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Fidget Cube Olivedrab n quickly returned to normal, their fear of what They are not Lin Yi s girlfriend, Lin Yi and their own what relationship, off what they do An Jianwen how to be protected Lin Yi asked. He is one of the victims of the Kidneys, and we need him to testify. Song Ling shan said, You know him Know, unfamiliar. Lin Yi shrugged, feel a bit funny, An Jianwen to testify to his own criminal gang Although An Jianwen is the mastermind of the case, but I am afraid that now has wiped out all the evidence of the crime, Lin Yi also do not bother and Song Lingshan said these. Song Ling Shan nodded, followed behind in the Lin Yi, into the room, like a small daughter in law like a package, but also not too Lin Yi. This detail, others do not, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu is not paid attention to, and Chen Yu day is not much thought, he did not believe that Song Ling shan there when the gas package. Yushu, Yaoyao Lin Yi, you come. Chen Yatian said Lin Yi s name when some of the unnatural, he is extremely respected in the heart Lin Yi, Lin Yi instructor for the eagle, Yat s name, he felt some disrespect. Chen.Yi on the beat, not by the internal injuries of xiao, breathing is not adjusted smoothly, at the moment are simply moving can not move Even words can not tell Zhao Qibing finally afraid, although he arrogant, but not a fool Zhu Bo who can beat back, he is not playing play He turned around, but also refused to face any face, and turned to run. However, Lin Yi is blocked in front of him. Tu , stay. Lin Yi faint said. I am Zhao s descendants, you can not do that Zhao Qibing reported his identity My father is Zhao Guangyin. Zhao Guangyin who Do not know. Zhao Kuangyin s brother Lin Yi a slap shot in the head of Zhao Qibing, he released beyond, his face blood DC, do not know where the injury in the end. Lin Yi s strength how fierce fidget cube green Zhao Qibing fan a direct somersault, weighs in the past. However, the next moment Zhao Qibing and wake up, because he clearly felt the pain of double tu , and bones broken when the sound came crisp. Kaka twice, Zhao Qibing weighs again in the past. Lin Yi wanted to be in the body of Zhao Qibing to be a hands and feet, but they feel more and more heavy body, took a deep.

chotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingcn We can learn from the title We heard that your group s school, gave birth to such a bad collective event, ask you as chairman of the Group, is how to treat it is the omission of management, or someone neglected duty, or Some teachers have been suspected of crime This is the famous wolf damage mouth, asked a few words, asked all of some very sharp and mean problem. The reporter friend, I do not know how you know the news of the so called bad. Chu Peng show a smile, said lightly But doctors have not given the results of things, even me and All the parents do not know why the students are in a coma, how do you know You do not control how we know, of course, is someone to provide fidget cube olivedrab clues Residual wolf said Even if you know the reason, you probably will not say that , in the dark, these parents, the leaders of you.ourse, if the daughter did not before the accident, then anything to say, their own, though not rich, but her daughter was beautiful, Kang Xiaobo home is not the kind of wealthy home, this is also a perfect match But now their own daughter not only become Zhanhua defeated Liu does not say, there are problems legs and feet Although the spirit of the better, but after all, the spirit of a history of the title off, although the acquired feeling of injury because of the formation of mental illness will not be genetic, but people Kang Xiaobo home may not think so, that time against how to do So Xiaofen home is very anxious, but there is no way, only hope Kang Xiaobo to deal with However, Xiaofen parents absolutely did not think Kang Xiaobo will take Xiaofen to participate in the health of God s birthday, not only with the health lighting directly touched the face, but also met with Kang Xiaobo s parents This makes Xiaofen s parents suddenly in a disturbed mood, they are afraid of Kang Xiaobo s parents will come to fear Kang Xiaobo s parents will break up two children But wait a few days, did not s.any me to Zhuangzhuang Dan You have this iron hand Wu family heir in, we do not cowardly , No problem. Do not have fidget cube white and blue their own doing, is not to embolden it Then he certainly accepted, but also in front of the little brother installed B Why not Well, Chen days boss, I will wait for you at the auction here Kangzhao Long Wu Chen day call has become a minister day boss, which makes Wu Chen day suddenly on the heart hua in full bloom. Kang Zhaolong and Wu Chen day listening to talk on the phone, Kang fidget cube olivedrab Shen Yi is very pleased that this grandson is really brave and advisable, saying the water does not leak, not fidget cube snow only to Wu Chen day grateful, but also points out that the 15 million debt must also And then Kang Zhaolong said, then it is to Hong God with admiration This guy actually said Kang family upgrade things is already a clincher, and this fidget cube graphite is simply open nonsense Even the home of the rain did not contact the contact on it, far away from the family, Kang Zhaolong dare say fidget cube olivedrab that However, God knows the health of the health of the Dragon according to the purpose, if directly to find rain family to discus.

Fidget Cube Olivedrab so startled, Zhang eight out of those who engage in action, Kang mother is also aware, but did not think of his backing so much Zhang Zaotian and Zou Ruoguang naturally see the expression of Kang mother, know that Kang told her own identity and others. Zhang eight is very proud of said Kang boss, I heard you this restaurant because of poor management, ready to exchange against ah I intend to take over, let s talk Kang Fu surprised a moment, then see Zhang eight expressions, to know what played out, this is not the real version of the strong buy and sell it However, although the heart is not comfortable, Kangfu also know That this restaurant business so far, not far from the loss, and not as against the go out to worry. So nodded his head There is this meaning, do not fidget cube set know how much money you want to take over Zhang This, I do not know how much money, Zou Big Brother, you help estimate the price Zhang eight pretending to look Zou Tiandi. Kangfu fidget cube olivedrab and Kang mother suddenly a cold heart, Zhang eight is to open their own restaurant, do not know how much the restaurant Who is it But people this postur.ce is too big, right Actually, please go to his attendant But look at Lin Yi s action, fidget cube olivedrab Chen Yu day to understand, Lin Yi is not want to say his identity, his self introduction is to tell Chen Yutian, he is now the identity of Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yu Shu s attendant Chen Yutian Although some fidget cube lightsteelblue feel fidget cube sandybrown incredible, but since Lin Yi did not want to expose, he would not say it, but some excitement held Lin Yi s hand Hello Hello My name is Chen Yutian, Chen Yu Shu s brother, hey, ha ha An Jianwen and Su Taizhao is frowned, which is how the matter Chen Yu day children Before Lin Yilai before, he also claimed to be a lesson to grab the status of his sister Lin Yi to the mind, and now how has become so attitude Chen Yushu not afraid of his brother bully Lin Yi, but want to brother in the Lin Yi eat a loss here, suddenly wake up, no longer think Songling Shan the fox, but no idea how this pair of brother attitude And Lin Yi seems to hate each other like late Since you are Chen Yushu s brother, I told you Yutian Ge better. Lin Yi s younger than this to Chen Yutian, called him Yutian Ge is not a disadvan.

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