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Fidget Cube Purple ust knock The o612 chapter must knock on the door next time I I can not Tang Yun is indeed not dare, she did not want to burst their dreams. Oh, do not see how to know Lin Yi smiled This is not your character ah Previously, I am afraid not so worry about the outcome of it Lin Yi said no wrong, indeed, according to the previous Tang Yun s character, definitely not so hesitant, she is a dare to dare to be a fidget cube purple girl. Tang Yun Lin Yi out of a fidget cube firebrick glance, but it is not saying anything. The heart was said, before the fidget cube darkred bleaching is not beautiful, what is the difference Not a beautiful hand, save a lot of unnecessary trouble. But now is different, they are not beautiful, you will like But Tang Yun in Lin Yi s lobbying, or come to the mirror, and some flustered look to the mirror of their own, could not help but surprise Scar on the forehead was gone, only a shallow traces, if you do not look carefully, fidget cube purple is not visible, to be very close to the job. This is the new long out of the skin, and after all, fidget cube scarlet will eventually be different, but after a few days there is no difference. Lin Yi explained. Re.Yao Yao, Yao Yao sister or else called, or else called the full name, how you remember how bad Yes Oh, Yaoyao sister, I think a small child should be eaten a little brain fragments remnants of a make up Chen Yu Shu nodded his head. Zhong Pinliang not only did not get angry, but still is serious, said Well, it called you Mengyao Well, I really find you have something, these call anything, do not care. What is it Chu Mengyao asked impatiently, she was ready to go out and buy a little snack snacks to eat it, this product to block the edge of the bright side of the seat, do not know what he broke things. That small Shu, you are not evasive Zhong Pin liang carefully looked at Chen Yu Shu asked. Oh Chen Yushu slightly stunned, each time the pursuit of Chu Meng Yao Chung time, will not allow themselves to avoid, and even take the initiative to stay to help themselves, and today this kid want to fidget cube purple do Keke today s things more secret, may be related to a number of Mengyao , so Zhong Pinliang euphemism said. Zhong Pinliang, you have something to say, nothing to do and I went out to.

p the second class, even the teacher to ask yourself, Tang Yun did not react, still do not know how to get through, the class, Tang Yun finally some Can not help It Lin Yi how can this be Even if there is a relationship and Feng Xiao laugh, always give yourself a jiao generation, right He did fidget cube purple not even so, take yourself as what Tang Yun some angry, summon the courage to come to Lin Yi s class m n mouth, pulled a classmate, let him help out Lin Yi Tang Yun Lin Yi to face to ask, in the end what does he mean Lin Yi and Tang Yun things, almost all the school know, so Tang Yun came Lin Yi, and no one felt strange, but the students looked in the classroom after the Tang Yun said Lin Yi did not. more Oh Tang Yun slightly Yie, do not know how, and asked one That Feng smiled in it The students seen again, and then shook his head on the Tang Yun, said Feng smiled not in Oh thank you Tang Yun eyes an acid, wronged want to cry. Lin Yi is not, Feng smiled not in these two people, how so clever at the same time not in it Do they really go out together Think of this possibility, Tang Yun s feet a staggering.Although the hotel guests and waiters are a lot, but no one pay attention to An Jianwen and tattooed men, after all, people drunk here everywhere, a friend helped out, dragged out, hold out how kind of Have, who would not care about Lin Yi is fainted or drunk in the past. Lin Yi, did not expect it And I do against you I try to lose the taste of a kidney An Jianwen got on the car, looked fiercely in the back seat of the car Lin Yi said. Wen Ge, his kidney cut off, not a problem, right He knows that we do not alarm, right Tattoo men are not assured asked, after all, Lin Yi is the understanding of An Jianwen, If less a kidney, the first object of doubt is An Jianwen. Jianwen does not believe that Lin Yi will call the police, because Li Biaoxiao said, his men have two yellow order fidget cube purple masters are all at risk of injury, he said, he is not a good man, the hands are also life, In the hands of Lin Yi Besides, he would like to ask the words, we said he was drunk, he was lost in the hotel, as to who cut off his kidneys, he has no evidence Tattoo man nodded his head, since Ann Jianwen said nothing, then he.body Lin Yi, which is a very mysterious Feeling, never had Moment, Lin Yi felt the body s energy is not only unprecedented, and skill seems to be sensitive to a lot As for how sensitive, Lin Yi did not know, because everything is feeling, no practice. The original is to break through the ah, the mysterious early stage, good. Jiao Yazi s voice rang You human s physical decision, in addition to Gongfa level, but also their own level, this touches I ignored You humans Jiao old, do not you people Lin Yi surprised a moment. You see me like a man Jiaoya child jokingly looked at Lin Yi. Chapter 0564 fidget cube indianred encountered a seasoned Chapter o564 encountered a seasoned fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety Uh do not like you like the existence of the soul Lin Yi really do not know what kind of Jiao Yazi is the existence of theoretically, he is not a person. Congratulations, correct answer. Jiao Yazi nodded his head I m a ghost, are you afraid of it Lin Yi some silent. This time do not know how much time to break, but Lin Yat suddenly heard the sound of footsteps outside the room, Lin Yat scared jumped quickly from y.

Fidget Cube Purple la carte back to Chu Mengyao. Chu Meng Yao probably guessed the embarrassment of Tang Yun, took the menu did not say anything, direct a few dishes, she does fidget cube cost not want to eat bird s nest shark fin and the like, she does not feel good, but taking into account Tang Yun , Or point of a bird s nest porridge, and then handed the menu Chen Yu Shu. Chen Yushu will turn the menu over and over, only the existing shark fin, no shark meat, suddenly some disappointment Yao Yao Jie, I propose to increase a Shabu Bo Chubo Bo Oh Chu Mengyao some silent, where will take care of Daddy so much The hotel s dishes also asked him to set You want to eat shark meat A bit like, but do not know if there is no Wrigley brother to do the delicious. Chen Yu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, said. Tang Yun heart slightly uncomfortable, Lin Yi gave them every day to eat well That moment asked the waiter can not do, you eat anything else Chu Mengyao asked. Do not eat. Chen Yushu shook his head. Well, Lin Yi, you Chu Meng Yao Lin Yi, although now facing the time, there is no calm before, but that is the heart inside, on.ty detoxification Dan is painful, but if offended Lin Yi, that he is not as good as I d rather die Your father to drink the medicine I gave you with, do not eat this. Lin Yi on fidget cube cost Lai fat faint, said You do not fight. Ah That really thank the boss Lai fat overjoyed, he had intended to prepare his father an emergency, but Lin Yi said to be cured, it will be cured, but Lai fat themselves want a , After all, this is the elixir ah Then said Boss, I also want a Oh, I go back to give you one. Lin Yi said the indifferent. Lin Yi, then suddenly burst into tears, do not know, I thought he was because there is no money, and lost the longevity of the film shot longevity detoxification Dan s opportunity, and pain it The first time, two hundred and eighty million second, two hundred and eighty million third Deal The auctioneer s heart inside the excitement, the price, it can be said that the entire auction On the highest price of the items The third day of the auction at the things that are not necessarily shoot the price to This longevity detoxification Dan, evidently qualified to be placed in the t.

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