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Fidget Cube Navy ngyao some silent, human tactics it Or three batches of tactics Even won, it is not too disgrace it Besides, when they want to marry Lin Yi Just think he took care of their own better care of it See Lin Yi behind the Beetle car, Tang Yiyi stunned, the car she was sitting, but apparently not Lin Yi car, should be Chu Mengyao or Chen Yu Shu s. Wait a long time Sorry Tang fidget cube tech insider rhyme reason the forehead of the bangs, apologetic, said. In front of Chu Meng Yao, can not be lost grace, or change for the usual, Tang Yun will not say so. Lin Yi to Tang Yun opened the door of the co pilot. This time Tang Yun also saw the back of the Chu Mengmeng Yao and Chen Shu, feel a little embarrassed I sat in front, not fidget cube usa right Well, I just want to sit in front of it We change it Chen Yun Shu see Tang Yun also do not want to sit in front, immediately happy. Chu Xiaoyu Chen fidget cube europe Yushu will be a mouth to cover, and stare at her, only Tang Yun said You are guests, naturally sitting in front of. In fact, Chu Mengyao also think so, the car a little bit, not to Tang Yun sitting in the back. Tang Yun Chen Yu Shu to h.a beauty to raise muscle gold record yao These people get their own benefits, I believe that when the family at the annual meeting, it is impossible not to support themselves The next day s auction will be a smooth end, and health practitioners in the rain sea days of help, respectively, met with the four families and five xiao family of several responsible person Wu Wu s home owner is still high in the hospital lying down, but Wu Chen day can represent the Wu family, has also been obtained from the Kang Zhaolong there is a beauty Yangjian gold yao pre sale The Shaw also fidget cube lime needless to say, although Kang Zhaolong do not want to marry again, but Kang family did not really become a family before, and Xiao relationship can not be broken Chapter 0533 The attitude of the rain family Chapter o533 The attitude of the rain house I have heard things have to say Kang, the major family of the person in charge, but also gave the face to stay down. These people, most of them understand the meaning of Kang home move, certainly, and the beauty of gold medications to raise muscle related. Rain in the auction ho.

y that before the Lai fat crazy no problem, but Liu Tianyi, but the home of Liu s first home heir, how could follow the blind fat blindly coax He has reported the price of one hundred and ten million, is this longevity detoxification Dan is really a good thing Auctioneer is also suck down a cold air Long obediently hole This auction is really a thousand order a fidget cube years back ah Rain Haitian brow is wrinkled more powerful, and if Lai fat follow up bid, then Liu Tianyi followed by Minato what fun In the rain sea days it seems that this longevity detoxification Dan may be really what a good thing When the original valuation of their own, see Zoule Yan it One hundred and fifty million Lai fat and raised the hands of the auction card. Liu Tianyi lungs have to blow up, and Lai fat What do you mean ah And I grab is not it Do not think you have the money, I will not, and Liu Tianyi once again raised the hands of the auction card, reported that the audience out of an upset price 200 million Originally, we all hold a wait and see attitude, want to see other people is not a shot, and then decide not out of their o.will be more trouble Rain home now want to weaken the other family had a chance, how can let others squeeze in However, the rain Haitian heard Kang family and the Wu family s third generation heir to the people together, but added some hesitation Kang home this time, must be talking about things to upgrade the family, and this time, with Wu s people, this shows what Wu is also standing on this side of the health home, to support the family into a family health Two uncle, you see Haitian some embarrassing rain, they can not do the Lord, naturally to consult the family inside, able to call the shots. Let them come in and see how they say. Middle aged man heard the description of the rain Haitian, slightly pondered a moment, nodded agreed Kang upgrade family, is imperative, even if we stop, they Since they pull the Wu s arm to help, we might as well look at his cards, if we really have the conditions of the heart, then we may wish to sell Kang and Wu a face, but if not take What good conditions, we even agree, other families may not agree, you know, this is our collective needs to decide.Xuemin nodded his head Mercury. Rain star and Guan Xuemin greeting, and on the rain Haitian Road Haitian, not Jiaoren This is your grandfather Guan grandfather Rain Haitian quickly cried cried. Guan Xuemin nodded his head, said understanding, and fidget cube honeydew he has always been the case, for what people, but also nothing too much enthusiasm. Only in front of Lin Yi, Guan Xuemin will show too much enthusiasm to. People who learn, most fidget cube navy admire people higher than their knowledge, so this is a special case only. Professor Guan, you come this time, do not know what things can work for For Guan Xuemin, rain star naturally will not go round the circle, one is one, can do, they certainly spare no effort I just come to play soy sauce, and Kobayashi is accompanied by Lai fat to. Kwan is also a rare fidget cube navy open door joke for Lai s name because of long clothing and become familiar with Lai fat. Haha, Professor Guan you really will be joking Rain star laughed Lai always do not know what fidget cube navy Because the relationship between Guan Xuemin, rain stars for Lai is also very courteous, but he was a little touch the identity of Lin Yi, fidget cube navy ye.

Fidget Cube Navy things have been so far, no way. But he did not have much doubt, Wang Zhifeng usually not very pleasing to see him, especially after the failure of the shareholders of the ancient Kupang, it is all right to find something a little trouble Zhongpin Liang. Who knows today is how Wang Zhifeng, Zhong Pinliang really can not offend this guy. Fu Bo did not think this guy is so responsible for Wang Zhifeng, Zhong Pinliang is simply a personal security dart, but also let him have some time, taking advantage of the morning, Zhong Pinliang home no one, he dived back, carefully searching Something. Yesterday evening did not search for the bell bright room, today just a search. But the goods in the bell liang s room did not find any useful clue, but at the moment, Forbes can also be 100 confirmed, Chu Meng Yao is not in the family of goods inside the bell. But Chu Meng Yao is not in the home of the goods, and where The key problem is that Chen Yushu also lost track, and two people are lost together, two large living, Zhong Pinliang can put them where Forbes himself in the Zhong Pinliang home left traces.le slower it Su Taiwan early car parked on the roadside, leisurely smoking smoke watching the night, was Jianwen so a roar, to shocked. OK, you hurry back Faster An Jianwen said some depressed. Look, Yao Yao sister, I am very powerful, right Chen Yu Shu said some proud. Chu Mengyao feel that their own girlfriend is simply not a bit silly, on the contrary also very smart, but she expresses the way some of the special Bale. Chu Mengyao feel, Soon, the Soviet Union Taiwan has long been back, carry back a bunch of fruit and lunch, Chen Yushu invited An Jianwen while watching TV to eat, Jianwen ashamed to refuse, he really can not stand, and Chu Meng Yao can not speak , That is still here to do You go to call about Lin Yi, let him come to dinner. Such as Jianwen and Su Taiwan to leave early, Chu Meng Yao Su Taiwan early to buy the lunch opened on the coffee table. Su Taiwan early to buy a total of five lunch boxes, grade fidget cube gold is not low, it should not be cheap, it is clearly there is also included him and An Jianwen that a child, but they can fidget cube navy not eat. Oh Chen Yu Shu looked at the delicious chil.

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