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Fidget Cube Nederland lso want to quickly get the grill Tangmou up to reduce the burden of Tang Yun. You just give my mother what Tang Yun sharp eyed, now a little clue. Nothing. Lin Yi smiled. You are not secretly give her money Tang Yun is not stupid, probably guessed some. No, a small ornaments. Lin Yi casually said. Oh Tang Yun relieved, she was afraid of too much owed Lin Yi, the future can not afford. Lin Yi Tang Yun came to school carrying the car parked in a snack street, just get off, Feng smiled Audi TT also came with, stopped at the car next to the Lin Yi. Feng smiled and occupied the snack Street, a stall, these small vendors are dare not speak out, because Feng Xiaoyan and Lin Yi know, who would dare to touch the mold head fidget cube peachpuff My husband Feng smiled and stopped the car, on the Lin Yi stroked. Ga Lin Yi stared, inexplicably looking at Feng smiled. This little girl is not sick, right Tube called her husband Tang Yun is his face sank, strange looking at Feng smiled. Feng smiled in the cafeteria before, and Lin Yi has shown too close, so that Tang Yun some uncomfortable, and now actually openly in front stage, the yellow order master is the clouds Of course, let him fear is not the background of Feng Tianlong, mysterious investigation of course, is a mysterious institution, the authority is also a raspberry But it is for the ordinary people, for such a family of Wu Gong Gao, although not with the enemy, but also absolutely not afraid of The real fear of Wu Gong is that that has been retired rivers and lakes have not been born more than ten years, Feng Tianlong once captain That person has also been a member of the mysterious investigation of the Secret Service Group, had carried out the task with Feng Tianlong, and Feng Tianlong jiao love it If not Feng Tianlong, for other people, Wu Gong Gao may not give face, but the face of Feng Tianlong, but can not give In that person s eyes, not to mention their own is the master of the mysterious early stage, is to order master, fidget cube nederland I am afraid that is a reminder. Although it is not clear that the true strength of that person is how much, but Wu Gonggao the only clear that provoke him, Wu certainly finished, but also is the day thing. Call Wu G.

. Soon, 66 people continue to increase in the auction, the family also sent people to come, but in general, the major family of the home owner is not there. The lights gradually dark down, the front auction stage, a few spotlights lit, a 30 year old man came out from behind the scenes, the auction house suddenly quiet down. Welcome guests to participate in the annual auction held by the rain home Man finished. Polite bow, suddenly the field applause thunder like rang. Rain home Lin Yi slightly, the original placid face, flashed a trace of excitement, then returned to normal. Boss, the rain home is the largest and most mysterious family, one of the family, although in the past ten years, but pushed up into all the family Lai fat whisper to Lin Yi explained Rain people can not offend the best not to offend, but the boss of your identity, hey, even if the rain home, will have already end you What is it Lin Yi faint smile In front of the man who This man called rain Haitian, not the core of the rain home, but collateral, but it has also been an outsider to curry favor with Ka, to act independentl.harpened the contradictions will intensify the matter to the bad qualitative collective events Chu Peng frowned, do not know how these reporters came from where to get the message Parents of these students have to appease, no one , it is impossible to call them back to find a reporter call As they did not come to the hospital before, but also not clear the situation, worried about the safety of children under the circumstances even less likely to call back a reporter called fidget cube nederland it. Chapter 0659 Notice of critical illness Chapter o659 Notice of critical illness Is there anyone who leaked the news Or the school which, there are some hatred of their own, want to make things big people Do not have any hidden secrets However, no matter who these people are called, these are meaningless, Chu Peng exhibition must find a way to deal with them, otherwise, let them go back and write about, will have a very serious impact on the school. I am Peng Peng, chairman of Peng Zhan Chin show, I would like to ask where you are informed of the news Chu Peng had to come out to face the reporter. Chotingchotingchoting.h No, how could I let you go to prison White white waved, called the phone bloom Li bile. The old clock, right Li Bia spent picking up the white bell phone, and probably know what he is playing for the phone, so wait for him to speak, he directly said I now arrange people to the police station, fidget cube tan if the police Of people to find goods bright, you let the goods so that you can say so, and other things, soldiers will help you get less Li bile flowers will be Zhong Pinliang need to say to the bell white said it again, Zhongbai heard only after fidget cube brass the heart to With the Shenyisheng medical companies to provide the seven grass absolutely life prescription, the police quickly found in the food of these seven kinds of Chinese herbal medicine content Poisoned people are very smart, a dish inside, only under a kind of herbs, and herbs alone is not toxic, and even mixed with some herbs, as well as the role of impotence kidney, but these seven herbs Minato Together, it is able to produce highly toxic, which is why only a small part of the reasons for the poisoning of students After fidget cube nederland what's a fidget cube all, to seven kinds.

Fidget Cube Nederland Yi to fidget cube nederland the whole enough to choke, since Pakistan also dare to go where provoke Tang Yun Moreover, Tang Yun came here at the moment, most also have the shadow of Lin Yi A person s tolerance limit is limited, their own time and time again to find Lin Yi and his side s troubles, do not be happy for anyone, not to mention Lin Yi this master Although the master generally disdain and little people care about, but that little person if the nose to the face, then the master certainly will not mind to shoot a little guy dead This is like a dog, it usually calls you twice, you may not pay attention to it, come bite you once, you may endure. But if it bite your bite your family, you may kill it directly to eat meat. Day Di now feel that he is the fidget cube nederland dog, Lin Yi in the repeated provoke later, not far from being shot dead So, after thinking of these, Zou Tiandi completely afraid, coax soon as kneeling on the ground, tears are out Tang sister, please, do not play me, I really know wrong, you go back And how to buy fidget cube Lin Yi boss say, I really have eyes without bead, I hit my own fidget cube features mouth is not enough, you when I was a.ntinues, and quickly to the old man Kang Sent to the hospital, a check, food poisoning The doctor said, and then two days later, it is estimated that the old man hung up. Kang family who also began to wonder, how can you eat dog feces poisoning Kang god doctor wake up, the words awakened dreamer This name is called the longevity of immortality detoxification Dan Dan, it is natural detoxification He is the dog to eat out of the poison, fidget cube mediumseagreen not to food poisoning Kang home people toss a thirteen strokes, and finally to the health god almost died. Kang God doctor held a family meeting in the hospital bed, this thing as a health secrets, after no one can mention For no reason, just because too embarrassing. If this thing was exposed, Kang home is really finished Now or honest implementation of the health lighting for the girl program, from the Guan Xin side is really start, can directly set out the longevity detoxification Dan formula, health home also can through this difficulty. Lin Yi looked at the bed of goods that bright and quiet with the haze of the eyes, faint that he was a bit problem.

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