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Fidget Cube Royalblue e Wang Bin shook his head, expression, some solemnly said Guan Xin and fidget cube royalblue Xiaofen know, this thing is not easy to do ah This is how to say Even if she knew Guan Xin, it is impossible and Guan Xin all day together, dodging her not on the line Kang lighting asked some strange. Do not hide on the line, and less, you want to, ah, if Xiaofen that mouth a nonsense, you will be out of things to say before, you say you can also be concerned about the impression Xin good Have a chance Wang is a conspiracy like character Haman, consider the issue is very comprehensive. Wang Bin, then suddenly so that health lighting frowned, he said there is fidget cube chartreuse nothing wrong, Xiao fen in concern Xin side, like a time bomb, as the time to say no one fidget cube lawngreen day on the bang bang , Deep fried their own body So to say, this Xiaofen is indeed a big trouble Kang lighting is now inside the heart hate Xiaofen, and how this can get into trouble Since no time to meet her again, Kang has been a while this is not very smooth, and now their pursuit of concern, but the revitalization of the home care plans, but can not let Xiaofen to destroy it T.n Yi s body, so bell white to find Lin Yi Revenge. While the white clock at the moment also has a step down, and against An Jianwen he is not, but fidget cube peachpuff to deal with a small bodyguard, it is not Shoudaoqinlai Thought here, the white bell is not entangled in the An Jianwen hands on things, and said Ann less, children s behavior is indeed more offended, but you can not look at the soldiers and bared flowers brother s face, the kidney also To children ah Also kidney An Jianwen sneer a cry, that may Mody Kidney has long been transported to foreign countries to find the receptor to go, but also waiting to return to you ah I am sorry, Mr. fidget cube royalblue Chung, this time I Nuji, the son of the kidney will be thrown to feed the dog really sorry Jian Wen naturally will not disclose their own behind the sell kidney group, so perfunctory. This Bell white surprised a moment, but he did not doubt, after all, the kind of circumstances, for their own, it is impossible to retain the enemy s kidney, waiting to give him loaded back Bell can only think of their own bad luck, anyway, lost a kidney can not die, or fin.

ivers are some dumbfounded, and suddenly can not continue to operate it After all, they are only white hired to, and strong demolitions are bells and soldiers less wore, but if the out of life, they can not get away ah Zhong Bai is also stunned, and he did not think Tang Yun so bold, actually dared to the house red, this little girl do not life Zhao Qibing and Jin Gu Bang also had bodyguards to watch the fun, but just arrived here, I heard Tang mother shouted out of life, is scared. When Zhao Qibing see smashed the broken phase Tang Yun down in a pool of blood, but also frowned, cursed hearts, so beautiful a little girl finished Even if not dead, not beautiful, really fidget cube royalblue a pity. We have a few days to come Zhao Qibing see someone injured, but also know that today does not go on, but the purpose of killing an example also met, presumably with today s scene, the next time to talk about the demolition of These shanties Area of the trouble making people can not be fidget cube shopping a big opening of the lions of the sky asking price. Do not go We quickly help to stop them ah Younger do not know how, they can not go, th.n ten million photographed pre sale goods of the two wealthy business suddenly blindsided Pre sale goods also spent so much money, they finished 2,990,000 finished Of course, this is a temporary increase in the Price of fat. Those who do not dispute, are glad, that yesterday did not mind hot impulse to the auction in the end, or will lose big Kang a medical doctor, this time is completely stupid eye I did not expect people to Shenyao medicine companies suddenly come up with 30 copies of finished products and 50 pre sale goods to this generous, so that they are somewhat shameful Yesterday also mysterious people thought it was a good thing, only two of the trial or pre sale goods out to sell, and today people are mass production, this is not obvious level no fidget cube by antsy people bad This person can lose big Damn, they are not without the Millennium snow lotus Why, how there are pre sale goods Where to engage in Kang Feng was so angry to stand up curse, and this is too crowded people, right He felt his face Burning ah Kang God doctor did not speak, but from his face, offical fidget cube apparently his mood is very poor, and even.e left in the body.Time longer, the more toxins, and longevity detoxification Dan is the pulp can be achieved cutting pulp Purpose, the body of toxins discharged to achieve the goal of longevity Auctioneer finished, they do not believe that the description of the pills, it seems like rivers and lakes on the pill, like, blowing the marvelous, if this pills really have this effect, then it is not really a million dollars to sell However, to have The longevity of detoxification Dan first, the reserve price of one million, please bid Auctioneer has been ready to stream shot, as long as the first one no one bid, then the second can not be the third bid, Direct withdrawal for the next auction on it. Because there was an antique vase before the auction took some time, the auction is more intense, so the auction will not be expected to end the time, and the auctioneer is as much as possible to save some time. This longevity detoxification Dan, others do not understand, but the presence of people understand it Liu Tianyi understand, Kang Shen Yi also understand However, Kang Shenyi not sure, this long.

Fidget Cube Royalblue ted map with almost, but also a residual map This kind of thing, there is no substantive value, on the antique market to sell people do not understand the line, but on the auction, fidget cube royalblue it becomes a bit awkward. But the auction there are some strange things there, although many of the fidget cube royalblue final flow of the film, but every year there are so few pieces. In fact, the auctioneer does not know what this residual map in the end is a thing, so there is simply no introduction, but in accordance with the above description of the Atlas said that this is an odd scroll map of sheepskin, may be a treasure map of the treasure. Of course, he also said, but may be, may be more things in the street, casually walking may also pick up a million it, this out of the way things, naturally no one would believe it These families to participate in the auction fidget cube maroom Ye Hao, wealthy worth mentioning, not a fool, here are directed at useful things to their own, no use do not want, they are naturally too lazy to participate Auction is not a vegetable market, do not want to participate in the auction of the last thing is to buy down, c.t they have not said, why grasp xiao Fen Lin Yi said, while kicked open the room between a m n, and sure enough to see a basement entrance. Lin Yi smile a bit, before they want to be too complicated, but also that the basement how secret, did not expect in front. But think about one eyed dragon and other skill, Lin Yi relieved. Are some of the weakest xiaoh nh n, what can be too clever means To be continued Chapter 0472 The dens of criminal gangs No but before they seem to say what the initiative to send the kidneys, and said what should I and xiao Fen organs are cut off, let us through thick and thin Kang Xiao bo shook his head and recalled. Latest Chapter Oh Lin Yi slightly Yie, kidney Organ Could it be that organ trafficking group dens Not so coincidence, right Think of Song Lingshan before and said to himself, that group of professionals to find beggars, flow 1ang Han and the disabled start, Lin Yi suddenly react, xiao Fen is not disabled it But also in the shantytowns area is not what the rich, By organ trafficking gang eye is possible. Lin Yi foot to the basement of the m n to kick open.

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