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Fidget Cube Lightcyan Taiwan early in the side of some urgent asked. Get, we are going to visit Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, let them come to our dinner tomorrow night An Jianwen smiled and nodded. Ange, this is a good opportunity, I think, you should take this opportunity to express Chu Mengyao ah Su Taiwan early said The machine can not be lost no longer ah Said yes, then you have any good idea fidget cube lightcyan If I ventured the confession, then, is not it Jianwen frowned But you say also, Chu Mengyao like my attitude Some hard to understand, not a bit like the first time in the playground to meet so warm Is it blame my pursuit of not to force Otherwise tomorrow I will prepare some flowers and her courtship Su Taizao said But even if the flowers, courtship, girls are loving face, and you pursue her, the total can not say nothing, but it can not fidget cube mediumspringgreen express too much, let her down to Taiwan Like many cases, although the girls like you to pursue her, but do not want you to force her too tight, she is enjoying your pursuit of her process, rather than to promise you all at once So those who fidget cube a vinyl desk toy kneel to courtship Class tricks, is simply forc.lly children Soft hearted But now fidget cube lightcyan their broken phase, but also to seek people as a small three, lost not shame ah Lin Yi will see how their own Tang Yun was not After listening to the words of Tang Yun, Tang mother could not help but also silent. She is indeed forces, although the greedy vanity, but Tang Yun, after all, is her daughter So, before the soldiers see less Tang Yun, she is also to Tang Yun their choice, see Tang Yun refused, she naturally will not be forced. But Lin Yi is not the same, her daughter actually like Lin Yi, the mother naturally look Out of the mother, so in her view, so her daughter went to Lin Yi, which is should be. Lin Yi, after all, her daughter is not without feelings, even if not worthy of Lin Yi, Lin Yi is now less than the girlfriend s family background, but the daughter should also be very pretty, right Be a lover or a small wife , Although a little aggrieved, but if the daughter is willing, Mother fidget cube mediumaquamarine Nature will not say anything. Their bitterness of life, the pursuit of the illusory love, see more of the world hot and humid human well being, she really tired ti.

it Tang mother hesitated a moment said. I do not ah Mom, what are you out of ideas If you say, I go to die How can you make me lose face I break, and ask people when the primary three, how could he agree Tang Yun, how can I agree This is not to lose their ugly it How do you child so stubborn You play is also playing to Zhao Qibing, play is also playing Lin Yi, when the third how Our house is gone, you do not call, our family to die Don mother is not unreasonable , But this home, it is desperate ah How to do Dangmu d want her daughter to seduce Zhao Qibing, two sets of their own homes to a residential, but also very good The key is the daughter of a broken phase, white to Zhao Qibing people do not So the mother in turn hit The Lin Yi Lin s body She wondered, Lin Yi is always and her daughter in love, always take into account some sensibilities, right Even if her daughter broke the phase, he can not ignore it Do not blame the mother to think so, she is afraid of the poor Be afraid of bullying Lin Yi before the time, the mother of Tang unprecedented scenery, even the snacks Street who dare not.ant to say, that I have no way, whether you have no background, in my restaurant, always give me an account of Win him Lee said faintly mine He is not afraid of things, know fidget cube lightcyan how Songling Shan They do not move that a few little girls also end, beat that kid meal, can be considered Jieqi, and fidget cube kickstarter retrieve some of the face Even Songling Shan know, will not be how kind of their own, up to lose some money trouble Several black people, some vigilance looked at Lin Yi, but they do not have much fear Because, after all, this side in the number of occupies an excellent advantage, and Lin Yi over there, count to hands on, also Lin Yi a person As for Chen Yushu, they did not put in the eyes, is not entirely prepared to take advantage of its means of attack, do not have any fighting fidget cube magenta Their eyes are on the Lin Yi s body, Lin Yi approached in the moment, they moved These people do not care big, rallied together, ready to win Lin Yi in one fell swoop, before the face has been lost, and they want to restore to However, their idea is good, they move, Lin Yi also moved, but the fidget cube lightcyan degree of Lin Yi is much larger than.want to reach out, but the dismay of the now, with longevity detoxification Dan box is actually open While the inside of the longevity detoxification Dan Dan was missing Grandfather Kang Zhaolong scared suddenly scared up, this is more than 400 million bought, ah, is not a joke of the play Kang Zhaolong sound alerted the health of God, Kang Guifeng, Kang Cui Park and Kang lighting, a few people almost ran to the living room, watching the empty table on the fidget cube lightcyan coffee table, also are tight Zhang mouth The first thought is the family of people who guard the theft, it was quietly stole the longevity detoxification Dan, so his face immediately sank. Everyone surprised a moment, but they all have to shake their heads, they are Kang s children, although Kang Feng and Kang Cui Pu secretly have some friction, but after all, is personal grudges, how dare to destroy the family event Dog hair Kang lighting sharp eyed, suddenly installed a longevity detoxification Dan box next to a few dog hair. That Shepherd Kang Shen Yi Leng, suddenly screwed up his brow, it is their own dog to Diao away The last dog shit.

Fidget Cube Lightcyan estioned. This big xiao sister really do not let their peace of mind, she was out of the matter, Lin Yi really can not Because, now is not just Chu Peng is his employer s problem, but Lin Yi really Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu two people Have some feelings, after all, living in the same day under the eaves, they encounter a danger, Lin Yi certainly not Regardless of regardless. Although the end of the auction at the moment, but there are some follow up matters to be handled, especially the seller and the buyer, should stay. Lin Yi and Guan Xuemin and Lai fat called, to take the plane back to the Matsuyama City. The economy can not set the ticket, and only the full price of first class, but the ticket is Forbes direct booking. Under the plane, in the country to reach the exit, Lin fidget cube lightcyan fidget cube sounds Yi saw Forber, etc. there. Forber Lin Yi goes quickly in the past. Mr. Lin, all the way hard Forber some apologetic, said Let you hurry back. Lin Yi did not expect such a kind of polite Forbes, in fact, Lin Yi s heart is still some apologetic, after all, Chu Mengyao in their own time to leave the thing out, To say the.ot accept some Why Yeah, what their own to accept other wives This is not to trouble yourself But looking at Chen Yu Shu is looking at themselves, Tang Yun also know that does not answer is not enough, think about yourself before the smile has been done in the Feng Xiao made the determination to do, what kind of wife to accept what So reluctantly said It depends on what kind of wife Tang Yun, then answer the ambiguous, the initiative in their hands, that is, to accept not accept, are she said count She did not give the standard of judgment. However, even so, Tang Yun s answer is beyond the expectations of Lin Yi, Tang Yun can accept their other girls Oh, then you see when I Wrangler brother s little wife how Yaoyao sister big wife, you do the wife Or you do big wife, anyway, you discuss it, I do little wife on the line. Ah Tang Yun did not expect Chen Yushu then say such a thing, this is not to make their own dilemma I say accept or not Said to accept it, they are still a little reluctant, that does not accept it, it would mean that Chen Yu Shu face not qualified That is not offended.

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