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Fidget Cube Order talk about Bell white mother deliberately pushed to the Zhao Qi Bing. That soldiers less, you see, we want a store, is not able to Some of the mother looked disturbed Zhao Qiqiao soldiers, the obvious is the principal Zhao Qibing, he looks a bit gloomy, Mother does not dare to phase with. Do not fidget cube order look at the soldiers soldier, but it is the color of fans to see the Tang Yun The store can give you, do not have money to do, to see how you do What how to do Tang mother surprised a moment, did not expect soldiers would say less, not only to the store, the sky does not have money, this is what reason There are such a good person Obviously not likely. This is your daughter, right Zhao Qibing looked Tang Yun, eyes full of the color of prostitution In the side, I still lack a female secret book, let her follow me, not to mention a store, and two also Tang mother surprised a moment, to understand the meaning of Zhao Qibing, he is fancy his daughter But take their daughter for the store, the cost effective it Lin Yi not a daughter, and if the daughter with the Zhao Qibing, is als.n said This simple That time, bright brother, we prepare a dead shark in the water beforehand, and then I put on a shark fin shark in the sea, You pretend to fight with me, and then I play dead sank into the sea, you can be prepared in advance to the shore of the dead shark to go Yes ah Zhong Pinliang a high Xiaofu s idea, suddenly shines, he thumbs up It s brilliant idea ah Wonderful, Chu Mengyao not just like a strong and fidget cube lightgreen valiant men Shark fight, you can show my manhood, and that time is not afraid of Chu Mengyao not attracted to Yes ah, so that this is not a difficult thing, and now is the study charter thing Gao Xiaofu other not, a loss or very powerful. This easy to handle, I go back and my dad to discuss it Zhong Pinliang fidget cube orange s troubles were resolved at once, the whole person immediately relaxed a lot, and humble with the high Xiaofu Xiaoqu out fidget cube order of the school. And Chu Mengyao at the moment, it is some helpless look at Chen Yushu Little Shu, you can not go to fiddle with the bell light Who told him silly. Chen Yushu not agree Yao Yao Jie, immediately we graduate, if not a good trick about thi.

ah, how not to Wrigley brother ah Chen Yu Shu cried asked. Faster, the dead Lin Yi, Lai Tang Yun where do not want to go Do not know what Tang Yun, a little far worse than our home Chu Meng Yao is complaining, said. Keke Lin Yi suddenly sweating, dry cough twice Although Tang Yun Chen Yu Shu is not as small as, but the key is the identity of Chen Yushu, Lin Yi dare to move her She is Missy girlfriend ah How can such a comparison Lin Yixin said, you should give Chen Yushu as a wife, I am sure she brought her around every day ah Chu Mengyao heard Lin Yi s cough, suddenly an embarrassment, a look back to see Lin Yi, said You know come back You look at the small Shu are going to die, you go to save her Lin Yat looked at the sand on the sand, is not dead, but also a sigh of relief, but that Chen Yu Shu that bulging stomach, could not help but once again frowned, do not know there is no rise in gastric perforation. Wrigley brother, you finally come back, hum Chen Yushu crying I m so sad ah, Yaoyao sister to assassinate me No one wants to assassinate you, is not an, you do fidget cube by ansty not look at Yao Yao sister s body Oh, after some opportunity to see Now the first task is to cure Yao Yao sister, Yaoyao sister died, you do not see it Chen Yu Shu Chu Meng Yao either lying in bed can not move, really want to kick to Chen Yushu to kick the outer space, let her go to stimulate the aliens. fidget cube grey Oh, oh, I do not know anything, also said nothing Chen Yu Shu quickly shut up. Lin Yirong can not help, the sisters really is fun, but also have to say, small and Yaoyao feelings really did not say that in Yaoyao coma, the most nervous than her, but now know Chu Meng Yao saved, but laughing up. Yaoyao, I want to touch your armpit temperature. Lin Yi is the first time to give people to force the drug, but also to ordinary people to force the drug, the fidget cube orange difficulty can be imagined So every step, Lin Yi will be careful to be careful not to have a trace of the error, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable. Ah Chu Meng Yao sip a Minzui, although shy, but still nodded his head. Lin Yi stretched out the needle of the right hand, touched the armpit Chu Mengya.g Lingshan Matsuyama City Bureau of Criminal Investigation Battalion of the captain Jianwen widened his eyes Chen Yu day pursuit of goals, how to get her to the arrested Tattoo men some dumbfounded, and the heart or else how to say so familiar with their own, the police station is the original captain of the criminal investigation, which is often appear on television characters, He should be seen, but because of Song Ling Shan Yang Huai jun position to replace the time is not long, so he did not pay much attention to it However, this matter get fidget cube design big, and some do not end well, do not know how the text will treat his brother, will not do out of their fidget cube order own right Thought of this, tattoos fidget cube order men burst of Xinjing, An Jianwen ruthless, but he understood the Although An fidget cube order Jianwen looks very gentle, but the tattoo men know that he is definitely a ruthless, before Jianwen brother or spend money to buy kidney, and An Jianwen is out robbed To deal with rival, it is also directly cut off a kidney, which means such Henla, where most people can do it So tattoo man that scared ah, Jianwen will not want to get rid o.

Fidget Cube Order ong Lingshan difficult to detect in the dungeon two locations, to find the two cameras, the other should be through the two cameras on their own surveillance Thought of this, Song Ling Shan did not deliberately to hold your breath, because even if hold your breath, but also can adhere to a little while only, the total can not have been breathing So, Song Ling Shan also go with the flow, not to resist, the normal breathing in the air smell But, after a while, Song Ling shan is not a trace of lethargic thoughts, but rather that the whole people have a feeling of excitement, just feel some excitement, as if to make endless effort in general Is the other party mistaken, doping pass into the dungeon However, soon, Song Ling Shan to realize that the enemy through the gas is not a stimulant Because Song Ling Shan just feel her body extremely hot, whole body is hot, there is a strong impulse Song Ling Shan Although not a boyfriend, did not do that kind of thing, but this physiological phenomenon can still understand She is also a normal woman, occasionally to be a net dream, but usual.ho to play. Little Shu, your task is to learn, not play people. Chu Mengyao Chen Yu Shu said. Well, I do not play, I listen to Yao Yao sister. Chen Yu Shu nodded, and fidget cube honeydew then Lin Yi said Wrigley brother, you have to learn Oh, or we can not be admitted to a university The. Tang Yun some silent, test a university Do you have never let Lin Yi a lifetime Let him do your lifetime attendant Examination of a university do Look at him Dandy Chu Meng Yao frowned, said the subconscious. But finished, I feel some wrong, Tang Yun also sitting opposite, so their own, does not mean Lin Yi and Tang Yun But the good news did not wait for Tang Yun to speak, Chen Yushu first spoke Oh, Tang Yun students, you really like Wrigley brother you want to spend all his life with it Chapter 0712 can not accompany you for life Chapter o712 can not accompany you for life I of course so Tang Yun nodded, she has been so decided, since this step has been taken, it would have been going down, Lin Yi, if not their own death to see him Oh, then you can accept the Wrangler brother yo Chen Yu Shu continued to ask Or, you can.

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