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Fidget Cube Pictures nt to help us avenge Chen Yu Shu just want to seek a comfort, but added no other ideas, but simply holding Lin Yi. Lin Yi is also the comfort of Chen Yushu patted the shoulder, do not Chen Yu Shu, Lin Yi will never let Zhong Pinliang, but the way to roundabout, since Chu Pengchang do not want to increase the conflict, Lin Yi prepared to transfer the Contradictions to others. Back to the villa, Lin Yi comfort Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu after a few words, returned to the room, he would also like to clean up the bell to light goods. The recording pen inside the computer interception of a part of the recording, and then call the An Jianwen phone. Soon, An Jianwen to pick up the phone Lin Yi brother An Jianwen Lin Yi did not think how to take the initiative to call their own, although before the Lin Yi a case handling funds, but he is not sure Lin Yat can not inquire about the news Chu Mengyao. Because in the Jianwen view, Lin Yi is not so good with the. Ange, I am. Lin Yi said You now have time Now what is it An Jianwen and the Soviet Union early in the outside to drink it, do not know Lin Yi there is a small home so beautiful nv children, but also out of the floral Chu Meng Yao deep thought, said Daddy, you Say He is not very hateful Well it touches it. Chu Peng could not help some funny, this is the root cause of nv curse Lin Yi, right So to say, in order to small Shu, I will put up, or do not expel him. Chu fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety Mengyao said. However, Lin Yi has nv friends, and small Shu how to do it Chu Peng exhibition asked some puzzled, in fact, but also want to see the attitude of children nv. She ah All day long to think of others to do small wife, so the problem should not be it Chu Mengyao said. Little wife Chu Peng Shake shook his head Really Chu Mengyao shook his head Daddy, this matter, you do not control, so that small Shu themselves deal with it Chu Meng Yao shook his head Daddy, this matter, you do not control, Well, it is already late, that I go first, you rest early Despite the is the weekend, but Can not stay up all night Well Chu Mengyao a sigh fidget cube 2017 of relief, and finally will not dismiss Lin Yi. But tomorrow is the weekend, but Chu Peng is also a busy work to show, so the fir.

s, if someone is needed, then the price will be high, but if not People need, it will not take any good price Oh Lin Yi nodded his head Tomorrow it photographed. Boss, you are not saying before, this is no use what Lai fat nodded, but still some doubts asked. Oh, that snow lotus is of no use, I want that box. Lin Yi pointed to the directory, filled with fidget cube pictures snow lotus box said. Box Lai fat is surprised a moment, but did not ask anything, nodded his head OK, then I try. Over 100 million words, even if the. Lin Yi said. This box should be a tree called the spring of wood made of spring, the medicine into it, you can keep the properties of the years unchanged, not only that, but also for some drugs ripening and purification. However, this is just Lin Yi from the old man at fidget cube forestgreen home reading a book, and that the ancient books described above, almost all of the myth of the herbs are simply unheard of modern simply does not exist Lin Yi had just as a look like entertainment magazines, there is no thought that one day will come across the ancient books introduced something But Lin Yi is only a slight impress.can only be suspended temporarily announced that all students can go home from school Lin Yi is not in, Kang went to Liu Xinwen and Tang Yun, Liu Xinwen and Tang Yunjia inside but no one to school , Tang Yun s parents are in the hospital, Liu Xinwen s parents are busy discussing the demolition Countermeasures. Boss and you contact it Kang asked Tang Yun Road. No, Tang Yun shook his head He has things right. Tang Yun Lin Yi did not want to be a moment to monitor his movements of the girl, Lin Yi did not say, she naturally will not take the initiative to call to ask. Tang Yun sister in law, you know what Twenty eight coma students also have Chu Mengyao, the hospital has been under the critical condition of the notice, fidget cube pictures it is estimated quite, but tomorrow, no one will compete with you Low voice said. Before Chen Yushu carrying Chu Mengyao ran out of the classroom, Kang also, but then do not know how the child, and now the fidget cube on kickstarter news spread, Kang Chu Meng Yao also know that fainted. Although Chu Mengyao is very beautiful, out of sympathy for the beauty, health is also not want Chu Meng Yao dream, but he.t normal Well I believe you. Tang Yun heart though some uncomfortable, but still chose to believe Lin Yi. If Lin Yat really and what they have, that they want to stop is useless. He still thought Hu thinking 1uan what Lin Yi said, to see Chen Yu Shu tiptoe came over, although her footsteps are fidget cube images very light, but that is not easy to say to her, I do not know what to say, How can we hide the eyes and ears of Lin Yi Well, well. Tang Yun well behaved Road, before hanging up, it is suddenly summon the courage, said I love you. Finished, Tang Yun embarrassed to quickly hang up the phone. Lin Yi slightly stunned to see the phone has been hung up, mouth showing a trace of a smile, Tang Yun, the first time so to speak Chen Yushu some disappointment, she is Lin Yi on the phone, carefully ran over, would like to wiretapping, or else I m fidget cube pictures sorry spoons Shuoo7 the title ah, but Lin Yi did not give her the opportunity to fidget cube bronze quickly hang up the phone. Chu Meng Yao this time is just to send the exhibition and Forbes Chu Peng, a good villa big m n walk back and see Lin Yi put away the phone. Who are you calling C.

Fidget Cube Pictures o hidden family, as the four families and five xiao family, Zhao Guangyin is simply too lazy to intervene in the secular world that several family, there can not be such a master Lin Yi. A picturesque paradise in general, stands a few European style castle building. A fairy like a little nv, fidget cube pictures sitting in the window, painted on the drawing board what, sometimes frown, sometimes chuckle. Hear the sound of the room m n mouth sounded footsteps, nv quickly closed the hands of the drawing board, Li Li forehead of the show, and strive to make their normal expression. Just turned around, the room s m n was pushed away. Less nv hearts of a tight, then the mouth slightly tilted a beautiful curvature, rosy face showing two xiao dimples Brother, how do you not knock m n Hey, you this is not no lock m n it One looks very handsome boy Datailielie walked into the room, he smiled and said Huh Xiao sister, how do you face so red Self meaning y n, right fidget cube pictures Little nv Organization frown Brother, what you say, so ugly Hee hee, let me see what you painted The boy is a three step two step jump to the front of the tattoo men s brain has been arrested, but the surgeon is committed suicide. Song Ling shan said Do not know the criminal group behind, there is no hidden interest in the chain of what Police are further Excavation in the Song Lingshan said are some of the official channels can be learned, but An Jianwen lying in the ward, the message is blocked, naturally not very clear these things, hear Song Lingshan said tattoo men have been arrested, the doctor committed suicide, suddenly Of dizziness, their own cut kidney group ah The surgeon has committed suicide, how can they do He also expected to return to the kidney for himself And now all finished, even if found Zhongpin Liang, can not find a kidney transplant to his people, and how the regular hospital to do this surgery for him He can not and the police to say, or the police will ask, how do you know the bell is the product buy fidget cube of the kidney bright Chen Yu day see Jianwen expression some unnatural, thought he thought of the sad past, quickly comforted Jianwen brother, section of sadness Shun change, but fortunately only a little kidney, l.

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