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Fidget Cube Snow mily. To tell my father Chu Meng Yao shook his head, all these years, my father in front of their own, never mentioned her mother s things, it seems that he has forgotten his mother, bent on the company above, which makes some fidget cube snow unhappy Chu Mengyao, But there is no way, after all, his father in her mind is equally important She did not know what the father and mother because of the quarrel, do not know why her mother would run away from home, go for so many years, but Chu Mengyao think, if the first step to see her mother, persuade her to stay, my father there should not fidget cube snow What problems can even give him a surprise Thought of this, Chu Mengyao decided to see her mother in private She has completely believed Zhong Pinliang, then, that person as his mother. Well Zhong Pinliang helpless nodded, not far from the high and small Fu shouted Little blessing, come What thing ah, bright brother Gao Xiaofu some doubts came over and asked. Have to say, his acting level is quite high, it seems has been rehearsed many times. To accompany me and Meng Yao to double Yanshan Zhong Pin Liang told Road. To do double.Taiwan early in the side of some urgent asked. Get, we are going to visit Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, let them come to our dinner tomorrow night An Jianwen smiled and nodded. Ange, this is a good opportunity, I think, you should take this opportunity to express Chu Mengyao ah Su Taiwan early said The machine can not be lost no longer ah Said yes, then you have any good idea If I ventured the confession, then, is not it Jianwen frowned But you say also, Chu Mengyao like my attitude Some hard to understand, not a bit like the first time in the playground to meet so warm Is it blame my pursuit of not to force Otherwise tomorrow I will prepare some flowers and her courtship Su Taizao said But even if the flowers, courtship, girls are loving face, and you pursue her, the total can not say nothing, but it can not express too much, let her down to Taiwan Like many cases, although the girls like you to pursue her, but do not want you to force fidget cube kickstarter video her too tight, she is enjoying your pursuit of her process, rather than to promise you all at once So those who kneel to courtship Class tricks, is simply forc.

ooked at the second floor of the window Zhongpin Liang Liang, is still bright bell products, Fu Bosong sigh of relief, afraid of the goods Zhongliang Liang slip of the blink of an eye, but it seems not to slip away directly Zhong Pinliang. Do not know because of caution, or because of other. Will present the situation and Chu Peng show a bit, Forber continued to stay here to monitor the Zhong Pinliang. Chu Peng fidget cube lavenderblush exhibition arrangements forbes, is to Forbes find out, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu exactly how Chu Peng Exhibition and Forber actually do not believe Zhong Pinliang will be so silly, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu are on the inside, so purely court death, Zhong Pinliang said before, but lies nothing more. Let Chu Peng Exhibition and Forbes uncertainty is, Zhong Pinliang whether there is anything to do Chu Mengyao As a result, only Fubo secretly follow Zhong Pinliang, Chu Meng Yao find the place of confinement, can be investigated clearly. And Zhong Pinliang did not silly to cool, he did not see the window on the second floor of Forbes car, but this case he is not easy to go to the cave of S., he really can not take, if Kangzhao Long really want money how to do Their own to say now is not on, it is not a big lose face Not to mention equipment B, and was laughing too big teeth However, this fidget cube shark tank is 15 million ah, so much money, for anyone who will feel bad, especially in the health of the dragon according to their private so much money, go back, there is no guarantee that Kang will not be curse Gritted his teeth, Wu Chen day or pick up cost of fidget cube the phone, he is a sense of obligation people, people can not look down Even if the swollen face, they have to fill fat I just want to call you too , In order to be afraid of the Dragon to pay back the money thing Wu Chen day preparation of the first person I tell you, yesterday s meal, I go back Back to you, I did not bring a bank card here Oh, that money do not worry Kang Zhaolong stunned for a moment, to guess the Wu Chen day mind He is a good observation of others to analyze other people, but the fidget cube snow performance of the surface but very good, people feel very harmless Let s brother two, this money you But also how I yellow I did not even think about this.t normal Well I believe you. Tang Yun heart though some uncomfortable, but still chose to believe Lin Yi. If Lin Yat really and what they have, that they want to stop is useless. He still thought Hu thinking 1uan what Lin Yi said, to see Chen Yu Shu tiptoe came over, although her footsteps are very light, but that is not easy to say to her, I do not know what to say, How can we hide the eyes and ears of Lin Yi Well, well. Tang Yun well behaved Road, before hanging up, it is suddenly summon the courage, said I love you. Finished, Tang Yun embarrassed to quickly hang up the phone. Lin Yi slightly stunned to see the phone has been hung up, mouth showing a trace of a smile, Tang Yun, the first time fidget cube olivedrab so to speak Chen Yushu some disappointment, she is Lin Yi on the phone, carefully ran over, would like to wiretapping, or else I m sorry spoons Shuoo7 the title ah, but Lin Yi did not give her the opportunity to quickly hang up the phone. Chu Meng Yao this time is just to send the exhibition and Forbes Chu Peng, a good villa big m n walk back and see Lin Yi put away the phone. Who are you calling C.

Fidget Cube Snow ating, but they can not provoke ah. I think so set it, since you are two fidget cube snow hundred and eighty flat, then two hundred and eighty, I give you two million eight hundred thousand Zhang eight heart price is four million, but before Trustee to ask Kangfu, four million he Does not sell Well, since you do not sell, then I can only think of ways to let you sell Now Zhang eight naturally can not give Kangfu four million price, because he had to Zou Tiandi five hundred thousand to get this matter, and Zou Tiandi also promised to three million within him to win the restaurant. Zhang, do business, but also pay attention to fairness I have this restaurant, a while ago, there are four million to me Kang is not how to talk business, all of A sudden out of the cards Otherwise, you give me four million, I ll sell Chapter 0562 my boss is Lin Yi Chapter o562 my boss is Lin Yi Zhang eight heart sneer, do you go early Now you do not want to sell four million, but now it wants to sell I will be able to out to the highest 2,800,000, and if you do not sell, then I have no fidget cube snow alternative, you sell four million peop.ome accustomed to. Chu Mengyao did not say anything, Lin Yi, since something happens, she naturally bad and then pulled Lin Yi will not let him go, but a touch of said Then you be careful. Tang Yun is also relieved, Lin Yi have things to go out, it touches do not have to make any choice. In fact, before the Tang Yun is also very nervous, after all, Chu Meng Yao is the employer of Lin buy a fidget cube Yi, Lin Yi if they have to accompany them to eat, Tang Yun although angry, but not the overall situation fidget cube green of people do not know, Lin Yi and hold. But that will make Tang Yun s heart uncomfortable, as if lost to Chu Mengyao general. But now Lin Yi things, it touches on the situation can be avoided. There is something to go, I eat. Tang Yun smiled, and strive to make their smile happy some, some proud. Well, telephone contact. Lin Yi nodded, turned and walked out of the canteen. Point of so many dishes, white blind, right Liu Xinwen looked Chu Mengyao table meal, ridicule, said No one and you eat, waste food We eat their own, not work Chu Meng Yao saw Chen Yu Shu one, said Little Shu, the two of us, these dishes are.

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