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Fidget Cube Shopping ized by the public doctors out, Kwan students in the medical profession of Matsuyama s reputation is high, and some of these doctors Or his students, to see the natural Kuamin is respected. Professor Guan, you come Is responsible for the emergency Dr. Sun is also a student of the year, see Guan Xuemin quickly greeted You want to personally visit it Well, I take a look. Guan Xuemin nodded Take me in the past. This Dr. Sun hesitated, if it is acute infectious diseases, then off the people now is very dangerous to go, but he knew Guan Xuemin s character, is not care about life and death, so just hesitated for a moment, the band The students concerned to the isolation room. The parents of these students, do not know who recognized the off the people, shouting Guan Shen doctor came, my child has saved What is it Of course, Guan Guan Guan doctors Recently a high reputation of Chinese medicine companies, said that there are two special effects soon to be listed Parents heard the students came off, all of a sudden happy happy, because Kwan fidget cube lightgodenrod s reputation, with the title of geniuses, if he came.he God of Health, sneer a cry, and then walked to his room. Family, and now is not the ultimate goal of Kang Zhaolong, and his goal is to martial arts family, so as to be a firm foothold, not be eliminated The very next day morning, Kang Shen Yaojiu with Kangzhao Longhuohuoliao rushed to the auction venue. During the day, the auction venue is not open, fidget cube darkorenge but should be able to contact the rain here at home. Wu Chen day early in the morning received a phone Long Kang, he thought it was Kang Zhaolong to him for money, suddenly startled, looked at fidget cube shopping the phone number, hesitated to pick up or not. Because my grandfather just woke up in the middle of the night, although Wu Gong high martial arts nothing big thing, just simply gas dizzy only, but at the moment Wu Chen day is not dare to mention the money thing again for fear of Grandpa in the past. Wait a minute, first put a release. At this time, see the phone Kangzhao Long, Wu Chen day is not connected, do not take nor go He is a good face of people, in particular, this is a great opportunity to exercise equipment B How can it retreat But, to be honest.

u can say King of Medicine nodded. Is Lin Yi scattered skill Li bile flowers to himself, said The first method fidget cube shopping requires too much, there must be days to treasure the elixir, but also know how to master medicine, these Lin Yi Is not able to find ah, in order to save his life, it is also possible to disperse the power ah The first method, the two conditions are not required to have both, but both have a time, you can recover a little faster, if missing one, but also can be restored, fidget cube shopping but slow recovery a little. Wang waved his fidget cube shopping hand. These two conditions, it is estimated Lin Yi will not have it, so he chose to dissipate the skill, it is possible to novels to the most fast. fidget cube camo Li bile flowers said. Not likely ah Wang frowned I wish my brother, if replaced by you, you will not choose to disperse the skill it Chapter 0605 Analysis of the King of Drugs Chapter o6o5 analysis of the king of medicine Of course not Zhu Bo smile If I had to, would rather die, and will not dissipate the skill of our hard work, and only those of us practitioners know Strength is little by little Accumulate, to di.ng off the phone Xiao Kang hexie wave of less than a minute, Feng smiled on the phone again to fight over Lin Yi, how do you hang my phone, you are such a beautiful girl Feng Xiao laugh really angry, so what ah Lin Yi is what they ignore Want him to eat their own meal, but also reluctantly, as if they really rare that meal like Uncle Feng did not come back Lin Yi did not laugh in the topic of Feng entanglement, because the entanglement will be endless, simply direct the topic to lead to other places, which he and Chen Yushu learn. No, how, you d better the whole book anxious to see the father in law Feng smiled and laughed. Lin Yi did not think Feng smiled word turn turn the topic back, had fidget cube shopping to admire high quality fidget cube Feng smiled, this chick and Chen Yushu really is a Yipin, one is to play the stupid stuffing, one fidget cube sides is a strange wizard, but in reality are not fuel efficient light. That s so Uncle Feng back, you call me, I want to sleep. Lin Yi finished wanted to hang up. Hey, wait, when you ask me to eat beef noodles I want to eat a bowl of meat Feng Xiao chi urgent. Lin Yi really do not understand how to smile.Xin it, but Xin Xin to grab your company, Then you do not come to my old man afterwards on the list. No, Lin Yi shook his head. Guan Xin is the kind of people it Lin Yi to Guan Xin understanding, she is not the kind of person. And Guan Xuemin and talk for a while medical matters, to see the time almost, Lin Yi ready to leave, the bag is still in school, Lin Yi always go back trip. Off grandfather, then I went back, what telephone contact. Lin Yi said. I want to stay here for you to eat dinner. Kwan said some people regret, on the one hand is not just discussed the academic problem and regret, on the other hand it is for Xin Xin and regret. Lin Yi and his grandchildren in the end can not become As the elders fidget cube where to buy of Guan Xuemin, Lin Yi is very much like to do their own son in law. Before the emergence of Song Ling Shan, and listening to the attitude of Yang Huai jun, Guan Min people have a sense of crisis. However, Lin Yi s attitude was to let him have some comfort, at least not seem like Lin Yi Song Lin Shan, and he can place the shares where the Sun nv, which shows Lin Yi Xin Xin trust, and this.

Fidget Cube Shopping did not say anything, hung up the phone. Chu Mengyao really anxious, in addition to their parents, girlfriend Chen Yu Shu, she has never been so nervous over a person, I heard Lai fat said Lin Yi was injured, but also Vomiting blood, and Chu Mengyao heart suddenly On it Even if the usual Lin Yi some complaints and opinions, but at this moment all become worried. Dad, Lin Yi injured, I m going to see. Chu Meng Chu Yaoyu on behalf of the phrase, to pull Chen Shu Shu ran out. Lin Peng had heard of Lin Yi was injured, but also want to see, but to see nv children hurry expression, hesitated a moment, or sit back The road ia some of the car. Chu Peng exhibition for nv children and Lin Yi relationship, or very satisfied, evidently nv children Lin Yi, has not only the kind of care for the attendant. Chen Yushu is eating Roberta sweet potatoes, which is a hot, not hot to eat, cold is not good. Although Lin Yi has not come, but Chen Yushu is the cell, the first move will not be what people say chopsticks. Oh, oh Yao Yao sister, you pull me to do Chen Yu Shu just stuffed his mouth a sweet potato, C.t, and I Kangzhao Long up, still far worse how is it Raise a stone to hit his feet, right This time, you do not buy is not to die Well That s 50 million, so to say, thank you for your sake Lai fat face is extremely colorful, biting his teeth, hate voice said. Lai fat finished, sitting on the surface s y n Shen back, but the heart is cool inside the bombing, and he did not expect the boss around the xiao girl so powerful, a few words will box nong come, but also cheaper a half. This is simply too much of a cow Secretly in the following von smiled and put up a thumb, Feng smiled and laughed Ziya, and then Lin Yi said Hey, I said do it Oh Lin Yi Feng did not think the idea of so many ghost smiles, just hang people once yesterday, today they pit fidget cube mistyrose again Not only that, but also to people who believe that the pit account of the big cheap You do not mean that Feng smiled a bit unhappy, she is invited and Lin Yi Gong, but look at Lin Yi s expression, but also nothing too happy. Is not it for you Lin Yi asked. Well Feng smiled and whispered do not go too far, what people ah Kind to help him, ev.

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