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Fidget Cube Orchid so to promote the roaring of the small courtyard of the Tang family, the fence in front of all to the flattened it Dad Old Tang Tang Yun mother and daughter is almost a colleague Jiaojiao called out, ran to the direction of their own How they did not expect, Zhao Qibing actually sent to carry out strong demolition However, Tang Jucheng still in the house, how can this be done Tang Yun rushed to the house regardless of the danger, and the mother is to prevent the fidget cube goldenrod excavator to continue to dismantle the house, at the moment, the beams have been smashed down, do not know Tang Jucheng there is no injury No one fidget cube lightgreen arm, he is not run out of What are you doing My father is still inside, stop it Tang Yun ran and shouted loudly on the trencher driver. However, sitting in the trencher buy fidget cube kickstarter edition driver side of the two lazy eyes are across a hint of color, on the trenching machine driver said chotingchotingchotingchoting Trenching machine driver nodded, continue to manipulate the trencher demolished the house, and Tang Yun see them do not listen, can only burst into the house to go, but the house can go in it know, but we are each other on the road mixed people, no one will break the rules to the police report. Tattoo men took advantage of the police did not come up, quickly went to the operating room, but also saw a look of wooden expression of Dr. Wang. Perhaps, Dr. Wang is the same idea, long thought he had such a day. Tattoo brother, this day to Dr. Wang s expression is very sluggish, but the tone is very calm. Well, to the. fidget cube lightslateblue Tattoo men nodded. If we were caught in, what is the crime Dr. Wang asked. Immortality is also no period, right Tattoo man smiled. You come, want me to die Dr. Wang looked up and saw a tattoo male. Tattoo man nodded honestly I m afraid you can not carry the time to explain the text out less. Oh, carry Daoshi Kang Zhu, but I do not want to carry, and I do not want my son to know his father is a criminal, is a specialized profit taking of others kidney doctor Dr. Wang said faint My son The dream is to do a doctor, he proud of his father, I do not want him disappointed I am dead, you and the police said, I was persecuted, can it This is my last request Of c.

o sister, my stomach so uncomfortable ah, how such a big ah, will not be pregnant, right, I m so disgusting Oh Chen Yu Shu lying on the sand, unable to Halo, how to eat pregnant Do not talk nonsense Chu Mengyao watching TV, hear the small Shu, put the TV turned off, came over. Yaoyao sister, you can drink soft drinks can be pregnant, how can I eat ah, there is Wrigley s brother s saliva may also Chen Yushu little face, said white brush. Well, do not trouble. Chu Meng Yao was brought back, could not help but embarrassed Do you eat more or go to the toilet No digestion, how to go to Oh so good ah uncomfortable uncomfortable Chen Yu Shu feel good stomach support, but nausea, in short uncomfortable mess. You wait, I went to look for Jianweixiaoshi film, give you to eat some Chu Mengyao see Chen Yu Shu so uncomfortable, but also some regret, and just really should not be spirited, and harm the small comfortable. She did not know people eat more in the end can Chengsi, but since the Chengsi this sentence, I am afraid it is Chengsi of it Thought of this, Chu.l is completely private, that is the son of Guan Xiaoxiang is the hospital s largest boss, Dean is To listen to his words, Guan Xuemin put aside his prestige of the medical community do not say, even if he is an ordinary person, in this hospital is also so that the words. Guan Xuemin directly to the president to make a phone call, and soon, in the emergency room to pack out a ward out, are all closed operating room. Soon Chu medical and health personnel will be pushed into the operating room Chu Meng, and Chu Peng Exhibition, Forbes and Kwan, it is also very conscious not to follow in, although the students want to know Lin Yi Acupuncture way, but can not listen to Lin Yi Be disturbed, he can only give up the idea of watching. I want to accompany Yaoyao sister Chen Yu Shu is not want to leave, ran into the operating room. Chu Shu peng, although aware of Chen Yu Shu and her daughter s feelings, but this time have to come up with the majesty of their elders, let her influence Lin Yi. I do not Wrigley brother, you drive me away Chen Yu Shu Lin Yi looked pitiful, but the tone is very firm I must.Chu Meng fidget cube orchid Yao Lin Yi looked one, said. I m not hungry, you eat. Lin Yi sighed, living together with Chen Yushu, you have to come up with the courage to exercise people. Chen Yushu Lin Yi seems to have just realized the wrong, looking at Lin Yi, Lin Yi looked at the steamed stuffed bun, suddenly laughed Ha ha Wrigley brother, I just take the buns are left, the toilet Is the right hand Said, Chen Yushu Lin Yi in front of the steamed stuffed bun took back, big bite, eat special fragrance Lin Yi and Chu Mengyao as a glance, have seen each other in the eyes of deep helplessness After breakfast, Forber to pick Chumeng Yao and Chen Yu Shu school, Lin Yi is driving his broken bread. Just break through the yellow order to promote the mysterious order, Lin Yi s heart is so cool, mysterious master order, in the secular world, I am afraid that has rarely seen it Wu Gong high to see the next, not afraid of him. Outside the master, always better than the home to master some of the poor, although not much difference, but in the end there is fidget cube orchid still a gap. Lin Yi heart is happy.

Fidget Cube Orchid ney how to cut off, he is also very happy, as long as Lin Yi fidget cube lightslateblue unlucky he was happy, the best Lin Yi Was killed by the car, he was straightforward it Zhong Bai is to take this opportunity to express gratitude for Zhao Qibing, and expressed loyalty. Bell white is too happy, so I decided to personally drive to pick up the bell goods bright, out of the bar after drove his Mercedes Benz car flew to the Matsuyama City, the first high school, on the road, to call a bright light products, ready to The good news told Zhong Pinliang. Chapter 0647 Happy Zhong Pinliang family Chapter o647 Happy Zhong Pinliang family Dad How do you call again Zhong Pinliang just hang up the phone soon, do not know the white and called to do. Son, tell you two big good news Bell said excitedly. Ah What good news ah fidget cube discount code There are two Zhong Pinliang also heard the father s voice excited, but it is not understand what the message can make his father excited into this, but the two good news Son, the first good news is that you can immediately revive the glory of the men, the soldiers less and An Jianwen say hello, Jianwen side for.engyao fidget cube tomato feel fidget cube orchid a cool body, quickly reached fidget cube orchid for exploration, but now they have been naked, and suddenly anger not Little Shu What have you done Oh, Yaoyao sister, you wake up Chen Yushu is smiling at watching Chu Mengyao I and Wrigley brother to give you medical treatment, and you do not tamper with, we have to start You Chu Mengyao shame and anger, but there is no way, she has been stripped, and should not see the look, I am afraid they have been seen by Lin Yi, so Chu Mengyao some depressed Although Chen Yushu given the reasons, barely can achieve the purpose of self deception, but always give yourself some time to consider and accept it So directly to their clothes off, it is not authentic Yaoyao, while I give you acupuncture, you may produce pain and fatigue feeling, but you must hold back, do not tamper with. Lin Yi did not let Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu continue to dispute, but directly Speaking of acupuncture when the precautions. Oh no way to dream Yao, can only accept the reality, see Lin fidget cube orchid Yi is not staring at the color of their fans to see, but really like a doctor generally asked h.

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