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Fidget Cube Mistyrose is now, fidget cube mistyrose after fidget cube mistyrose all, there is a girlfriend, and Tang Yun is standing on this side, of course, do not want to Chu Meng Yao to make some harm Tang Yun s move, if Chu Mengyao really dead, and poor is very poor, but there is no threat to Tang Yun. Tang Yun heard Kang then could not help but shocked, and she did not expect coma students will have Chu Mengyao, although Tang Yun does not like Chu Mengyao, but Does not mean she would Chu Mengyao die She is only some disgusted Chu Mengyao high posture, but if Chu Mengyao what happened, Tang Yun is still very sympathetic to her, after all, Chu Meng Yao was nineteen years old, a time when life season Yes ah, I have seen Ah, really impermanence of life ah Kang fidget cube mistyrose sighed, at noon and Tang Yun Chu Mengyao also enjoying themselves, blink of an eye lying on the inside of the hospital. This Tang Yun hesitated, really hesitant Tang Yun Chu Meng dream heard coma admitted to the hospital, her first thought is Lin Yi medicine is very clever, there should be a way. fidget cube tech insider However, let Lin Yi to his rival medical treatment Tang Yun feel a bit awkward, and my a friend, the Is the day Di entertainment company Zou total, This is his eldest son Zou Ruoguang, is our North Road on this, after the total health problems, you can find him Are iron relations Then, Zhang eight erected a thumb, so Kang could not help but frowned, this is not a clear threat to their own Mody But the face of these people, Kang Fu is also a little temper at all, he is not xiao child, And know the rules of society, people fidget cube adult potential, is made clear to bully their own, how can people like Zou total, Zhang, do not know the two come here, what is it Is to tea, or to learn about the business sense Kang Fu although angry, but also know that these people apart untouchables, neither overbearing nor said. Zou Tiandi and Zhang eight did not speak, the side of the Zou Ruo light first bombing of the temple, and a pound the table, pointing fidget cube lemonchiffon to the health of the health of the people, I am not a man, I do not know, The father scolded up, the set of Jingdezhen porcelain on the table gave a shock to the ground threw a thin rotten. Chapter 0561 strong buying and selling Chapter o561 strong buy.

d sighing said, he did not think Lin Yi so ruthless In the past, Li bared flowers feel in Matsuyama City Is still a personal, other people have to face, but since the encounter Lin Yi, Li bile spent to understand their own in the eyes of Lin Yi is nothing, Lin Yi is not seen he Damn Lin Yi in the end what is backing Dare to interrupt my legs, my father how to say There is no sent to deal with him Zhao Qibing really difficult fidget cube mistyrose to swallow this tone He just arrived in Matsuyama City, Ah, fidget cube coral not so open the situation, it was Lin Yi to a dismal, the building to tear down the not to say, but also interrupted his legs, which he also how to foothold in the future Matsuyama City If not to kill Lin Yi, he also has a face in Matsuyama where mixed go The master of the house has been investigating the identity of the Lin Yi Li bile flowers smile But listen to Zhu said there, Lin Yi is a mysterious master order, this identity, I am afraid that The boss there, not fidget cube amazon review low Zhao Jiabing suddenly stunned, before he was unconscious in the past, so I do not know what Bo Bo said, but this time to hear the news, but a.ith her, should also be fun, everything is two aspects. However, this idea was immediately thrown in the back of the Tang Yun And Chen Yushu living together Do you really let her do Lin Yi s little wife Chen Yu Shu continued to eat the shark meat, but ate a bite, he shook his head Wrigley brother to do better than delicious Lin Yi can not accompany you for life You have to learn to adapt to life Chu Meng Yao stared Chen Yu Shu one, said. Chen Yu Shu did not speak, and bulkheads continue to eat shark meat, some of the atmosphere becomes boring. Tang Yun do not know what is fidget cube what to say, looking at Chen Yu Shu look pitiful, they can not persuade her, do not let Lin Yi to her life nanny That how to do Although Chu Mengyao strongly want to maintain the atmosphere of the meal, but the more so, the more strange atmosphere, Tang Yun also some uncomfortable, she felt Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu really is the two rivals. After dinner checkout, Chu Mengyao come up with a VIP card, it touches on the box responsible for the waiter was surprised a moment She did not expect Chu Mengyao there will be a diamond card is this thing, ah, this product does not know how to provoke the bell to Jianwen, and his own role as a peacemaker. But this is not good mediation, and Jianwen cooperation between their good, there is no need for a light and destroyed the bells of the relationship between each other, only said Ann less between you and Zhongpin Liang, in the end there is no hatred to do so What This is not afraid to tell you, An Jianwen did not intend to hide, fidget cube yellowgreen there will be heard from Lin Yi Li Bifa to the recording, said He bang my childhood sweetheart, I can let him Li Biaoxiao sighed, if it is really as Jianwen said, that he did not teach the lesson bell is too bright, but now the contradictions have been produced, it is not good to reconcile the The total to give an account of the white bell, I think it is better to hand over to Lin Yi This kid is obviously provoke you, use your hand to remove the bell light He is Chu Mengyao bodyguard, nature does not allow Zhongpin Liang this zha bomb In the Chu Mengyao side. This I know, but Lin Yi is my informant, ah, so to pay out, is not it Jian Wen said faint. Ou.

Fidget Cube Mistyrose Xin shook his head. Lin Yi nodded Today I saw the grandfather, but some haste, another day and then door to visit. Well, Guan Xin nodded his head, want to give Lin Yi cooking, but Tang Yun also, and not directly say it afraid of her misunderstanding, hesitated, said Tang Yun, you come together I cook for you I do not go this time more busy, home inside the house gone, do not know how to do Tang Yun d embarrassed to go, as if they do not believe Lin Yi, as a bit small Jiazi Qi For Guan Xin s invitation, Tang Yun said It s Xiaofen and my father s things, not less trouble you, I should ask you, so my house is coming and going, I do barbecue you eat Well Guan Xin smiled should be down. Talking, the door was called Guan Xin, Guan Xin on the first to go busy, and Lin Yi and Tang Yun is together into the Tang Jicheng s ward, and Kang Xiaobo and Liu Xinwen Xiaofen also touches a step ahead, they know Don Yun Yi fidget cube mistyrose Lin Yi is to find a house to discuss things, they are not good to participate. Tang Shushu, how do you feel Lin Yi Tang can actually see in the crutches with the help of walking on the.e meaning of God is not you want to auction this magic in the auction of drugs What But I just developed a successful, but also part of the trial stage, the yield and success rate is very low, can come up with pre sale of the auction, and only two Kang God nodded his head said. Two So little Hai Haitian surprised a moment, before listening to health doctors say this medicine, but also that mass production, the reason why the auction at auction, just to let the bidders can be the first to use this magical Drugs, but it seems, it seems not the case thing Yes ah, although the trial of the dozens of copies of the weight, but you know, we have a lot of friends home, most of them have to come up to a friend, so the auction, leaving only two Kang health doctor said very exaggerated. Rain Haitian s face changed, he is not stupid, this time if the health of God do not know the purpose of health, it does not deserve to do the principal of the auction Kang home to the name of the auction is to increase the auction, but in fact it is flashed a card, that is, Kang has such a magic drug, if a smooth family.

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