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Fidget Cube Lightskyblue hat. Ro Chapter 0687 Destroy the Good Chapter o687 destroys the good As long as she is not too much to do, their own regardless of her, right In the Tang Yun view, the rival is the eldest, as Guan Xin, as if not to mention any rival. Guan Xin made a few ward of the drug, personally sent in the past, back to the nurses duty room, and so on Kang Xiaobo humanity I am busy, you can take Xiaofen to referral. fidget cube lightcyan fidget cube lightskyblue Well, then we go now Kang Xiaobo stood up. No, I took Xiaofen to like, you do not have to go with. Guan Xiaowang do not want to follow, because Xiao fen s mental illness is because a man provoked out of the other, and doctors may also refer to the time Ask some sensitive questions, so that Kang Xiaobo heard is not very good, will be embarrassed each other, so think of it, Guan Xin decided to not take Kang Xiaobo. Kang Xiaobo is not stupid to see Guan Xin expression, but also guessed a number of features, it will no longer adhere to. Xiaofen heart grateful Guan Xin understanding, she actually do not want to go with Kang Xiaobo, because the doctor in order to understand the overall situation, the shit s body. This Kang God a medical health lighting, then there are some truth, this shit inside, really not allowed to have a residue under the longevity of detoxification Dan If the health lighting to eat, and maybe health lighting and pick up a cheap may also Thus, the health of God biting teeth, said This is I eat You have eaten the last time, this time for me to try Shit is not much, everyone is very coveted, but the health of God, then the health of the descendants of the family can only be a valuable opportunity to sacrifice shit give Kang Shen The shit, than usual to smelly on many, but the health of God in order to prolong life, had to bite the bullet and eat dog feces, almost to be the smell of shit to smoked to death, either bite insist, say no to spit it out. But this time, Kang Shen Yi and disappointed, not only disappointed, almost to the old life to account for it This shit to eat, the symptoms of vomiting diarrhea is, but there is no detoxification, toss a couple of days, Kang Shen doctors have to pull dehydration, and Kang family who can not look like this co.

ot the pain. Yao Yao sister refueling Oh, you are the best, you have been a small Shu idol Oh Chen Yu Shu clenched Chu Mengyao hand, to her airway. Well Chu Mengyao smile a bit, the sound has changed a little movement Little Shu, I fidget cube china am so painful ah I know, if you can replace it, small Shu Ning is willing to suffer for you Chen Yushu said this time, it touches from the heart. Oh, how can I let you suffer This time the poisoning is fortunate fidget cube lightskyblue to me, not you Chu Meng Yao smiled Rest assured, I am not so fragile, although very hard to accept, but I Tingde Zhu Lin Yat let Chen Yushu stay here, there is a layer of meaning, Chen Yu Shu can not listen to and Chu Meng Yao speak to help her cheer, but also allows Chu Mengyao smooth stick, otherwise, Lin Yi really not Know how to persuade Chu Meng Yao. Chu Meng Yao s urine more and more concentrated, but she remembered Lin Yi, then, can not easily come out of the urine, can only be simmering hard, or poison can not row out how to do Lin Yi not only busy for a long time in vain, their white by this pain is not it So Chu Mengyong endure is not fidget cube on ebay fidget cube with 10 color schemes a thousand pieces Wu Gong Gao Heng said You kid is not shameful enough to eat a thousand things have no money to pay the bill really lost our face Wu Is fifteen million, Grandpa I spent fifteen million Wu Chen day bite the teeth, how this thing had to say, dragging useless. What What do you say Wu Gong Gao Wu Chen day listening to the words, sometimes a little reaction, but to You say how much you spend Fifteen million Wu Chen day repeat Road phone over there, Wu Gong Gao no direct sound. Grandpa Grandpa Wu Chen day some doubts called a few times, but there are no answers. Just shouting not twice, the phone over there came a burst of noisy, and then the voice of Liu Tianyi Dad, how do you How suddenly fainted Side of the Wu Chen day shocked, my grandfather collapsed Quickly directed at the phone shouted Grandpa Grandpa However, in addition to the noisy side of the phone, nothing Wu Chen day helpless only hang up the phone, some anxious to see the waiter can not be the first I have not the whole text. With money, fidget cube lawngreen my grandfather collapsed, I ha.cold outside the heat of people, even if the character of some aloof, but also in this family has long been formed, it is not a big problem, her nature Still very good. So I heard Tang Yun care about themselves, the eldest on some guilt, for their own is Tang Yun, Lin Yi to save her own Will it I no longer know In fact, fidget cube lightskyblue if the change is to do Chu Mengyao, but also let Lin Yi to rescue, it is like the first time in the playground and An Jianwen reunion, although Chu Mengyao for An Jianwen pursuit is offensive, but look He was sick, but it will not see death does not save. From this point of view, Tang Yun and Missy, or between the common fidget cube lightskyblue ground, that is good for others. Thank you for her Missy want to hang up the phone before Lin Yi and Tang Yun say thank you, but can not say, so Lin Yi hung up the phone said before opening. Oh ugly nodded.Elder Miss after a few for the Tang Yun, Lin Yi is naturally happy to see. Lin Yi to answer the phone, those parents are not free to disturb, because they have learned from fidget cube test the Kwan and Chu Peng s mouth that Chu Mengmao to save, that is, in front.

Fidget Cube Lightskyblue ass to the police, that is, the fidget cube lightskyblue police People will soon start an investigation, to the time if found in the canteen meals, it is easy to suspect that their own and the fidget cube tumblr bell liang s head Gao Xiaofu erupted some really anxious, and he quickly picked up the phone, dialed the number of goods Zhongliang Liang, he must discuss the measures and Zhongpin Liang Caixing, the total can not wait for the police to come to you Zhongpin Liang just finished the kidney, is flattered lying in the hospital feeling the sun out of the window, he felt that life can be really good, ah, there is a kidney is good, he felt that they have restored the man s self confidence A phone ringing sounded, Zhong Pinliang picked up the phone, is now a high Xiaofu call Chapter 0681 poisoning things brought to light Chapter o681 poisoning things brought to light Zhong Pinliang pick up the phone Little Fu ah, tell you a good news, I was successful kidney transplant, and soon to restore the confidence of a man Uh bright brother, bad, to tell you a bad news, we under the drug, what a medical company to check out the gods.ot too surprised, called out of the price, there is no longer a longevity detoxification Dan, and even one tenth is not as good as Lin Yi has no interest, and fat naturally left the seat, directly to the auction will be the background for jiao pick up, three Dan yao income obtained by deducting the consumption of sheepskin volume map money, the rest are there Lai fat account inside. After finishing the procedure, Lai fat will take the map back to the sheepskin volume, jiao to Lin Yi. Lin Yi opened looked after to close up, here is not to study these places, and Lin Yi did not intend to study, at least now there is no time to study. Plus a piece inside the home, Lin Yi, but only two residual map, this residual map as a whole do not know how much, and divided into a few, so now the two can be said that there is no practical use. Lin Yi is the reason why let Lai fat shot down, but also a novelty psychology, but also did not expect this map to give their own benefits, but the temporary rise of nothing more. The auction will soon be over, in addition to longevity detoxification Dan, the other auct.

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