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Fidget Cube Lightgreen ncense device, incense is the battery work, so do not need power Chapter 0540 Great Discoveries Outside the cave, Chu Mengyao anxious to see the direction of the cave, do not know how the kind of goods and the small bell fu, and even how little movement did not it Little Shu, how do I have a strange feeling Chu Meng Yao frowned, feeling where the wrong child, but can not be said, in short, the behavior of today s Zhong Pinliang a bit weird. I have been very strange ah, Yaoyao fidget cube lightgreen sister, you take me here to do Not a little fun Chen Yu Shu scratched his head, frowned Yao Yao sister, you do not want to fight and Zhongpin Liang field You shut up How could it be Chu Meng Yao ferocious fight to play Chen Yu Shu And he that, it is better to kill me Oh Who do you want Chen Yushu asked. I want to I want to head I do not want to do Chu Meng Yao almost on when the Chen Yushu, and angrily Little Shu, your head like what is not you think I just curious, do not want to it Chen Yu Shu was expose, and no embarrassment, hand, some curious said. Then you fidget cube for adults come back, etc. Lin Yi, and.wn shot. Because the presence of many people know Liu Tianyi, and Liu Tianyi fancy things, can not be a good thing But now, they are fidget cube ratings really bad shot One is the price was carried to 200 million, it is too high, and secondly, they do not want to and Liu Tianyi enemies Liu Tianyi from the way of fare increase can be seen that he is longevity detoxification Dan is bound to get, or can not be so the price increase So, even if some of the Italian people, at the moment is not a good bid, but fortunately a total of three, followed by two They all started punching up Because, Liu Tianyi so sought after longevity detoxification Dan, let them think of one thing to Liu Tianyi s father for a while to find off the matter of medical treatment, is not a secret, so the presence of a lot of people know, and then contact the auctioneer said, Guan Shen Pharmaceutical Company at the moment all of a sudden thought of Guan Xue Min Is, Liu Tianyi his father is also taking this longevity detoxification Dan before the condition improved While at the same time know the fat, it is even more suddenly Because the fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety fat fath.

hird field of the auction However, since has been placed in the first field, the change is impossible, can only continue. Liu Tianyi see Lai fat no longer bidding, but hum cry, and suddenly my heart overjoyed This depends fidget cube kickstarter shopping on the fat must be cash flow fidget cube lightgreen is not working, no money, I heard that Lai is the boss and his downtown division, evidently Lai family money to be Lai Changtian to get away Next, the auction second longevity detox Dan, reserve price of 100 million yuan Auctioneer slowly said Each increase, at least 10 million Auctioneer is based on market conditions and response to independent fare increases, and before a warning, the auctioneer can not be to the reserve price of one million to auction, fidget cube lightgodenrod it is simply trick it. Although the price for the presence of guests are shocked, but they also know that this thing is indeed the value of the price, so there is no objection. Dad, what is it How can shoot such a high price Feng smiled and looked at his father asked some doubts. She and Feng Tianlong because in the hospital for some time, so the auction will begin after the admission, and came.t find her afterwards it Then said Without me, you would have died fidget cube lightgreen Ah Feng smiled surprised a moment, suddenly remembered the things before Feng smiled and opened his eyes, his body is red 1uo and Lin does the fidget cube make noise Yi lying together, and the body and the netg there are blood on the list, so all of a sudden it was a bit ignorant of it Subconsciously think of themselves and what Lin Yisheng, but after listening to the words of Lin Yi carefully think about himself before the bath, after the body is very fidget cube buttons hard to fainted in the past So to say, is Lin Yi from the toilet inside the nong out of their own, and then save yourself But Lin Yi how to save yourself Even Feng smiled did not experience, but also from my mother left the diary that their symptoms after that, that is, the moment of illness, that is, not far from the death, that is, no matter how powerful the doctor can not Treatment Feng smiled for help before the call, but also out of the instinct for survival y hope, though clearly know to die, but who wants to die But this time, Feng smiled and feel all his good body, it seems that there is no bad.fore a dinner, Lin Yi is also participated in the Chu Peng originally planned to be held once a week such a party, but because of the accident before the fall of the chandelier, also ran aground down. Lin Yi is the second time today to Peng Zhan Hotel, but it Pengshui Hotel coming and going, in front of the car is not less bright than fidget cube lightgreen the stars But here the car is biased in favor of business, although also very luxurious, but the car is a class of car is very small It seems Chu Peng s hotel is focused on formal business meetings and meetings, while the starlight is focused on entertainment, go where the dude a little more. Lin Yi will drive into the car park, there is security command Lin Yi will be the car parked properly. Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu rarely appear here, even if occasionally and Chu Peng eat together, but also sat Fu Forbes car directly into the internal parking lot, from the staff channel up, so these door parking security, do not know Missy s. Chu Mengyao did not put the eldest of the spectrum, very low key and Lin Yi, Chen Yu Shu, Tang Yun three together into the hotel lobb.

Fidget Cube Lightgreen med, since they have been cooked rice cooked rice, then might as well let us engage in physical contact Zhongpin Liang good time to persuade My father is not before the general The boss of the casino, and our family background, add up to not less than the strength of your home Chu How I said, makes sense If you really Yaoyao how, even if you have these backgrounds, I will let you pay the price of blood, do not think I m kidding This is why Zhong Pinliang some do not dare look at the eyes of Chu Peng, guilty of a dry laugh a cry You know, your daughter is now Zanhua defeated, things big, regardless of your reputation Or the reputation of Yao Yao are influential She now has no opinion on me, and if you recognize the situation, then I will still be respected when you are my father in law Otherwise, we continue to trouble go on Well, I d like to see, who can protect you Is the soldiers less or Li bile flowers, will stand out for you Chu Peng Peng said, looking at the goods slowly. Zhong Pinliang mind anxious, how this Chu Peng exhibition stubborn it Said the businessmen are most which went Out, but close to the side of the girl is happy to whom health lighting surprised a moment, he subconsciously stopped the pace Little Ming, that is not Xiaofen that How and Guan Xin together Zhu Xiao Zhang is also seen to come out with Xiaofen and Guan Xin, this time is a bit strange. Yes ah, how can she know Guan Xin Wang is also very puzzled shore I grass, I think of it, Kang Xiaobo last time seems to be and Guan Xuemin know, that Xiaofen Kwan off the people of the granddaughter is not surprising Kang lighting is easy to mind Emmanuel once, the results also guess wrong. Xiaofen and Guan Xin is not fundamentally related to the people through the understanding. Justified Zhu Xiao Zhang nodded his head But this can be trouble, we have not passed it This will destroy my good thing, mother, how did not kill her Kang lighting bitterly said Now so in the past, certainly is to die If Guanxin fidget cube lightgreen know me and Xiaofen between The thing, I also pursue ass Ro Chapter 0688 Time bombs Chapter o688 Timed bombs Ming is less, I think it is not the past is not the problem, but has a lot of troubl.

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