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Fidget Cube Saddlebrown not participate in, and he did not have any impact, as long as the Chu Mengyao to participate in the like Then start from me first, I began to ask Angus Well, you ask it An Jianwen is also a good time to nod, in his view, Su Taiwan could not ask his tricky question, and this first round, it can not directly let him Chu dream Yao confession, so too abrupt, and at least play a circle after the confession Caixing. So I got up, do not ask the first question so tricky, and so the next round of hum Su Tai as early as deliberately said My question is, you have done the most courageous thing is what The most brave ah Jianwen fidget cube plum thought, to say the most brave to do, than to cut someone else s kidney, of course, can not fidget cube toys r us say this He would also like to maintain a positive image in front of Chu Meng fidget cube golenrod Yao, also can not say that those fights of the past, like a long time, their own bad things and children do bad things, to force a lot, but to say positive , May not Thought of this, An Jianwen could not help but have some annoying Su Taiwan early question, your fuckin asked what this shit But they can n.knowingly ask it You did not see less empty handed come back it That must be sent out Wang is a shore said. Grass, do not mention, and apprentice Kang lighting bad mood waved, sitting in the co pilot s position. How, and less Your flowers Zhu Xiaozhang see health lighting BS ing, could not help but surprised a moment. The flowers are sent out, and sent to fidget cube saddlebrown the hospital Kang lighting very uncomfortable, said This girl is not good bait ah, really his mother is a personal fine, looks soft and tender, in fact, high IQ it , And hit me back, and the flower is directly inserted in the vase of the hospital corridor Ah Zhu Xiaozhang and the king is listening to the sea can not help but looked at each other, they think Kang lighting shot, is not a matter of hand to capture But did not expect two consecutive division adverse ah The next time, seems to have another way closer to her, and now the encounter is too low level, can not deceive her Kang lighting waved, said Let s study, to see what a good idea, we brainstorming about a idea Zhu Xiaozhang think hard, the original fidget cube but also can not think of any good co.

Xin some strange, Lin Yi, how are employers He did not follow the grandfather to do business with it How it looks, like the eldest of two attendants This is how the matter in the end children But Guan Xin although strange, did not ask, she is not talkative girl, just nodded and said Well, well, another day you come to my house, my grandfather still say when you can come Yes, I take the time to visit the past Lin Yi nodded. Then you say to my grandfather in advance, I ll prepare you food Guan Xin some embarrassed said. Chu Meng Yao Guan Xin actually heard to eat but also to Lin Yi, anger straight teeth, how the heart of this girl do not know how shame But also to Lin Yi cooking to eat Lin Yi, I m hungry Hurry home, give me and small Shu cooking Chu Meng Yao Yi Lin Yi, angrily said. Oh, I m hungry, I want to eat shark meat Chen Yu Shu also held out his hands followed up, but the action range is too large, yet the chest of the wallet out of the corner, nor is it, is still very Excited Let s catch the shark Your employer good fierce Guan Xin Zhang mouth, some stunned watching Chu Mengyao and Chen.first name to be back before the 150,000, the daughter how not to it Right, right, that 150,000, I immediately returned Immediately That day where Di would like to think so much It touches Tang Yun worry, not to mention Tang Yun said, Zou Tiandi will not doubt from the more Because this is Lin Yi s character, almost a small thing, he did not work to find fault, as long as he does not touch the bottom line, the general is all right. But although Tang Yun said, Lin Yi do not have that 150,000, but the mother has opened the mouth, and to help days Di really can not In case this Lin Yi s mother in law unhappy, and go home a crooked mouth, saying a few bad words, Lin Yi may not be demolished to their own ah Zou Tiandi heart, if because this little thing killed, it can be really innocent fidget cube saddlebrown So no matter Tang Yun should not, this money directly to the Tangmu like, and blocked her mouth, the best let her give her a few words buy fidget cube ebay of good words, so that Lin Yi completely abandoned to find their own troubles to do Thought of this, Zou Tiandi even rolling up the stairs to go. Tang Yun snappily stare at the fainted state Think of this, Lin Yi quickly look at the situation from their own, fidget cube coupon but the next moment, Lin Yi s face is a change Because, Lin Yi is, their actually out of class From the yellow order of late peak strength, into a yellow order is not fidget cube case even the early ordinary people Chapter 0516 Lucky Fortune Coke old, I seem to fall out of class Lin Yi looked at his teeth with a wry smile. Lin Yi did not think he was so unlucky, well intentioned to save Feng smiled, people do not know to save not save over their own hand, out of class. Look out, your body in addition to a little energy bo did not move, your physical condition, and just like Feng smiled. Coke teeth have long been wrong to see out, so to remind Lin Yi to check his own Case. That I strength is not gone Lin Yi, although some feel depressed, but also bear to see. Have been out of class, and sad certainly useless, or as soon as possible nong clear situation, find a solution is the key. Oh, yes ah. Jiao Yazi laughed The energy is used up, and naturally out of class, can fidget cube saddlebrown not afford to not normal. fidget cube saddlebrown Ah Lin Yi see Jiaozi.

Fidget Cube Saddlebrown imply born wicked ah Zhong Pinliang a high Xiaofu practice, suddenly great music. Gao Xiaofu was very proud of, before the bell product that will be tied to Chu Mengyao cave inside, but the high and small are afraid of the bell quality goods to go. I am not happy, but I do not think so, After Chu Mengyao what will be an accident Wilderness Wild Ridge, in case of beasts come and go how to do it So high and small Fuling machine on a move to install a security door, which under the good, no keys, who can not open the. There are food to eat, right Zhong Pin Liang asked. Of course, I am ready High Xiaofu nodded his head The rest is bright brother of your things, and see how Chu Mengyao to deceive the past This to see me, I would have thought Zhong fidget cube saddlebrown Pinliang confidently said My understanding of Chu Mengyao, or quite thorough, this thing I can get it Morning classes before classes, Zhong Pinliang mysterious came Chu Mengyao and Chen Yu Shu s desk, whispered Yaoyao, I have a very important thing you want to ask about. Chu Mengyao glanced at the rise of Zhong Pin Liang, frowned Tell you do not call me.the bubble of a small Shu, but also can be forgiven, but happens to bubble Tang Yun, which makes the dream of Chu Meng Yao to get angry. Oh that Yao Yao sister you just what to do Chen Yu Shu nodded his head and asked. What did not dry, I meditation, not work Chu Mengyao finished, they turned to not pay attention to Chen Yushu. Ro Chapter 0640 the task of Zhong Pinliang Chapter o64o Zhong Pinliang task Zhong Pinliang today bear a heavy responsibility, that is poison. Although this thing is a violation of the law, but Zhong Pinliang is a little psychological burden at all. For him, the more damage things dry up the more straightforward, able to come up with somethin in the school, he is happy to see. Now his uncle is not the school s shareholders, the school a little natural things the best He Chu Mengyao, has been changed from love to hate, Lin Yi is also true There Jianwen the ruthless existence of rival, Zhong Pinliang is not dare to have any thoughts on the Chu Mengyao think, but not the pursuit of Chu Mengyao, does not mean he does not hate Chu Mengyao This time, let Chu Peng sho.

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