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Fidget Cube On Sale Chen Yu Shu screamed. Chu Mengyao is scare her, did not really want fidget cube forestgreen to tear her mouth, but do not want to Chenshu Shu and nonsense. Then I do it. Chen Yushu thought, said. As you will. Chu Meng Yao rolled his eyes, do not know what to say. Then I went on to say, this is the first thing The second thing, is that we want to celebrate the Jianwen was cut off a kidney, the future can no longer bother Yao Yao sister Chen Yu Shu said. Chu Mengyao childhood and An Jianwen relationship is pretty good, although the relationship is not so good, but for An Jianwen was cut off a kidney, or some sympathy, to say to celebrate, some had, so Chu Mengyao For small Shu s proposal, did not support. The third thing is to let the Song fox out of the ugly, I m so happy Chen Yushu excited exclaimed So we must go to celebrate Caixing. Chu Mengyao nodded his own disaster survived, is indeed a fortunate thing, looked at Lin Yi one, a touch You have time Lin Yi slightly stunned, Missy how to use this tone and speak to their own Not like ah Previously will direct their own, so that they take them to eat, and not ask you.appreciated, if not fat today, spoiler, it is estimated that these three longevity detoxification Dan will not sell such a high price Come. Thank you boss Lai fidget cube retail price fat fat nodded his head. However, just as the auctioneer to introduce the same under the same auction, the guests on the table, but someone, then Good things should be out to share it Haoyu rain, you fidget cube on sale ask the seller, there is no longevity detoxification that Dan We have not so involved in the auction, things gone, this is not fair At the moment speak , Is the hand Wu Wu s home owner Wu Gao. His name from the very knowledge, Wu Gong high, naturally high martial arts means. Although a little boast, but it is also well deserved He is currently in the secular world, the only remaining master of one of fidget cube on sale several mysterious order Only him, dare and rain home so people talk Tieshou Wu, is an ancient family, although the surface looks and Liu Tianyi where Liu is almost large, but for this century family, which did not have a little card it Wu is the home of the master Wu Gonggong out of martial arts, it is also shocking the audience Even the rain.

o other Jingyi, naturally will not let Kangzhao Long destroyed. Kang Zhaolong took a deep breath, but also know that in the Wu Chen day banquet on the bad, can only sit back depressed, not for the face of Lin Yi, it is accurate. Ha, today is a happy day, do not let those unpleasant bad atmosphere Wu Chen days to play a rounders Lin Yi brother, you and Fung smiled laugh Lang really nv appearance ah Lin Yi has not yet spoken, Feng smiled and said happy You think so Yes ah, smiled sister, when you together Wu Chen days quietly asked. There are a few days it Feng Xiao laugh calculations said. This ah Wu Chen day suddenly, do not separate Lin Yi and Jing Yi, and Feng smiled fidget cube on sale and only together As a result, it touches save a lot of trouble, but in order to be safe, he is still ready to Lin Yi and Feng Xiao laugh through the relationship through 1 to Sun Jingyi. Lin Yi has not how to speak, are quietly observing the Feng smiled and Wu Chen day every move. Feng smiled for the attitude, Lin Yi some suspect huo, arguably Feng smiled is not the kind of people now, will not go to flattery to please.rprised a moment. However, this is good news, but my sister s thoughts, as if really a bit weird, she and Chu Mengyao really good to such a degree Have to do a small wife No, Chen Yushu shook his head, said Well, the question I asked, Yao Yao Jie, when you find a boyfriend Oh Do not know. Chu Meng Yao stared Chen Yushu one Do not always ask these strange questions This is the truth adventure Well, of course, to ask some strange questions Chen Yu Shu is not hey, I would like three batches of it, you do not find a boyfriend, then when to achieve it what Not only is An Jianwen and Su Tai early, Chen Yu day is also stared, did not expect such a force to Chen Yu Shu can say it Three batches An Jianwen twitch of the skin two times, although the three batches of cool, but also with whom ah, and Chen Yushu, he is not so much courage, he did not want to die It touches Lin Yi, has been accustomed to, and still face expressionless sitting there. Little Shu, not to tell you not allowed to say it How to say not elegant vocabulary Chu Meng Yao some angry. Yao Yao sister, I did not say Yeah, I said three ba.tolerance ah, but after all, the extent of this thing is limited patience, and finally, Chu Meng Yao is unbearable Exclaimed die, Biebu Zhu, buy the fidget cube and small Shu I came to me Chen Yushu just to hold the hands of fidget cube palegreen Chu Mengyao, one time cup to the side aside, at the moment an hurry, but could not find Cup it, the cup Where s the cup Chu Meng Yao thought he finished a small Shu will be able to hold the cup over it, where to know she put the cup to get it This is not harm themselves Found to find I come Chen Yu Shu finally see, one time fidget cube 2017 cup on the ground behind her, and quickly picked up and ran over. And Lin Yi is also the release of Chu Mengyao hand, and then inserted the last one silver needles, the body receded back. To die Chu Mengyao to cry, and she wants to hold back the explosion, where can endure And no matter how small to come, directly on the urine out. Lin Yigang back two steps, he felt a stream of water from heaven, pouring him a head, confused face are The Chu Mengyao, also saw this scene, to see their actually sprayed a look of Lin Yi, suddenly almost ashamed to find a seam to dril.

Fidget Cube On Sale y to promise them to become a family, but now, there is no need for it Have, how can you become a family On the contrary, if Guanmin people want fidget cube gainsboro to become a family, I am afraid the rain home will take the initiative to meet, and may become the fifth largest family outside the family of four This can fidget cube demo also fidget cube on sale see the importance of a geniuses. The number of auctions for the finished product thirty, 50 copies of pre sale products, finished product price 2,990,000 yuan, pre sale price of two million yuan a price auction, first served basis. Auctioneer introduced a bit Auction Rules. This type of rush type rules, all of you know, everyone has a red button in front of the table, the auctioneer said start , we can press the button to bid, press the button to shoot people Too. Of course, such a sufficient number of cases, no one will offend a person to shoot a few copies Usually in accordance with the family size and various wealthy, celebrity social status, followed by pressing the button, until there are remaining, and then Start everyone s fair auction. This shocking price, so yesterday spent more tha.nd took over the Feng Xiaoxiao delivery of drinks. Feng smiled and his relationship somewhat strange, but also involves Feng Tianlong out, so that Lin Yi a little headache. Oh, nothing happened. Feng smiled and shook his head, but it is a change in the past generous, some shy. Feng smiled expression, but also let Lin Yi helpless, had to admit, Lin Yi yesterday, a little tempted, but the kind of temptation is purely emotional desire for the impulse, it is not a good impression on Feng smiled. Just Feng smiled yesterday, Lin Yi feel the disease so strange, but also never met such a strange situation. fidget cube on sale Feng smiled, before some of us between Liangzi, but yesterday I saved you Lin Yi pondered a moment and said I see, we both things, even if even Ah Feng smiled surprised a moment, but it quickly understood the meaning of Lin Yi. Lin Yi is not want to go back to his revenge However, their now have to revenge him Lin Yi did not mention this crop, Feng smiled and did not feel anything. But Lin Yi such a mention, Feng Xiao xiao suddenly felt his hatred of Lin Yi, actually become.

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