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Fidget Cube Mintcream d, actually dare to strong, snapped shouted You dare Chapter 0544 has been relying on Zhong Pinliang I have done, what dare not Zhong Pinliang good leisurely, said Uncle Chu, since you already know, then I simply open to you and say, you are the I have to do, but also did not take any contraceptive measures, the child, I also intend to be born, and that time you this grandfather if the child is not the same as my son in law, Do not recognize it does not matter, my family is raised, my father is happy to have a grandson or granddaughter with him You dare to fidget cube mintcream do so, dare to come to my office, not afraid I sent you to the Council to go Chu Peng Peng can not judge if the words are true or false, but also angry, he completely angry , And Jingu Bang together with Xie Guangbo want to annex Peng Zhan Group, Chu Peng exhibition fidget cube mintcream are not so angry He fidget cube mintcream was just sad and regret, but now, he wanted to strangle the bell goods bright Oh, I think you will not Zhong Pinliang really shook his head Chu uncle you can be considered Matsuyama City, the first person with a face, and Peng Zhan Group is the top five hundr.the back, bitterly stomping, like to step on Lin Yi to step on the same I trample you, trampled to death You let you pull, let you and I loaded force, let you despise me, let you ah ah ah ah ah, ah my feet fidget cube darkseagreen Yu Xiaoken stepped on a stone, almost to her feet get a fracture. Lin Yi turn a corner, back to the hospital, see beggars still begging there to see Lin Yi, eyes dodge some, but Lin Yi also did not want to be how the beggars, and he fidget cube mintcream is not much deceit and their own too much Relationship. In the upstairs nurses duty room, Lin Yi saw Tang Yun, Xiaofen and Guan Xin just return visit, Guan Xin Lin Yi came to see his face a little red, want to say anything, but see Tang Yun, and hold back. It touches Lin Yi, active and Guan Xin called hello Xin Xin, Xiaofen disease no matter what, right In fact, Lin Yi also see out, Xiao fen s head a lot better, her heart is from the disease, and now knot solved, in fact, the problem is not big, but before the sequelae left, or to From the drug on the control. Nothing, the doctor said, if not ill, then do not have to come to the hospital. Guan.

ecessary. Chu Meng Yao sip a Minzui, pull Chen Yu Shu, walked out to the living room, but after Tang Yun side, stopped the sound in her ear xiao sound said I decided, from today officially Pursue Lin Yi To the water, then to be dumped, do not cry nose Oh, you have to cry, I can barely let you when the second wife xiao Oh Chen Yushu also said, grinning. Tang Yun is not saying anything, standing there, full of confidence, she does not believe Lin Yi will dump her. Faint smile, half jokingly like You fidget cube silver are so willing to be his wife when xia, as long as Lin Yi is Willing, I do not mind. Lin Yi ear amazing, three people say, he naturally heard crystal clear Lin Yi at the moment there is only one idea, that is big sister crazy xiao. Tang Yun crazy However, Lin Yi did not say anything, followed by Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yu Shu out of the fat on the villa, Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu sitting in their Audi s5, but sitting in the back above. Lin Yi glanced at his car, I am afraid it can only come tomorrow to take it Big sister is obviously to make their own driving, Lin Yi had to sit in the car s driv.nds to take a look at Tang Yun, after today s things, Lin Yi feel a bit sorry Tang Yun, after the relationship and the eldest, more and more complex. And Chu Mengyao, looking at Lin Yi left the back, want to say, but did not say it, is still a look of indifference Matsuyama City First People s Hospital door, was cut off a kidney Jianwen was rushed to the emergency room, the hospital on the one hand to rescue An Jianwen, on the one hand quickly dialed the police phone Before the police have been greeted and the hospital, and then encountered the victims of kidney was cut, and then the first step to rescue and then get in touch with fidget cube adhd the police Song Ling shan did not expect the cut kidney group was exterminated the same day, there are cut kidney incident students, that is, they are still committing crimes today Song Ling Shan Liu Wang force to send a pedestrian to the hospital, on the one hand to protect the victims of cut kidney, on the one hand ready to collect evidence of the Kidney Group s crime, while the victim is the most important witness Police here side.o persuade If the Chu Peng show over there to accept the bright brother, that all say Accept, we put the Chu Mengyao put chanting, Chu Mengyao do not know is that we design, and that time we say that with the cave owner to plot against her, and there is no evidence, but we would like to thank we save Her, maybe hero save the United States, so Chu Meng Yao Yao heart dark promise it Zhong Pinliang nodded his head, this is his incense instead of using strong important reason Even if this matter fails, then asked Chu Mengyao up, he can push the clean, that he was faintly get fainted, but they caught the two of them, and he and the high Xiaofu lost To the foot of the mountain Although this fidget cube mintcream will lead to Chu Mengyao and Chu Peng s suspicion, but the suspect is only suspected, but also no evidence, but also how their kind can not, but also Buzuomupingpi. This is one of the reasons why Zhong Pinliang has nothing to fear, Chu Peng exhibition if you do not agree with him and Chu Mengyao things, then put Chu Mengyao put, when he fidget cube backer survey did not how to Chu Mengyao, I believe Chu Peng can not show Dead clinging to.

Fidget Cube Mintcream d. You, you are so fierce me, Feng smiled and Lin Yi was shocked to the eye, a red eye socket, grievances of the tears to fall hum you are so fierce doing me, people worship you, Want to please you, so you teach me to drive Well, what is wrong hum Lin Yat horror looked at the delicate and charming Chu Feng smiled, a bit fidget cube images do not believe his eyes, this is the teeth, to shoot themselves and use firecrackers to blow their own Feng Xiao slack toys fidget cube laugh it Was firecrackers bombed, she did not cry, and now because she roar her two, she cried Tang Yun was originally annoyed Feng smiled without eyesight see children, and Lin Yi finally own some time alone, but she came to do light bulbs, but now see the wronged Feng smiled, Tang Yun and soft hearted. She really just worship Lin Yi Rather than have other ideas But admire this thing is hard to say, it is easy to become a good impression, so Tang Yun Feng smile will be quite hostile, but now, and some sympathy for her Lin Yi, you persuade her fidget cube orengered to let her cry You teach her You do not be cheated by her, this little girl like acting. Lin Yi Piel., why Lin Yi is a villa, on what basis to Tang Yun and injured As a result, Missy and Tang Yun s first collision began. Anger can not rest the eldest, in the case without the brain, the Tang Yun launched a declaration of war The declaration of war, but also led to noon in the cafeteria in Health and the second collision But, Tang Yun s kindness, so Missy all of a sudden wake up. Yes ah, Tang Yun What is wrong with it Lin Yi initially seemed to pursue her, right How can blame her However, Chu Mengyao really do not want her to Lin Yi away from the villa However, after today s things, Lin Yi saw his body, his embarrassing urination after another, his relationship with him, but also the same as before Will he look down on himself Laughed at yourself Even if not, how their nerve to face Lin Yi Very annoying, really annoying Chu Meng Yao feel they have to be sick of, from small to large, not so bothering too So at this moment, Missy decided, she would like to invite Tang Yun to eat, to express their gratitude Anyway, since then the two do not owe, Missy do not want to owe the feelings of others, es.

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