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Fidget Cube Set flexible, fast work, although a lot of people in the village are also doing the work, but Lin Yi day production is four to five times the people, can not be rich it In fact, the so called wealthy, that is able to buy a computer, can go to the king s widow snack department playing a tooth festival. Lin Yi did not know the money to do the task these years, where to go, but the old man did not say, Lin Yi did not mention, and the relationship between the old man is not father and son than father and son, Lin Yi will not care about so much. Relatively speaking, two dog eggs home is very poor, a family by farming for a living, home phone is not installed. Erguban always want to get out of the mountains, see the outside world, Lin Yi also promised him, have the opportunity to take him to see the world. Now, Lin Yi, since settled in the Matsuyama City, but also have a right past the stability of identity, Lin Yi naturally think of the previous commitment. Chapter 0616 Childhood Playmates Chapter o616 Childhood playmates Lin Yi will call the village of Wang widow home. Hello West Star Village, to it Lei Ge s face becomes dark, it fidget cube set is provocation, in front of so many people, Chen Yushu dare and his hands, this is simply not to look down on their own ah Sneer a cry Do not and their nonsense, and directly, the woman has to fight with me down Chu Mengyao some helpless looked Chen Yu Shu one thing she was getting more and more bad, but fortunately Lin Yi in, it touches do not worry will not go out. Really do not let us go Lin Yi looked Rego a. Ha, you know who I am I have never been able to stand out on the land where I landed Lee Rego laughed arrogantly Today you all have to stay here, especially I can tell you, my cousin is Li bile fidget cube set flowers, you can weigh your weight, sensible, the little girl to wait on me, you kneel down to me, I can consider letting you go You cousin is Li bile flowers Lin Yi some surprise No wonder the name of the brothers are so from the force, one called bared flowers, a mine called A force to the clouds bar, a Hyun Western restaurant, just perfect match. Now know that fear, right Rego is to enjoy this feeling, every time out of the cousin s name, those who come.

hat to say. Yesterday was the firecracker fried ass is not you Lin Yi fidget cube instagram asked. Oh you do not say, how embarrassed ah Feng smiled Qiaolian a red, sip a Minzui xiao said Lin Yi to faint You were fried silly You just stupid, and now I, is the original me ah Feng Xiaojiao Jiao Chen s spit said Before I do not want you to teach me drag racing it I feel some of the way I am wrong children, So I changed the You can not drag racing, drag racing is illegal. Lin Yi said. Fish people second generation bar six seven all right Yeah, you teach me the car and drift is also OK. Feng smiled and said earnestly. No time. Lin Yi frowned. Never mind, then I do not learn. Feng smiled indifferent smile. Lin Yi Feng incredible look at smiled, how to engage in In the end what happened At noon to go, see Feng smiled that cold face with a resentment se, and now how Night fidget cube in stock classes is a physics class, and soon the teacher came in, Lin Yi is not a lot of what to ask, turned away, looking at the physical books, but also ignored Feng smiled. fidget cube lightskyblue Feng smiled smile across the mouth sm.aged body in the space surrounded by pure energy, rapid improvement, I do not know how long, Lin Yi soon as soon as soon as shouts, stood up Lin Yi left and right move the body, some incredible Well, actually all good Lin Yi naturally aware of their previous injuries are multiple, even in their own fathers who are under the aegis of support, I am afraid not get up two or three months netg, in this y Pei space actually so fast recovery The injury Said to be a miracle Coke old, I recovered Lin Yi asked some incredible. Restored Jiao Yazi nodded his head. Y wear space, as well as the effect of healing Lin Yi addresses strange. Originally fell to the netg, into the space is entirely an instinct, in fact, fidget cube set Lin Yi did not know he fainted automatically into the space can heal. fidget cube set Nonsense, your energy can help others healing, you can naturally heal. Coke old rolled his eyes You can not ask fidget cube lightseagreen the level of some kindergarten Well, that is to say, I slowly absorb energy on the outside, that is, the infurining of nature, but also slowly recover Lin Yi asked. Theoretically can. Coke teeth, said But this is a ki.fore a dinner, Lin Yi is also participated in the Chu Peng originally planned to be held once a week such a party, but because of the accident before the fall of the chandelier, also ran aground down. Lin Yi is the second time today to Peng Zhan Hotel, but it Pengshui Hotel coming and going, in front of the fidget cube by ansty car is not less bright than the stars But here the car is biased in favor of business, although also very luxurious, but the car is a class of car is very small It seems Chu Peng s hotel is focused on formal business meetings and meetings, while the starlight is focused on entertainment, go where the dude a little more. Lin Yi will drive into the car park, there fidget cube honeydew is security command Lin Yi will be the car parked properly. Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu rarely appear here, even if occasionally and Chu Peng eat together, but also sat Fu Forbes car directly into the internal parking lot, from the staff channel up, so these door parking security, do not know Missy s. Chu Mengyao did not put the eldest of the spectrum, very low key and Lin Yi, Chen Yu Shu, Tang Yun three together into the hotel lobb.

Fidget Cube Set fidget cube peachpuff hich also involves an oath Chu Mengyao, as long as Chu Mengyao things, he It is very interested to know. Our vow is that Yao Yao sister and later to marry a man, Yao Yao sister big wife, I do little wife Chen Yu Shu said some proud. Little Shu, not allowed to talk nonsense Chu Meng Yao s face, some reddish, what kind of oath At first they do not know how to agree, then think about is not to be separated from the small Shu, so that two people will be able to life together, but now grown up, in retrospect, the original how their childish This kind of thing, really possible Small Shu really can marry with a man with their own Mody Even if they agreed, it will not frighten her boyfriend after Thought of this, Chu Mengyao do not know what to ask, the mind has emerged in a person s image is Lin Yi How would think of him If the small Shu to marry him, but also quite good fit, I am afraid that only he can bear the Chen Yu Shu Funny, living under the same roof for so long, Lin Yi seems not tired of Chen Yushu. Chen Yu day did not think my sister was so small when the promise had been such a vo.on the Lai fat told Road. Oh Lai fat Although Lin Yi do not know what to do, but to see Lin Yi did not explain the meaning, do not ask a lot, with the customs of the people into a not far from a boutique. And Lin Yi, it is turned quickly to the drug before the drugstore. Lin Yi did not expect is that the first day to Yanjing, it was tracked Excuse me, sir. Waiter Xiaokun sweet smile Our pharmacy to the guests confidential. Have to say, looks very handsome Xiaokun, it touches quite Korean, the actor s meaning, which allows the waiter also could not help him read more glances. Xiaokun frowned, his appearance has been a girl killer, I thought the waitress could tell the truth, but she said she kept confidential. However, the small kun did not give up, took out his wallet from the inside out of a few hundred dollar bills, on the fidget cube set counter Beauty, to a face, before that person is my buddy, do not know where to get a recipe to give My dad bought medicine But I do not know what he bought, afraid my dad would eat the problem, so I want to confirm it. That ah That is not how pretty waitr.

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