waste time and the female snitch I want to challenge you As the forty sixth generation descendant of the door Yan Yu Xiaoyan where Lin Yi will leave This guy actually dare to defy the disciples of Feiyan Men, Yu Xiaoken how could it endure She was only 18 years old, young and fit, naturally refused to concede defeat. On the Swallow door, see very pure very ambiguous prequel, also known as the rebirth of the United States in mind Lin Yi saw Yu Xiaoke a feel that this little bit of a little neuropathy, this thief when the Need is also seen through their own current, do not want to escape, but to and their own challenges, if it is Encounter the police, and early to go to her prison. Of course, is the art cost of fidget cube of theft Yu Xiaokei straightened up the chest, tightly staring at Lin Yi in the hands of his big wallet. Than the chest, you can also consider, than the theft, sorry, no interest. Lin Yixin looked fascinated Yuxiaobu a chest, not very big, but very, it seems more than usual movement, Pector.

Fidget Cube Lawngreen also supporting the fidget cube darkseagreen antidote, which for medical people, it is priceless Well, I will do things properly Guan Xue Min solemnly nodded. This is a good opportunity to hype the company, you and Lai fat to talk about and see if he has any good idea Lin Yi thought, you can help antidote things, Guan Shen Pharmaceutical Company for some speculation, but the specific How speculation is not good at fidget cube in stores Lin Yi, and to rely on fat to operate Caixing. Oh, the Lai fat is good at, and I talk to him Guan Shen nodded his head. Lin Yi did not say anything more, the prescription to write down after Guan Xuemin, and then fidget cube lawngreen out of the isolation room, and now Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu has out of the operating room, and Chu Peng said this is the show, it seems Chu dream Yao s spirit is good. Missy to see Lin Yi, is very cold to the eye to the side, there is no Dali him. Chu Mengyao heart, it is a guilty conscience, she really want to say and Lin Yi Thank you , but she can not say Lin Yi was seen before, touched no problem, and finally fidget cube hong kong actually Lin Yi Lin a look of urine, which makes how can Chu Mengyao no matter what.trange fat one, a man seems to have no demand for this kind of thing, right Lin Yi s body as there are a few scars left in the battle, but Lin Yi did not think to nong down, because there is no need. Hey, my wife is a woman, a few years ago to do appendicitis surgery, leaving the scar Lai fat fat Here, some embarrassed You know, every time we are affectionate, I see that scar is not Comfortable, and my wife and beauty, summer wear umbilical equipment Well, I know Lin Yi listening to fidget cube lawngreen fat ink up endless, then waved his hand I have some room remaining, had wanted to directly lost, if you need to take it back Lost Lai fat almost did not faint in the past Boss, this is all money, lost more than a pity ah, equal to throw money ah Lin Yi shrugged indifferently, this low cost things, Lin Yi did not care about how much. I do not care, I do not want to sleep. I have a place, I do not sleep Lai Fat Road underground lucky, in case of their own that a step late, then nothing left no less Chapter 0502 My dad wants to see you Stretched a lazy waist, Lin Yi Tang Yun to a phone call ca.

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