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Fidget Cube Mediumspringgreen smiled, a bowl of beef noodles, as to what Chapter 0535 soldiers come less Chapter o535 soldiers came less Then fidget cube mediumspringgreen you can not go back Feng Xiaoxiao told Road. No, Lin Yi some frustration. That line, first let you Feng smiled this satisfaction hang up, but hung up the phone after some excitement waved his fist Yeah And so back fidget cube lightyellow to the school let you ask me to eat beef noodles, Tang Yun mad Matsuyama City, starlight bright hotel s top private rooms, Li Bia spent attentive young man standing beside him in front of the wine full, and then said The soldiers little, do not know the boss, there is no up to date instructions Oh, my dad did not say anything, let you with me this. Zhao Qibing Datailielie waved, it seems there is no Li bared to spend the Matsuyama City, stamped one shock Zhenzhen three underworld big brother on the eyes. But Li bile flowers are not angry, he knew his identity, in the eyes of the boss behind the scenes, he is his dog, Zhao Qibing Although his illegitimate child, that is less masters, wait well to have their own good fruit to eat it That is natural, what little soldiers told.e. Chen Yu Tian sighed, Jianwen really is by his own head to close Chu Mengyao, the Chen Yutian how will not know But, as if his sister s pursuit of some of it Chen Yu day is afraid of her sister will affect the study of her life, but now my sister is 18 years old, and immediately went to college, no one to recover, is not some abnormal But think of her sister s character, Chen Yu day to some shame, her character, I am afraid not a few men and her play to go together All day long, in addition to teasing people is to tease people, or else is silly, had that Wu Xiaocan was Chen Yu Shu was confused by the appearance, and if he knew Chen Yushu s character, I am afraid not start easily This is the Chen Yu Shu Shuang to go, his sister like him better, if not like him, it is estimated to be playing dead. Thought, Chen Yu day Chen Yu shu gave a call. Little Shu, where Want to think about my brother Chen Yu day some sigh, which went to the border more than a year, once did not return to Matsuyama City, do not know how the sister Matsuyama City in the past when their own, but the protection of my siste.

nd auction The vast majority of the auction, Lin Yi are not interested in, in addition to some valuable antiques, is some of the more celebrity star dating, then there is some jewelry or something. Lin Yat finally fidget cube mediumspringgreen to the interest of the spring wooden box, would have been sleepy Lai fat, Teng all of a sudden sit up straight fidget cube joystick body son. Lin Yi suddenly some funny, this guy really is a talent, this line Hey, boss, look at me, as long as no one grab, win should not be a problem Lai fat patted breasts to ensure that the road. Chapter 0527 deliberately pit people The auction will be carried out, but it did not appear as yesterday, longevity detoxification Dan kind of boiling the auction scene, although the auction thing prices are not cheap, but the asking price is not much, is not very intense, many people see the competition , They directly give up. Back taste library back flavor library There is no need for this kind of thing to stalemate the relationship between each other. These people can be really rich Feng smiled at the tens of millions of transactions, could not help some raspberry Give me a.have nothing to do, there is no concern. But Zhong Pinliang is to change some of the plan Originally, he was ready to take a barbecue grill and some charcoal to the beach to an open air barbecue, but because the aircraft not to bring the fire source, so Zhong Pinliang also can not fidget cube enjoy take these things. Small blessing, it seems barbecue plan, to run aground ah, and Chu Meng Yao they also grilled shark meat, how do we get them Zhong Pin Liang asked. Bright brother, I heard that there is a new type of solar grill, or we buy a solar energy Gao Xiaofu suggested It seems not expensive, only a few hundred dollars only. Is it That is good, you buy a bar, this matter to you Zhong Pinliang a high fu, then put down the heart. On Saturday morning, Zhong Pinliang and Gao Xiaofu came to the school on the big package, before the book has been good at the school gate , and then the whole class students take the bus ride to the airport. Zhong Pinliang had wanted to drive to, but think of Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu are taking a bus, he is not easy to engage in specialism, so to the school, let his father s drive.can be very angry, really angry, she Lin Yi is the most annoying people who are heartless, driving such a good car, but without the slightest sympathy Do not give money to it, but also take weapons threat to beggars Is simply wicked to a certain extent With weapons Lin Yi slightly Yie, then just think of the hands before the needle, it seems that the courageous little girl, is a misunderstanding of their own. But Lin Yi also too lazy to explain with her, shook his head, turned to leave. Hey, talk to you Yu Xiaoke is very angry, a grabbed Lin Yi s clothes will not let him leave. In front of people not only do not know repentance, but their own words indifferent, a very disapproving look Today, if not clean up to pack him, how worthy of their own This looks like a rich sheepish, they do not start with, then it is God have to blame themselves What to say Said the beggar Lin Yi frowned If you pity him, you go to him good money. Lin Yi captured the clothes can be caught Yu Xiaoshou, between the mouth across a trace of difficult to detect the mockery Chapter 0693 I will challenge you Chapter o6.

Fidget Cube Mediumspringgreen Peng Building, majestic standing watching the roadside, Zhong Pinliang mood is very good, they will become the Chu Peng s son in law, and Chu Peng exhibition no son, so to say, this big family business Connaught, Later became his own Thought of this, Zhong Pinliang heart is to figure it out, while to see Chu Peng exhibition, in any case have to impress him, so he accepted his son in law Chu Peng exhibition was in the meeting, but heard her daughter out of the matter, there is no mind meeting, hastily concluded the meeting, back to the office. In fact, from the heart, Chu Peng is not convinced that the product of the bell, then the bright daughter, if the bell can be a bright product, I am afraid long fancy, and will not wait until fidget cube creator now The Zhong Pinliang so called Chu Mengyao has promised to do his girlfriend, is simply nonsense. But let Chu Peng exhibition wonder is, Forbes how may also fidget cube mediumspringgreen accompanied by clock goods bright Then there may be only one reason, that is, her daughter disappeared Fu Bo is to school to pick her fidget cube gear daughter from school, must be fidget cube mediumspringgreen because did not receive a daughter, and wait.d a moment, looked up, no one thought that before the man is the son of Columbia, suddenly shocked You how do you here Lin Yi come up with a woman s purse, casually look at the money inside, faint, said more than ten thousand pieces of good harvest ah Lin Yu Yi Yu can see the hands of the purse after the startled, subconsciously touch their own pockets, but under the touch of a sudden shocked I my wallet How you here Oh, I thought you would like to use your big purse for my little wallet. Lin Yi faint, said No wonder a fidget cube mediumspringgreen liar to a hundred dollars, the original is too much money burned You you nonsense When did I give a liar money Yu Xiao staring Lin Yi. Before the beggar is a liar. Lin Yi is not ridiculed, said He did not lame legs, good, better than you are healthy. Lin Yi proficient in medical, natural one can tell the beggars in the end fidget cube lightgray is really lame or false lame And Lin Yi to fidget cube whitesmoke the beggar to cure, that beggar not only did not stay, but instead ran, and naturally can explain the problem. What do you have evidence Yuxiao Lin Yi heard the words, could not help but sligh.

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