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Fidget Cube Mediumvioletred ings A moment vomiting, while trying to diarrhea Zhong Pinliang fidget cube wheat a bit anxious. Bright brother, fidget cube mediumvioletred which can not blame me, ah, I did not spit out, and pharynx back, naturally to pull out the Gao Xiaofu weak weak said. In front of the buy fidget cube amazon toilet, you go Zhong Pinliang said helplessly. High Xiaofu three steps and for two steps, quickly ran into the bathroom, Zhong Pinliang some regret for the high Xiaofu fidget cube deeppink also sitting behind the cabin, and is detrimental to their wise image ah Zhong Pinliang suddenly surprised, he will just swallow something back, and will not have diarrhea, right Thought of this, Zhongpin Liang shocked, and quickly got up and ran to the toilet, went to the toilet door. Only to think of Gao Xiaofu still inside, so quickly knocked on the door Fu, you hurry up Bright brother, how Gao Xiaofu weakly asked. I would also like to go to the toilet, you hurry up Zhongpin Liang fish second generation it six seven fidget cube sienna emergency. Sail I was pulling High Fort back. Zhong Pinliang Biede full head sweating, the pain was incredible, only crazy knock on the door Chapter 0461 The shark is.ou brave ah Chen Yu Shu exclaimed. Well Hear Chen Yu Shu s praise, An Jianwen is extremely excited, by Jiujin began to Hu up I blow in the shark s mouth, the shark s teeth are directly broken And then it turned to escape, how can I let it run away To frighten others to complete it, and then the shark suddenly no teeth, into a toothless tiger, eat me, so it immediately dumbfounded So I grabbed the shark tail, directly to it round up, it bang fell to the beach, fell directly to a concussion I heard that the shark s teeth are the toughest animal teeth in the world, you can break, too much Oh I heard the shark s teeth is the world s most solid animal teeth, you can break, too much Oh An Jianwen slightly surprised a moment, he knows where the shark s teeth are hard, he only saw the living in the sea shark shrine, where touched the real shark Just a story just, just to spit out their bravery, did not think so much But now it has been said, then there is no room for remorse, and had to bite the bullet and said Well, well, not very powerful Oh, Jianwen brother, I have a shark teeth to do the key ring.

erately create opportunities, there will always be opportunities. Ah Lin Yi Lin old man listening to the words, how do you feel so awkward it Is it Zen language Which also hidden machine front But fidget cube mediumvioletred Lin Yi is recorded in the heart. Oh, nothing. Lin old man faint smile Boy, you suddenly call me, not report the situation so simple, I remember you do fidget cube mediumvioletred not have important things, is not the habit of reporting to me. Lin Yi said The old man, I used to practice when the kind of nerve stimulation of the liquid, there is no If there are some left, how, you useful Lin asked fidget cube where to buy the old man. Well, I have a useful, two friends a little nerve problems. Lin Yi said Or you give the formula to me, I also prepared some of the line. This nerve stimulation of the liquid, Lin Yi did not study before, because there is no use for Lin Yi, and more difficult to prepare. You configure it, it is estimated that a few herbs are not very good to get, is my own cultivation. Lin old man said I have some finished liquid, you use, then to take it. I asked Erdogan to help me, Lin Yi said, I ll call him later. Lin is also the old man.a little angry, but a little exclusion of the mood at all. Little silly girl, poisoning the event there is no result Lin Yi asked. Yes, the perpetrators have surrendered, according to his account, he ordered Zhong Pinliang in the school cafeteria inside the poison, the poison is separated, down to the seven dishes, so it caused only a small part of the food Song Ling shan said that the more fidget cube mediumvioletred detailed, and arguably this case is not freely disclosed, but Song Ling shan mind is very clear, Lin Yi and Guan Xue min of the people s minds are very clear, but the students do not know, The relationship is very good, but off the Shenyijingyi is the poison of the present, so even if these things without the knowledge of Lin Yi, Lin Yi also learned from other sources. Ro Chapter 0691 Hides the Family However, Song Ling Shan is not know, Lin Yi is the real poison is now, but the company is just a Chinese medicine companies to push the front end of the spokesperson Bale. Zhong Pinliang Lin Yi slightly surprised a moment, how and Zhongpin Liang linked to the This kid is gone, but also ran out of poison, and then asked What to eat Where Listen to me, I know a dazzling Western restaurant Chen Yu Shu said. Lin Yi to see Chu Mengyao did not oppose, so nodded his head and said Good. And then turn right and then on the elevated, take the middle of the bridge on the mouth and then from the right under the bridge under the bridge under the bridge and then Chen Yu Shu began to command up, than the navigation Efficiency. Lin Yi in accordance with Chen Yushu refers to the road, the car parked in a called hyun couple restaurant in front of Lin Yi some silent, this restaurant name, played and that to force clouds bar, the same shock the world, these two Home is not a chain, right Chu Mengyao looked at the big restaurant on the signs, but also do not know what to say, and really dazzling But, is this couple restaurant It is not only the couple came back Their four people come here to count how children This combination is a bit weird, right Little Shu, here is a couple of restaurants Or we change one Chu Mengyao see and out of the restaurant are in pairs of men and wome.

Fidget Cube Mediumvioletred work Guan Xin how will not clear the mind of health lighting But for health lighting would like to pursue their own, why should he come close to But Guan Xin does not like him, do not give him buy fidget cube kickstarter a chance. Kang lighting this time also embarrassed to continue to pestering Guan Xin let her accompany a doctor, and some bitterly to the king of the shore and Zhu Xiaozhang made a wink, so that the two of them with their own to go to a doctor, anyway, took the doctor s advice , But also can find Guan Xin injection. Kang lighting did not take long, Kang Xiaobo to find the door. Kang Xiaobo in the hospital there is no acquaintance, with Xiaofen to referral, natural acquaintance, then more convenient, the last through Lin Yi met Guan Xin, and know she is off the people of the granddaughter, Kang Xiaobo and her natural relationship. Guan Xin also happy and Kang Xiaobo good, because what, fidget cube mediumvioletred Guan Xin himself said not very clear, because he is a good friend of Lin Yi it However, to see Kang Xiaobo around Tang Yun, Guan Xin, or some embarrassment, their own little mind, it seems that did not escape the eyes of t.e moment surprised a moment, this time the heart of this two lazy lazy know a cow so a boss The moment is not neglect, and put on a smile The second lazy, it seems you have developed later When what the total, do not forget us ah Lee, two lazy on the boss, then it is very useful, and my heart is also planning, soldiers come here to open a small company, and his own as the younger brother of his own, Is not it can also give yourself a job, so that when a veteran Niubi yourself Hotel owner personally sent soldiers and others into the box, although he did not know the soldiers less, but it is seen the bell white ah Open a few of the hotel do not know the bell white White to see the white bell is also respectful to the young man, and that the boss will know that the strength of small soldiers high quality fidget cube really not small ah Soon, food and wine was put on the table, Zhao Qibing casual eat some, and then asked Two lazy, before you call and you said, I want to develop shantytowns, you asked me not What s the situation now Those who are relocated households to discuss good, want three thousand one square meter o.

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