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Fidget Cube Sandybrown s shot sh a dose of unknown yao agent, the whole body feels no trace of effort, directly down on the netg Chapter 0559 you remember me Chapter o559 you remember me But what happens, he still feel, there is awareness, but also to see people in front of, hear what they say, but it happens can not move, can not speak. Eyes straight, and even turn a bit of effort, he wanted To cry for help, but he can not. After a while, Zhong Pinliang was pushed to the operating table, he was terrified, want to cry, want to resist, but can not, he is sober, and the body is not subject to the brain. Wen Ge, ready Can be a knife Tattoo men on the Jianwen respectful said. An Jianwen carrying a scalpel into the operating room, watching the clock on the operating table bright, the eyes across a trace of y n ruthless In this Matsuyama City, dare and I grab nv people, do not give you a little color to see, You dont know Tiandao Di thick How to cut An Jianwen the Malaysian golden sword of the past, raised his scalpel ready to start. Zhong Pinliang eyes full of panic, do not know the person in front of what to do, to.Although the hotel guests and waiters are a lot, but no one pay attention to An Jianwen and tattooed men, after all, people drunk here everywhere, a friend helped out, dragged out, hold out how kind of Have, who would not care about Lin Yi is fainted or drunk in the past. Lin Yi, did not expect it And I do against you I try to lose the taste of a kidney An Jianwen got on the car, looked fiercely in the back seat of the car Lin Yi said. Wen Ge, his kidney cut off, not a problem, right He knows that we do not alarm, right Tattoo men are not assured asked, after all, Lin Yi is the understanding of An Jianwen, If less a kidney, the first object of doubt is An Jianwen. Jianwen does not believe that Lin Yi will call the police, because Li Biaoxiao said, his men have two yellow order masters are all at risk of injury, he said, he is not a good man, the hands are also life, In the hands of Lin Yi Besides, he would like to ask the words, we said he was drunk, he was lost in the hotel, as to who cut off his kidneys, he has no evidence Tattoo man nodded his head, since Ann Jianwen said fidget cube for sale amazon nothing, then he.

his head, said First, they have boasted out, if the supply is not on the words, the reputation will be detrimental to a newly established company, Is a fatal Can lie in a link, then the Other links will be lying, the media to seize the vulnerability to attack, I am afraid the reputation will be smelly Second, if they supply is not on the words, still advertising on this occasion, It is not surprising that the production capacity will Not be any profit, not to mention the pricing so cheap, the cost is not enough to say, he has this opportunity to fidget cube sandybrown advertise other products, how good Kang Guifeng heard Kangzhao Long, then also nodded his son said nothing wrong, but the more so, the more he is puzzled. Kang God is happy to see the health of the Dragon Or as the dragon would like a thorough So to say, they really have the fidget cube amazon goods I guess there is some Kang Zhaolong said either they hoarding a large part of original fidget cube the high price of raw materials, enough for some time to squander, fidget cube sandybrown is to lose money to expand reputation, or that there are other channels of raw Materials purchase. Well, that s good Kang God of her Even if Forber every day to send meals, it is also brought back from the hotel, and personally cook to do, how can the same So, Chu Mengyao gradually accepted the existence of Lin Yi, Lin Yi also had some imperceptible dependence, as if Lin Yi is the omnipotent, no matter what to find him, he can easily solve the swap Whether it is encountered bad guys, or small Shu was caught in the iron fence, or in the yard treasure hunt, but also in their own small kidnapped kidnapped, the first time to find them Lin Yi is like a dream in general, on call Chapter o7o2 Missy inner world a. Chapter 0703 Protecting Happiness Chapter o7o3 to protect happiness However, the emergence of Tang Yun, allows Missy angry Like a beloved item, was taken away by others in general Chu Meng Yao think, Tang fidget cube sandybrown Yun Lin Yi took away How can she sit back and wait Home has just had a very warm feeling, Chu Mengyao how people can take away their own happiness As for what those Lin Yi can not see the home there are beautiful girls, go out to find floriferous, these are just perfunctory excuse Bale, the.boss Oh, I do not care what you are, I m looking for Lin Yi. Chu Meng Yao was dependent on some fat fat nong paste. Boss he was injured Lai fat, said He is healing What Lin Yi injured Chu Mengyao heart suddenly surprised, Lin Yi how injured No reason some tension, could not help some anxious how is it This I do not know, spit the blood before now he is healing in the room, I did not dare to go Lai fat heart xiao replied, Since the other is the boss Lin Yi, then he naturally does not Dare to have a false statement. Do not blame the fat directly believe the identity of Chu Mengyao, after all, Lin Yi s phone there is a big sister xiao name Yao heart is a tight, a worry never in my heart, hastily said Where are you I ll be in the past Uh so late, I find a car to pick you Lai fat not fidget cube sandybrown neglect, after all, is the boss of the boss. I have a car Chu Meng Yao interrupted Lai fat words Where, hurry up In the lead water shore xiao district, a9 1 villa Lai fat to speak out their own address. Chapter 0589 Missy and Tang Yun Chapter o589 big ia sister and Tang Yun Chu Mengyao.

Fidget Cube Sandybrown d to be okay with you on the line Zhong Pin Liang said. Well, I understand Gao Xiaofu grateful said, bright brother fidget cube malaysia is a mean enough, ah, a child does not shirk. Zhong Pinliang hung up the phone, will find his father over. Bell on the outside in the ward, he is also just now turn on the TV to see the news inside the first high school students on the collective coma incident reports, is watching it, it was Zhong Pinliang called out. Dad, poisoning things brought to light, you quickly call the soldiers less, fidget cube for sale amazon ah, do not be linked to me ah Zhong Pin Liang to say that in no hurry it is false, he was afraid of squatting ah, just got a good Kidney, he had not had time to enjoy life, do not just ruin the prison inside Just a small blessing called the phone said, what a Chinese medicine companies have found out the reasons for the students coma, and told the police I am also looking at the news Zhong Bai nodded his head, looking solemnly said I ll call the soldiers less, although he has arranged, but still have to determine what Caixing Well, Dad, do not go wrong, I do not want to go to jail a.riends, how I did not listen to fidget cube sandybrown Lin Yi said, he has fiancee Tang Yun Chu Meng dream to see the gesture, the heart is also convinced a bit, if the front of the nv and Lin Yi does not matter, I am afraid she will not appear at this moment here But said she was Lin Yi s fiancee , Tang Yun d some do not believe it Just before being fooled by Feng Xiao laugh, Tang Yun vigilant with it, how can so easily be a few words to others to deceive So even if the other is proud of the big ia Sister, Tang Yun also began to fight back She first to defend their love and fight, she did not want fidget cube firebrick to once again because of some unwarranted things and Lin Yi misunderstood. I heard you. Chu Meng Yao is a touch, said. Have to say, Chu Mengyao word on the fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow occupation of the advantage, that is to say that the relationship between Lin Yi and Lin Yi Lin Yun and the relationship than to close Lin Yi and she did not say anything, and Lin Yi and Tang Yun is to be concealed. Since it heard, then you should know that the relationship between Lin Yi and I recognized the school, when you have become Lin Yi s fiancee Tang Yun s wo.

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