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Fidget Cube Mediumorchid pecially Tang Yun Lin Yi and how to deal with their relationship, that is their own thing, she did not want to owe the Tang Yun s affection, and everywhere by the constraints, the eldest is a wise man, naturally points clear. Missy, so that some stunned Lin Yi, but stunned after, or come up with a cell phone, dial Tang Yun s phone, anyway, Lin Yi is also the relationship between the eldest and Tang Yun want to ease the 12, otherwise , Later caught in the middle of their own trouble. Lin Yi Things over there deal with you Tang Yun Lin Yi received the phone after the very happy, she has been waiting inside the ward, before a phone call to ask Lin Yi at night can not come back, but Fear of affecting the work of Lin Yi will make him fidget cube for autism embarrassed, also hold back the fight. Well, finished processing. Lin Yi said fidget cube mediumorchid Just out of the inpatient department. That you can come back Tang Yun hesitated, asked. Yaoyao said to ask you to dinner, you come Lin Yi asked. Tang Meng slightly surprised a moment, I feel a little incredible, Chu Mengyao how would you please eat their own Thank you for expressing.t want to die. To live a day is a day, who wants to die so early She tried to crawl to the bathroom door, you want to climb out of the bathroom. Call Feng smiled laughing hand to open the bathroom door, but the toilet door, although not locked, but do not press the door handle, where is so easy to open Ah Feng smiled this time really desperate Do not want to die, not enough to live it There are a lot of things have not done, how so dead Originally, also prepared to go around the world before dying it, and even his boyfriend did not pay, do not know what it feels like love ah ah ah ah, ah do not want to die This is the last idea of Feng smiled, fainted in the bathroom door. Lin Yi did not smile at the beginning of the call for help, but after a while, the toilet is a little movement is not, Lin Yi could not help some doubts up. It stands to reason, Feng Xiao laugh does not cheat himself, on the toilet out of it Because the toilet has no water, and this proves that Feng smiled has been bathing, but how she did not come out Is Lin Yi frowned, Feng smiled not really what h.

sh a face and then come back to read, open the door, but saw his brother Wang Luwei and her girlfriend Xiao Dan is sitting on his own sand, his face hesitated expression. fidget cube for press release Tang children see Tang Yun where to purchase fidget cube up, suddenly a hi You tired of school every day, I will not bother you, just you wake up, you do not wake up, , Xiaowei things also want you to help ah Tang Yun slightly stunned Xiaowei how Sister you have to help me ah Xiaowei look of frustration looking at Tang Yun, pray You want to save Xiaodan Tang Yun mood this is not good, at the moment heard Xiaowei has trouble, and nature is not very happy. Xiaowei Tang Yun also see the unpleasant, more afraid to speak. Xiaowei to see, Tang mother naturally can see, stare a Tang Yun how, you reached, regardless of his fidget cube mediumorchid brother I reached what Tang Yun frowned I did not say no matter him Chapter 0481 let me also how Sister, you find a powerful brother in law, this must save me Xiaowei carefully said The last said that the boss, he did not let me and small Dan The last boss You have fidget cube mediumorchid not returned to the fifteen thousand them Tang Yun froze for a.ah, how not to Wrigley brother ah Chen Yu Shu cried asked. Faster, the dead Lin Yi, Lai Tang Yun where do not want to go Do not know what Tang Yun, a little far worse than our home Chu Meng Yao fidget cube is complaining, said. Keke Lin Yi suddenly sweating, dry cough twice Although Tang Yun Chen Yu Shu is not as small as, but the key is the identity of Chen Yushu, Lin Yi dare to move her She is Missy girlfriend ah How can such a comparison Lin Yixin said, you should give Chen Yushu as a wife, I am sure she brought her around every day ah Chu Mengyao heard Lin Yi s cough, suddenly an embarrassment, a look back to see Lin Yi, said You know come back You look at the small Shu are going to die, you go to save her Lin Yat looked at the sand on the sand, is not fidget cube mediumorchid dead, but also a sigh of relief, but that Chen Yu Shu that bulging stomach, could not help but once again frowned, do not know there is no rise in gastric perforation. Wrigley brother, you finally come back, hum Chen Yushu crying I m so sad ah, Yaoyao sister to assassinate me No one wants to assassinate you, is not an illusion.ths, but also could not help those parents do not believe that a Lin Yi willing to save their children, they were very happy, but I heard antidote no, or some worry, but Lin Yi since promised To prepare some out, it should not lie Good Off the school people suddenly overjoyed, Lin Yi probably have mastered the way detoxification, but not good in front of the operating room door of a public parents said. Lin Yi and Guan Xuemin came to Chu Mengyao where the first isolation chamber, Lin Yiguan door, and then off the school people said is indeed a kind of ages Qi fidget cube kickstarter youtube Qi, called Seven Grass destiny, the antidote in the Ming Dynasty had already But the end of the Tang Dynasty re collected after the re preparation of the antidote, although the effect of detoxification is not immediate, but increased dose, within three days can be completely detoxification, detoxification after a month of nursed back to health, and Normal is no different. Lin Yi did not nonsense, directly to their own know that out. Oh Seven grass must die Guan Xuemin surprised stared There are people who know the prescription of the poi.

Fidget Cube Mediumorchid lowers wrinkled brow, really strange, according to Zhu Bo and Yao Wang said, Lin Yi should not be lying in bed is about to die it How can Chu Meng Yao, Chen Yu Shu to go out together Can drive Well, then I should not continue to track them Zhang universe asked. Do not follow, you withdraw it. Li bile flowers just want to determine the situation Lin Yi, Lin Yi to do, there is no interest. Oh, that line, then I ll withdraw. Zhang Yuzhou should be said. He will be the photos of Lin Yi Li bile to spend, tell the driver not to follow the front of the car. So, just as Lin Yi Li bile how to send people to track their own strange, Lin Yi was trying to get rid of the tail when the back, but suddenly the car behind the Shui a Waner, disappeared Lin Yi shook his head, since not with the, and Lin Yi also do not bother to manage them, anyway, Li bile flowers can not turn out what storms. Li Yifa here to hang up the phone, they received the MMS to Zhang Yu, really photo above, Lin Yi and Chu Mengyao nothing like the same people out of the villa, and then the three photos together on the train. After a few.osure to fantasy This solved the case Also too fast Yesterday also for this case and distress, but today, but in one fell swoop victory Lin Yi you really is what kind of person Lin Lingshan suddenly more and more do not understand Lin Yi, fidget cube for sale amazon and yesterday just turned to him, today the case broke, although a little mistakenly suspected, but Lin Yi s strength is beyond doubt Unconsciously, Song Ling Shan Lin Yi s attitude has also been some changes, just before she just felt Lin Yi luck, but now it seems, is not entirely the case, and his idea is really innocent before the ridiculous, but also and Lin Yi than try Think of Lin Yi will kick the iron gate knocked down the case of dungeons, Song Lingshan wonder enough Although he is now advanced the yellow order of the late stage, that iron gate for their own should not be a problem, but it will not kick will be able to kick down so easily In fidget cube mediumorchid the past, in front of Lin Yi spoiled brain disabled little girl will make Song Lingshan some not accustomed to, but now, it seems to have been so used to it, at fidget cube thistle least Song Ling Shan not angry, but also a.

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