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Fidget Cube Paleturquoise and Feng smiled and laughed at his own will be vain, false high For a time, Tang Yun some dilemma. Yun child, how do you so silly He played you, give you money is not normal Tang mother hum said. What play Mother how you say so ugly Tang Yun suddenly some blush Chapter 0482 money to the door Chapter o482 money to the door Play Ye Hao, dumped worth mentioning Tang mother waved and fidget cube paleturquoise said Well, this thing is so decided, while we go with Xiaowei to find that big boss Tang Yun heart, although that money with some wrong, but there is no way, who fidget cube mexico told their own so unlucky, what bad things are met together Sister, you do not sad, and that big bad guys have no eyeball, do not worry, I Xiaowei is also a man, the money I will give you Xiaowei know my sister s mind, then persuade I will not let You can not do it Well Tang Yun nodded his head, but added some comfort, at least Xiaowei not only know the kind of money to make their own people, he has this mind is enough. Tang Yun, the bank card is the name of the open, one time payment of five hundred thousand, naturally to Tang Yu.Guan Xuemin fame , Want to nong some rare yao material, is simply too easy Grandpa, then we become a family thing Kang Zhaolong most worried about is the family thing. I m afraid the situation has changed ah Kang God doctors are also some concerns, but it is no way, Who let their own so unlucky Encountered this kind of thing. No wonder the rain home yesterday to see our eyes is strange, fidget cube oldlace the original they already know And we do not disclose in advance, made clear that we want to make a fool Kang Zhaolong eyes across a hint of hate, If Kang Can not become a family, then the variables on the more. Guan Xuemin, is simply too deceptive too Kang Guifeng sneer a cry So then we will see who can nong who Lai fat after the introduction, went on, the next thing is the auctioneer In fact, not how the auction, because after yesterday s Kang family things, Lai fat advice Lin Yi increase the number of auctions, Lai fat is also reluctantly part, would Originally belong to their share of the child out of the ten bottles to a total of a total of the number becomes ten bottles. Moreover, it is recommended t.

, why Lin Yi is a villa, on what basis to Tang Yun and injured As a result, Missy and Tang Yun s first collision began. Anger can not rest the eldest, in the case without the brain, the Tang Yun launched a declaration of war The declaration of war, but also led to noon in the cafeteria in Health and the second collision But, Tang Yun s kindness, so Missy all of a sudden wake up. Yes ah, Tang Yun What is wrong with it Lin Yi initially seemed to pursue her, right How can blame her However, Chu Mengyao really do not want her to Lin Yi away from the villa However, after today s things, Lin Yi saw his body, his embarrassing urination after another, his relationship with him, but also the same as before Will he look down on himself Laughed at yourself Even if not, how their nerve to face Lin Yi Very annoying, really annoying Chu Meng Yao feel they have to be sick of, from small to large, not so bothering too So at this moment, Missy decided, she would like to invite Tang Yun to eat, to express their gratitude Anyway, since fidget cube materials then the two do not owe, Missy do not want to owe the feelings of others, es.r, or you also called Chu Meng Yao stared a bell quality goods, said coldly. Uh that still forget it. Zhong fidget cube paleturquoise Pinliang do not fidget cube pink want to change Chu Mengyao s brother, as a way, not even more difficult to pursue her Mody Haha, Zhong Pinliang said I went to bake sharks ah, boys in our class, over, we With the shark split, while baking each addicted to affectionate Although addicted to some students more or less, and Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu the same as the hands of the shark s Zhongpin Liang some doubts, but I heard that bake shark to eat for a while, and everyone has a child, so there is no addicted And then do the disgusting thing, have helped Zhong Pinliang busy up. For the bell goods bright ill also a lot less. Zhongpin Liang solar barbecue pits ready to look around waiting for the high Xiaofu, after a while to see the high Xiaofu head wrapped around a piece of clothing ran over. How are you Zhong Pinliang fidget cube paleturquoise whispered. In just hit the forehead, skin trauma Gao Xiaofu said. I do not play it, you sink at the end, I really did not lose face, and a little heroic image did not show it Zhong Pinliang som.d Kang Guifeng really admire the son of his death. Dad, you are boasting me or call me That I hurt Kang Zhaolong said so, but the heart is not without pride, he saw through the other s plan, and feel like a fisherman behind the scenes. Of course, if according to the normal situation, Kang Zhaolong idea without any errors, but quite correct. However, this happens, is unusual. This time, we auction the product is traumatic yao loaded version, natural and can be bought on the market is not the same. Lai fat on the table above continued The trauma yao s loaded version, naturally has an unusual The effect of This yao fidget cube fake vs real not only the basic effect of trauma yao, and there is the role of beauty to raise muscle The magic of our trauma is that you can make the wound healing faster by adding those scars, and fidget cube darkorenge this loaded version, Of course, this is Only the main effect, there are many auxiliary effects, such as beauty, can improve the skin, remove the skin dull, contraction mao hole, and so on, can be used to repair some old scars, remove the old scars Wait Lai fat words, the audience once again.

Fidget Cube Paleturquoise f resentment, the Lin Yi Actually dare to order their own work Next time I see him, be sure to beat his face big bag Song Ling Shan though unhappy, but did not dare to offend Lin Yi, angrily called the police over there jia police, telling them to carry out official duties, so that they do not chase. Sure enough, Lin Yi called the phone shortly after the police cars have disappeared in the back, and then after the pass through the post when the jiao, there is no jiao police to block. Lin Yi, you too much, right A phone to get it Feng smiled surprised surprised stare, although she also has the background, but it can not do a phone let the city s jiao police are turning a blind eye I am anxious to save. Lin Yi faint, said Do not me and you this dude less nvh n talk. Hee hee, anyway, you are handsome Oh Feng smiled and shook his fist Yes, the brain remnant of Who is Who I am a friend. Lin Yi said. Why is it called brain remnant girl ah Her brain What Mody Feng Xiao Xiao suspect huo asked. Is my love for her. Lin Yi some helpless explanation, this call, really bad and others said. Then you give m.tunned, and my heart some grievances, borrowed the time to think of me, how to ignore me before Feng smiled and fidget cube paleturquoise grunted The car can, I have to in the car Lin Yi did not have time and Feng smiled and more nonsense, and now the situation is uncertain, more than one point late to a single, Lin Yi did not want to spend time to persuade Feng smile. Not afraid fidget cube paleturquoise Feng smiled and nodded his head The more dangerous things thorn j , the more I like You re still very special, no wonder like racing. Lin Yi shook his head The key used. Feng smiled obediently took out the key, but it did not directly to Lin Yi, but the car m n remote control lock open, and then said Get on the car to give you, if you throw me no matter how do Oh Lin Yi smile I do not deceive a friend. You when I was your friend Feng laughed after listening to the words of Lin Yi, then some excitement. General friends, not bad. Lin Yi is telling the truth, he smiled on the von no ill feelings, Feng smiled in his eyes, but is a love of pranks was spoiled inside the xiaonv baby Just, how can Lin what's a fidget cube Yi and her General care about You hold me about.

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