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Fidget Cube Orange Yushu thought Lin Yi fell asleep, and intends to wake him, and then listen to him and Feng smiled and talked, and now Lin Yi has woke up, she will be all right. Lin Yat Shu Chen Yi Shu inexplicably looked at one, shook his head. Lin Yi, are you hungry I have here biscuits. Feng laughed Lin Yi did not pretend to sleep. Quickly asked. Oh, you eat it. Lin Yi faint back to the sentence, eyes to see the machine window. Feng Xiao Xiao flat mouth, what does it mean Chen Yushu a call him, he promised, and his talk to him, indifferent Hey, how much they give you What gives me how much money Lin Yi Yi stunned. You are not their attendant plus bodyguards What do they pay you every month Feng smiled asked. Tens of thousands of pieces Lin Yi said vaguely. Tens of thousands of pieces of sail smiled and smiled, how so much money, although their money at home, but fidget cube maroom their pocket money every month also 10,000 yuan she wanted to say how much money to Lin Yi Chu Meng Yao , She twice hired Lin Yi, but now, these words can not tell, only bitterly said bragging Roar Lin Yi also roughly guess the idea of.g out, their prices should be increased, but may not be too high Tang mother sighed Our house is gone , How much compensation can count it, I do not want those, and now think about it, is to rent a suite, or buy a suite Compensation things, Lin Yi really interference, can not go to find a trip to Zhao Qibing, threatened to fidget cube orange give him a little money to pay the mother, right He collapsed his a building, can be considered barely even, and for the time being let go of him. If Zhao Jibing know the idea of Lin Yi, I am afraid it will be angry blood A building for a broken cottage, just barely, which is too Kengren, right Buy a set, it is not a way to rent a house. Lin Yi s idea is to buy a house than to rent a house to worry about some. Buy a house ah Tang mother some distressed, before the Tang Jucheng and Tang Yun fidget cube orange s opinion is to buy a fidget cube orange house, now home to Lin Yi to 500,000, as well as some money before, buy a big house is more than enough of. But Don mother did not want to spend all of a sudden fidget cube orange these money empty, so no savings at home, Don mother had a little easier to have the feeling of th.

t But did not dare ask. Zhao Qibing to find a restaurant, he did not have any hobbies to eat, how to eat can eat, but the interest of women and money Here it, two lazy, to ask if there is no box Li Er lazy is a small bully in this area, the natural understanding of the hotel owner here, go in, the Dalie Lie on the waiter The boss called out That waiter also know Lee two lazy, know he is a Hunzi, also did not dare to offend, and quickly nodded his head called the boss. The boss came out to see a two lazy Li, could not help but frowned The second lazy, this month is not to give you pocket money, how it The boss is not afraid of the two lazy, but for this bully, or give them a little bit of sweetness every month, or trouble it really is very troublesome. What is here I come to you here to eat Is worthy of you My boss came, and quickly prepare the box Lee two lazy stare a scolding curse My boss is Jones real estate company s Zhao Dong, from the provincial capital to The boss had heard about the transformation of the nearby shantytowns by Jones Jones handbags real estate company responsible for th.taste What is the taste of shark fin it Wu Chen days full of cold sweats, his family from other business family, Wu year income, but also tens of millions, a good time to hundreds of millions, and the need to support the Wu family Of the total cost. fidget cube orange So they junior each year hundreds of thousands of pocket fidget cube uae money on the end, he spent this meal on more than 15 million, if the high power Wu Gonggao know, and certainly mad However, do not tell, he really can not get the money. But these are secondary, and first to Feng smiled to a child shark fin, packed and beaten her to leave, only to frown and stand in front of the bar to think fidget cubes of a way. Xiao brothers at the moment is also the first to go downstairs to play Wu Chen day, Wu Chen genius hesitated to call the grandfather. Hey Grandpa What, I was Chen Chen Wu Chen day careful said. What things I was busy, something quick to say Wu Gong high in the days before the Feng Tianlong hold a belly gas, there is no place to vent Of course, this is nothing, he went to the son in law Liu Tianyi, would like to see from his hands will be longevity detox Dan get.Tang Yun pleasantly surprised Regardless of Lin Yi is to use their own Ye Hao, or really is the case, Tang Yun has been very happy At least this shows that Lin Yi still care about their own. Before she and I said, she is your girlfriend, and you give my mother s money, is to my break up fidget cube coupon fee Tang Yun whispered the things that had happened before, including their own broke the phone Lin Yi some silent, his head of the black line, the original their own money, but also to the error Feng smiled this is also a coincidence, just come up with a breakup fee to Not help but smile Feng smiled like, do not you know All day crazy, what things fidget cube wholesale dare to do, she spoke, how can you believe I Tang Yun Lin Yat heard the explanation to know their misunderstanding, and really some silent. However, Tang Yun fidget cube royalblue also secretly feel a little ashamed, yes ah, they do not trust Lin Yi, if I believe Him, is not it now these things However, the girl s mind is always sensitive, especially in the girls just in love, even more afraid of losing love, so do not blame Tang Yun will be suspicious, who told thi.

Fidget Cube Orange her sister, but there is no way, one is to go to the doctor Songling Shan himself, and secondly An Jianwen really fainted, thing No Chen Yushu is not agree, this is not a simple doctor so simple, but the upgrade to the contest and Song Ling Shan Chen Yu Shu really do not understand, so how a brother ribs, like Song Lingshan My brother is very good, OK Although compared with the Wrigley brother is also worse, but also Chen s grandson, looking for what kind of girl can not find Chen Yushu and Song Ling Shan childhood from the heart and heart, so this is Chen Yushu for Song Ling Shan reasons. Chu Mengyao some can not stand, but she knew the character of small Shu, do not look small Shu all day seems silly what do not care, but really want to persevere, who can not pull, this is his unconscious, Shu has been stubbornly persists in the small side of the reasons for their guard Chu Mengyao very touched, although Chen Yushu sometimes comments and suggestions to their embarrassment, what a small wife, what three groups of like, but Chu Mengyao know, Chen Yushu is really do not want to separate, to b.so startled, Zhang eight out of those who fidget cube yellowgreen engage in action, Kang mother is also aware, but did not think of his backing so much Zhang Zaotian and Zou Ruoguang naturally see the expression of Kang mother, know that Kang told her own identity and others. Zhang eight is very proud of said Kang boss, I heard you this restaurant because of poor management, ready to exchange against ah I intend to take over, let s talk Kang Fu surprised a moment, then see Zhang eight expressions, to know what played out, this is not the real version of the strong buy and sell it However, although the heart is not comfortable, Kangfu also know That this restaurant business so far, not far from the loss, and not as against the go out to worry. So nodded his head There is this meaning, do not know how much money you want to take over Zhang This, I do not know how much money, Zou Big Brother, you help estimate the price Zhang eight pretending to look Zou Tiandi. Kangfu and Kang mother suddenly a cold heart, Zhang eight is to open their own restaurant, do not know how much the restaurant Who is it But people this postur.

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