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Fidget Cube Silent Fu does not spit, and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Spit, spit into the mouth, I gave the pharynx into the. Gao Xiaofu said. Ah Vomit Zhong Pinliang sudden stomach while the roll, gave the pharyngeal go How so disgusting ah Zhong Pinliang was able to hold back, but was Gao Xiaofu such a get, no longer could not resist, and mouth to vomit, but a look up, but to see the class students are watching the busy watch the high and small blessing, Chen Yushu also is back Over the head, suddenly some embarrassment, but the belly of the things that have been to the throat, do not spit it out is impossible, Zhong Pinliang a heartless, can only learn to look like high spit into the mouth, and swallow back. Belch eleven, Zhong fidget cube silent Pinliang hit a burp, his face waved fidget cube reddit to Chen Yushu smile Look at me all right, high Xiaofu this guy is not ah See everyone did not see it, Zhong Pinliang finally relieved, or his clever, although it will spit out things swallow back, but others did not see it Bright brother, my stomach uncomfortable, want to diarrhea After a while, high Xiaofu said. How do you so many th.that worship the eyes of everyone, Song Ling shan is that this is not Caesar Caesar ah Although there are clues to guess some, but not sure, after all, the case is complex, although they are looking forward to Song Ling Shan and worship, but to say Song Ling Shan stay in the office for a while, there is a clue, Really some incredible After all, fidget cubes for sale when the afternoon meeting, Song Ling Shan was still unable to do anything, was the leadership of the Board criticized a few meals, but for Yang Huaijun deal in which the entire criminal investigation team will be named criticism. Song Ling shan before the action is not to say the specific location, although these men are the original hand out with Yang Huai jun, is trustworthy, but not afraid of the crime, Ten thousand afraid of the case, who said his mouth, the criminals learned the news, then do not know when to have a clue The following we talk about the action plan, we brainstorming If the direct arrest, Perhaps, and will be the same as the last, are caught in small fish shrimp, the case will not be of any help After listening to everyone is nodde.

intentionally maintained in front of Chu Mengyao elegant gentleman s image, so for Lin Yi followed Go out a little do not care, and even did not look at one In his view, Lin Yi is just a small bodyguard, simply not on the table, polite to him, but also to do so in order to allow Lin Yi, Jianwen to help the pursuit of Chu Meng Yao. Lin Yi will be less soldiers to interrupt the legs, and even demolished the building fidget cube silent less soldiers, the Soviet Union Taiwan is also early to see that day he and An Jianwen also soldiers in the completion ceremony, he even felt a bit weird, Lin Yi how could live Up to now Offended the soldiers less, he can leisurely leisurely accompany Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu dinner Soldiers less there is no revenge But although strange, when he said these words to An Jianwen, An Jianwen only faint smile, no more explanation. Su Taiwan early is not clear, An Jianwen is clear, Li bile flowers also revealed that his side of the two orders are killed in the hands of the yellow order of Lin Yi men, this is what ordinary people If only an ordinary bodyguard, An Jianwen why he returned.g their own depressed He did not dare to Lin Yi how, but this small Dan Well, hum Ro Chapter 0483 afraid to bones However, Xiaowei Zou Tiandi, then broke the fantasy Let Zou Tiandi s dream suddenly vanished, Zoudian Di suddenly furious. Yes, ah, we brought five hundred thousand, hoping to help you always after fidget cube 3d print the total to let Xiaodan Diao Dian Wei nodded his head, although the hearts of some dismay, but after all, the money can save Xiaodan, he also willingly. Well, half a million where Dian Zou Tiandi although irritated, but before that has been good, but not very good go back, only cold voice asked, hoping to pick out something wrong, and then take the opportunity. In my sister here Wei said Sister, you give him a look Tang Yun heard the voice is very familiar with, plus Xiaowei said before he called Zou fidget cube silent total , Tang Yun suddenly react, the Zou total is understanding, he is Zou fidget cube for autism Ruoming s father that day Di Thought is the whole person, Tang Yun suddenly a while scared, and Lin Yi together, she naturally is not afraid of Zou Tiandi, but Lin Yi has been divided and her ha.not have to consider These people know their own background, do not dare to say anything, not to mention, these people s men are not so clean, and will not expose Zhao Jibing. Lin Yi did not bother Zhao Qibing, but continue to fidget cube silent Zhao Qibing went over. Zhu Bo move, and beat up to the Lin Yi Lin Yi s eyes across a trace of different, out of the palm of welcome to Zhu Bo. H a loud noise, Zhu Bo back a few steps, spit out a blood, breathing is a lag I wish some unbelievable look at the front of Lin Yi Hyun order This man is actually mysterious order Lin Yi is also a sweet voice, but it is not back, still step by step close to Zhao Qibing Zhao Qibing also dumbfounded at the moment He is clear Zhu Bo s strength, but that master of the mysterious order early In the family is also rare, it is because the father to pamper himself, only to wish to send their care in front of Their own care, but such a master, actually beat Lin Yizhen back, but also vomiting blood How can this be In front of the young man, but also two years old, right Zhu Bo would like to rush to save Zhao Qibing, helpless just and Lin.

Fidget Cube Silent ot care, impatient waved his hand, indicating that they can roll. Oh well, sorry ah Lin Yi moved the car, seemingly ready to reverse, but suddenly stepped on the foot of oil m n, to the two Biao shaped Han hit. Bang bang two loud bang, two Han was Zhuangfei out, fell to the ground with a mouthful of blood unconscious. Ah Feng smiled and screamed, some shocked Although she usually play very crazy, often to blackmail and pick up other people, but also dare to use a knife to poke people, but like Lin Yi, apart from anything else on the Car hit the people, or shocked her speechless. To be continued Chapter does the fidget cube make noise 0471 continues to crash Inside the compound, in the middle of three large tile roofed house. Iao said to go A ferocious look of some ferocious one foot kick in the Kang Xiaobo s buttocks, kicked him to a somersault, fell directly to the ground Damn, look at you xiao son sneaky is not like what is good Something, not a reporter Kang Xiaobo more unfortunate, he is afraid of the two guards are m n now, from the side wall into the courtyard, his strategy is no problem, just climb the wall, the one.o shortage of yellow order master fidget cube silent master there before Yan Bo backing, he can run rampant in Matsuyama City, now Yan Bo to play crippled, Where did he dare to go out blind Zoudian Di poured a glass of red wine to himself, drained, and some depressed, said. Zou Tiandi in the Matsuyama City is also a character, but now thought so useless But depressed go depressed, he was very fortunate Although offended Li bile flowers, but it is not the kind of hatred, but did not cooperate with him, Li bile flowers will not come to his trouble And Lin Yi, also agreed to no longer pursue their own, so Zou Tiandi fairly feel better. Otherwise, he may now have been sleepless nights Fortunately, for a while there is a Jiaoqiao little girl will come to their own play, so Zou Tiandi depressed heart a little bit relieved. Hear the door bell, Zou Tiandi sort of clothes angle, he knew that is definitely a small Dan to Because he has fidget cube lawngreen given Xiaodan ultimatum, tonight, or take money, or people wash sent Nanny has to buy fidget cube desk toy open the door, Zou Di also strolled out of the study, walked downstairs to the living room. Tang Yun, Tang.

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